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For your information the airport at Groningen is situated about 15 km from the centre of town.

With the best town centre in the whole of the Netherlands 2006, Groningen has much more to offer than great shops and attractively engineered communal meeting places. The capital of the province of Groningen is a city that is highly regarded for many things, above all its vibrant cultural and arts scene as well as its commerce, education and culinary achievements.

It was back in 1040 that Groningen was thought to have been born. This point of view however conflicts with archaeological discoveries which date the city beyond this to the year 3720 BC.

Functioning as a substantial trading centre during the thirteenth century, Groningen experienced a period of prosperity. Back in these days, a fortified wall was built that encapsulated and protected the city and in the fifteenth century the 127 metre tall Martini Tower was engineered. The days of Groningenís influence and independence over its surroundings came to an abrupt end when it joined the Republic of the Untied Netherlands in the late sixteenth century.

Time changes things and Groningen experienced no greater change than during World War Two when it endured some considerable devastation. The main Grote Markt barely survived the onslaught of bombing during 1945 but surprisingly the popular tourist attractions including the fifteenth century Martini Tower, City Hall, the Gold Office and the church survived.

Get out those dancing shoes and handbags! Groningen offers a reasonable nightlife which soldiers through till seven oíclock in the morning at the tail end of the working week. Much of the cityís lively after hours activity emanates from the Grote Markt, the Poelestraat, the Peperstraat and the Vismarkt where you can guarantee a crowd of revellers most nights of the week.

Everyone who comes to Groningen has to, at some point or other, see for themselves, the wonderful Tower of St Martinikerk. You cannot avoid it if you try for it is considered the cityís most effective landmark and its image is available on many a souvenir stall around and about. The second tallest tower in all of the Netherlands, it was built in the fifteenth century. The kerk, a Gothic basilica was originally built in or around the thirteenth century but enthusiasts of architecture will recognise sections of the building completed in differing styles. Inside the church, look out for the sixteenth century frescoes as well as the magnificent fifteenth century organ.

Buildings of note in the city include the A-Kerk , the Vismarkt and the Corn Exchange. The A-Kerk dates back to the thirteenth century and has been recently gloriously restored to its former beauty, the Corn Exchange today continues to oversee the selling of corn while the stunning Vismarkt or Fishmarket has swapped fish for flowers.

While in Groningen, you are well placed to sample a nice diversity of museums. They have their own brand of a Natural History Museum, a Film Museum, a Medical Museum, an Ethnographic Museum and an Anatomical Museum. A collection of the aforementioned are found within Groningen University Museum. Opened in 1934, the University Museum boasts collections of 20,000 pieces many of which are to do with the universityís history and student life.

Donít stop there, for there is even more to see in the museum department. Groningen Museum is the big one in town and prides itself in particular on its paintings and antique collections. Comprehensive works of the local painters Hendrik Willem Message and Josef Israels are found on show here.

Should a theatre trip be called for, Groningen proudly supplies the Stadsschouwburg or City Theatre as well the Grand Theatre otherwise known as the Vera. There is a concert hall at the City Theatre and within close proximity another top cultural spot, the Oosterpoort.

For a generous portion of culture there are a number of events taking place throughout the year. On the outskirts of Groningen is the Warffum Folk Dance Festival, running since 1966, takes place every year in June and lasts a week. It is a popular arts and food festival because it attracts participants from all over the world. If your trip to Groningen is in need of some colour, take a drive over to this welcoming city and donít be afraid to join in.

Groningen Airport

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The airport is 15 kilometres from Groningen in Eelde.

If travelling by car, the airport is easily reached by the A28 road (Groningen to Assen).

If journeying by bus, there is a bus service to and from the airport. This is Arriva service 52 and 53 running frequently twice an hour.

Taxis are available from outside of the Arrivals terminal. The journey into the city centre takes about thirty minutes. An additional service from the airport is that of a treintaxi which combines Dutch rail and taxi travel under one ticket.

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