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For your information the airport at Eindhoven is approximately 6 km from the centre of town.

One of the largest cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven boasts a stunning city centre, technological prosperity, a lively atmosphere and prosperity oozing out of its every pore.

Not always a picture of prosperity, Eindhoven’s beginnings were slow but progressive. Catapulted into the spotlight when the city’s in light bulb industry took off. To be more precise, the technologically advanced Eindhoven you see before you today is due to the hard work of the Philips brothers in 1891 and their diminutive light bulb manufacturing business. Over the years this small (but perfectly formed) endeavour was to become one of the most successful electronics companies in the world. This activity attracted other technology businesses into the city like a magnet to iron filings dominating all business practices here.

Eindhoven can be found in the province of Noord-Brabant which is situated in the south of the Netherlands. Follow the River Dommel and it will lead you right through the middle of the city.

The atmosphere about the city is noticeably young and vibrant, due primarily to the nearby technology university and because of the demographic of a technological advanced workforce. Expect while to here to discover lively pockets of cafes like Market Square and Stratum’s End packed with caffeine addicted students with bargains to be found offering reasonably priced refreshment. Additionally, the cultural scene here is excellent boasting live entertainment, art exhibitions and book fairs and all other things that are many a city break visitor’s idea of manna from Heaven.

It was not until 1629, that Eindhoven actually joined the Netherlands. Early archived documentation reveals that in 1232 Eindhoven was but a tiny village. In those days, the River Dommel was crossed by the River Gender (before it was dammed off to avoid flooding) and went by the name of Endehoven. During these early days, there were merely a hundred and seventy houses here all contained within city walls and a castle beyond.

What contributed to Eindhoven’s growth was its geographical position, it was strategically situated upon the Holland to Liege trade route. This was further enhanced by the Industrial Revolution several centuries later when railway lines, canals and road networks were established.

There’s never a shortage of entertainment during the summer months in Eindhoven. Music lovers will find themselves in their element with huge festivals like the Reggae Sundance, Jazz in Lighttown and the Folkwoods Folk Festival all happening in the melodic month of August.

An alternative music festival is held here in the city in June which serves very well as a prelude to all the Summer musical madness and is known as the ‘Virus Festival’. Summer is the time to visit for music lovers but bear in mind the Eindhoven number one tourist attraction is that of its annual carnival taking place much earlier on in the year in February.

One of the city’s most popular tourist attraction and a stunning piece of contemporary architecture at that, is the Van Abbemuseum. Straddling the left bank of the stream, the Van Abbemuseum is primarily a museum of modern art, where you can expect to indulge those nagging pangs for culture with Picasso, Beuys, Chagall and Weiner.

When in Eindhoven, you are very well positioned to scour the delightful towns, villages as well as some stunning countryside landscape. A ten minute drive will bring you to the Van Gogh town of Nuenen. One of the Netherlands’ fifth largest cities, Nuenen is the famous stopover point for Van Gogh where he painted ‘The Potato Eaters’. Today artists and art lovers from all over the world head for the spot that was known as the setting for the great Dutch impressionist’s dark period.

For Dutch heritage in abundant supply, there are the twin towns of Geldrop-Mierlo. Most popular of all on offer here is the early seventeenth century Geldrop Castle surrounded by its handsome landscape gardens. Other places of interest near to Eindhoven include Best, Waalre, Son en Breugel and Veldhoven.

Eindhoven Airport

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The airport is 6 kilometres from the city centre.

Bus service 401 takes you to Eindhoven Central Station from the airport. From Eindhoven Central Station connections for the city centre are easy as is the connection to Amsterdam Central Station (duration of the journey is one and a half hours).

Many are interested in the express bus service to and from the airport to the city of Amsterdam. The journey takes about 90 minutes and costs 18.5 euros one way or 32.5 euros for a return. There are several departures throughout the day from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station and the journey is non-stop. Bus tickets are available from the information desk at the airport or on the bus from the driver.

Taxis are situated in front of the arrivals terminal.

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