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The Netherlands

We are excited to be able to offer our customers cheap car rental rates from The Netherlands's principal airport in Amsterdam. Begin your trip to The Netherlands with car hire using two of Europe's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings quoting cheap car rental in The Netherlands. Both of our car hire suppliers have specialist staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra queries that might arise before or after hiring a car.

Amsterdam got its name when a dam was put in place on the River Amstel during the 13th century.

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One of the largest cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven boasts a stunning city centre, technological prosperity, a lively atmosphere and prosperity oozing out of its every pore.

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With the best town centre in the whole of the Netherlands 2006, Groningen has much more to offer than great shops and attractively engineered communal meeting places.

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Mesmorising Maastricht, capital of the province of Limburg, Maastricht balances a lively cosmopolitan ambience with an abundance of history, culture and coffee shops.

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Sometimes called Holland, The Netherlands is the correct name for the country. Situated in Western Europe, The Netherlands enjoys Belgium and Germany as its neighbours along with a North Sea coastline. With more than 4,000 km of rivers, lakes and canals, The Netherlands has a quarter of its land below sea level. When you arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport bear in mind that you are standing approximately 4 metres below sea level! A strange thought!

The Netherlands has a lot to offer its visitors aside from the canal and museum bejewelled Amsterdam. A great way to enjoy the diverse landscape The Netherlands has to offer is to take an easy drive out and about.

One such place is the area around the IJsselmeer (large lake) was once called the Zuiderzee and consists of attractive towns and villages that are great for exploring and for observing Dutch rural life. The Zuiderzee (that once was) was a shallow inlet from the North Sea and links back to a successful period in the 17th Century Holland. At this particular period in history, here was a powerful seafaring nation reaping golden rewards to its towns, which included Monnickendam, Vollenhove, Amsterdam, Harderwijk and Hoorn. Today these towns form The Golden Circle and are a delight to wander through.

Rotterdam on the other hand is so unlike Holland's other cities. On the Maas River, the second largest port in the world, it is not surprising that Rotterdam is a highly industrialised region. However Rotterdam offers a young and rather cosmopolitan atmosphere around town with loads to do and a vibrant nightlife. Expect amazing architecture and lots to do in terms of the arts as well as numerous events and festivals throughout the year. If you find you are in The Netherlands during the summer head over to the Rotterdam Carnival, which when in full swing competes with Rio's Carnival! A huge tourist draw!
Often considered to be the capital of The Netherlands, The Hague is where the country's government is based along with a concentration of international agencies such as the International Court of Justice (at the Peace Palace) and the International Criminal Court. The Hague actually hosts over 150 international legal organisations.

While in The Hague you can't fail to miss the grandeur of the city with its impressive squares, boulevards and breathtaking skyline. Also known as 'Sculpture City' you don't have to look too hard for evidence of this.



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