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We are delighted to be able to offer our clients cheap car hire rates from each of Switzerland's smaller airports plus the international airport at Geneva. Switzerland has three airports that are used by the leading budget airlines. In a number cases, the municipal airports are to be found a considerable distance from the cities that they are supposed to service and public transport to and from them can be fairly limited. Begin your visit to Switzerland with car hire provided by two of The UK's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings quoting discounted car rental in Switzerland. Both of our car rental suppliers have specialist staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra questions that may come up before or after renting a car.

An intriguing collection of old and new, ancient and modern, the city of Basel is situated in the north west of Switzerland.

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Beloved Bern with its romance and history is the perfect pick for people who adore magical medieval town centres and those striving for a perfect touring base for Switzerland.

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Situated on the largest lake in Central Europe beneath the Jura Mountains with the majestic Alps on its doorstep, Geneva has so much to offer as a tourist destination.

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Noted for their distinguished cheese, impeccable timekeeping, mouthwatering chocolate and where to request a bank account.

Home of neutrality in politics and famous anonymous bank accounts, the country of Switzerland seems to have everything worked out. With its tradition of military and political neutrality in conjuction with its landlocked location, Swiss culture and language are influenced by its neighbours. While there is no unique Swiss culture, there is strong regionalism in Switzerland. The spoken languages here are French, German and Italian.

Situated in the centre of Europe, Switzerland is enjoyed by business people far and wide for its convention centres and world conferences. As well as working hard Switzerland is where people go to play hard also. With top winter resorts on offer like St Moritz and Zermatt with high calibre facilities and luxury accommodation, Switzerland is second to none for its recreational pursuits.

Land of the high peaks, Switzerland�s terrain is made up of three topographical regions, the Jura Mountains, the Swiss Alps and the Swiss Plateau. The highest peak in the south central Swiss Alps region tops 4000 metres.

The north of Switzerland is more densely populated than anywhere else in the country despite the small range Jura Mountains in the north west. A contributing factor to the growing population here is the temperate climate. Its southern side offers a favourable Mediterranean climate while the north offers a much more harsh climate due to its high altitudes.

If you enjoy Romanesque, gothic and neo-classical architecture, Geneva has plenty on offer. For starters, the twelfth century St Peter�s Cathedral will not fail to disappoint! Then there is Lake Geneva, the most photographed lake in Europe. Its Jet d�Eau Fountain is today thought of as the most recognised symbol of Geneva. With magical views of the Alps, the shores of Lake Geneva, popularly thought of as the Swiss Riviera, provide relaxation and inspiration to many. The wine growing villages and ski resorts offer impressive castles and cathedrals and has in recent years risen to the challenge of accommodating an ever-increasing tourist market.

A largely medieval city centre with UNESCO World Heritage status, Bern is most famous for its clock tower, the Zytglogge. Situated to the west of the centre of Switzerland, Bern is where Einstein worked out his theory of relativity and where pop artist Paul Klee was born.



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