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For your information the airport at Vitoria is situated about 8 km from the centre of Vitoria.

Vintage Vitoria. Adored for its stunning medieval district, Vitoria (full name Vitoria-Gasyeiz) is ranked top for culture and green spaces ahead of the whole of Spain. Until the 1980ís when Vitoria became the headquarters of the autonomous Basque government, this was a town that was involved in the wool and iron trades. This is a city which has everything, history, stunning architecture, bags of culture and even two cathedrals, that of the old and the new.

Spanish is the main language, but Basque language is common and English is not spoken everywhere. The capital city of the Alava province, Vitoria-Gasteiz is the second most populated city in the Basque country.

The city dates back to the year 1181 when the King of Navarre founded the hilltop town he called Nueva Victoria. At the time this was the location of the town of Gasteiz. Vitoria didnít stand out too much until the 1980ís when it was decided that the city should be where the headquarters of the autonomous government of the Basque region be held. From there on in the city was known as Vitoria-Gasteiz to honour the occasion.

Vitoria boasts a medieval city centre and the experience can go either way depending upon the shoes youíve brought with you. All those cobbles can wreak havoc on those soles, so bring comfy shoes or else plenty of foot ointment!

The streets are attractively assembled in rings are largely made up of terraces and walkways are rarely without steps. Look out for the 14th century Cathedral de Santa Maria and the intriguing Calle Cuchillaria, one of the best looking streets in the whole quarter. Within the elevated older districts of the city, popular attractions include the fifteenth century Casa del Cordon, the fourteenth century cathedral and the Museum of Natural Sciences flagged up by its impressive tower.

Everyone loves one of the more lively spots in the city centre, that of the Plaza Nueva with an enticing ambience that is second to none. A great place to sip at a cappuccino and watch the world go by.

Popular museums in the city include the Museum of Archaeology, the weaponry museum and the unique Museo Fournier de Naipes which specializes in the interesting history playing cards.

One of the top religious events in Vitoria is that of the Fiestas de la Blanca which occur every August from the 4th to the 9th of the month. A holy festival held in honour of the patron saint of the city, there is a varied programme of events including outdoor concerts.

When in Vitoria, if visiting during the month of July, you could be in for a massive treat (if you like jazz music, that is!) One of the highlights of the northern Spain musical calendar is that of the International Jazz Festival. This particularly enjoyable treat lasts for a week and is held around the same time every year.

Additionally, there is the Azkena Rock Music Festival held in Vitoria. This attracts heavy metal bands from all over the world and a must for lovers of this genre of music. A fairly new festival, the first one took place in 2001 and the organisers havenít looked back since.

This is certainly the main venue for international events, one of the top cities of culture in Spain, another one to add to the calendar is that of the International Theatre festival. This attracts performers and audiences in their many thousands, so book up early!

Why not take a short journey up to Bilboa while staying in Vitoria. It is a mere 64 kilometres away and easily accessible along the N622 highway.


Bilbao isn't at first glance, a picture postcard type of destination but has a lot to offer visitors on the outskirts of the busy port area and surrounding countryside.

A number of popular attractions in Bilbao, there are non so spectacular than the shiny new Guggenheim Museum. If you love art and you love architecture too, why not join the thousands who flock here every year? Resembling a metallic flower and breaking down the constraints of traditional architecture, the Guggenheim was designed with a distinct absence of right angles and is an impressive sight! As well as exhibiting the big names of modern art, the Guggenheim also prides itself in showcasing the work of up and coming Spanish artists. Art lovers with a thirst for paintings that even the Guggenheim didn't satisfy, will enjoy the fruits of the Museo de Bellas. This discreetly fronted art gallery houses a diverse range of works from the Flemish painters of the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries as well as an impressive collection of paintings by Goya, El Greco, Velasquez, Bacon, Gaugin and Picasso.

With stunning religious architecture is everywhere, Bilbao possesses one of the more stunning churches in the city, that of Santa Maria de Begona (otherwise known as 'the Mother of Bilbao'). Dominating the city from the top of a hill Santa Maria combines Romanesque with Gothic periods of architecture and dates back to the sixteenth century. Other top attractions in Bilbao include City Hall in all its nineteenth century glory flaunting decadent arrangements of sweeping stairs and column structures.

Vitoria Airport

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The airport is situated 8 kilometres from the city centre.

A 25 minute bus ride to the Vitoria-Gasteiz bus station stop in the city centre from the airport costs 3 euros.

If travelling by car, you will need to take the N-624 after the N622, following the airport signs. The journey from the city centre should take around ten minutes.

Taxis are available from outside the terminal. A ten minute journey into the city centre costs about 15 euros.

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