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For your information the airport at Valladolid is approximately 10 km from the centre of Valladolid.

Veritable Valladolid, where Spanish is spoken in its purest form is today an industrial Spanish city and a showcase for days of greatness gone by. Despite undergoing a period of transformation surrendering to modernization, there is still much to enjoy! With a considerable collection of cultural attractions, a historic city centre, several palaces and an unfinished cathedral, there is plenty for even the most demanding of sightseers to sink their teeth into!

Not to be morose, but Valladolid served as the last port of call for explorer Christopher Columbus. He died in 1506 and there is a museum to mark the occasion.

Valladolid is situated in the centre of Spain and is the capital of the province of Valladolid as well as the self governing district of the modern day personas of what were the ancient kingdoms of Castille and Leon.

Up until the 10th century, Valladolid was the territory of the Moors and underwent a period of greatness culminating in the declaration of the city a ‘royal city’ by the Spanish. Things went considerably downhill until its worst point during the seventeenth century which was a long way from its days as the king’s residence as an enigmatic intellectuals magnet.

Many of the city’s attractions can be easily covered on foot and for those on the outskirts of the city, taxis are a preferable mode of public transport.

The good thing about Valladolid, is that like all great cities, there is a central park to escape to. The Pinar de Antequera is the most popular place to go for a morning jog or for an evening stroll, so you don’t need to travel out to the country for tranquility and fresh air. An alternative to the park is provided by the nineteenth century Duero Canal. A perfect setting to enjoy an interesting walk, the canal gets bonus points from the city visitor and dweller alike for being so close to everything in the district of Las Delicias.

Although there are historic parts to the city than previously, thank goodness, there are still some pretty impressive sights. Everyone is intrigued by the unfinished Santa Maria la Antigua cathedral as well as the Palace of Pimentel and the Palace of Los Vivero. These buildings are stunning and a reminder of the early glory days of Valladolid. Enjoy the stunning Romanesque San Juan de Arroyo church and the architectural splendour of the San Cebrian de Mazote, and you won’t need any convincing that the city is about more than its pollution producing industrial activities.

There is the Provincial Museum of Roman Villas in Valladolid for its excellent collections and exhibitions concerning almost everything to do with the Romans. Other significant attractions in the city include the Lace Museum of Tordesillas, the Science Museum and the Patio Herreriano Contemporary Art Museum.

If you have ever witnessed the astonishing sculptures that are featured throughout the Holy Week processions in the city, you will be intrigued by the National Sculpture Museum where they are kept when not in use. Many of these polychrome sculptures are the work of the master sculptors, Alonso Berruguete, Fernandez and de Juni. While it is good to study the incredible work by these artists, you can’t beat seeing them in their context during Holy Week.

With Valladolid being so dominated by its car and iron industry, it comes as a pleasant surprise to discover the city is surrounded by incredible unspoilt countryside.

Las Riberas de Castronuno is a giant nature reserve (about eight and a half hectares in total) found in the province of Valladolid. A stunning natural wetland setting the reserve consistently attracts a broad range of wildlife, at the last count around 270 species of fauna were discovered to have made the area their home.

Holy Week celebrations in Spain don’t get any bigger, brighter, noisier and livelier than those held in and around Valladolid. Now well and truly included on the tourist trail of Spain, this is the time when all the villages join forces to celebrate their religious passion. Look out for those incredible statues are that feature at the National Sculpture Museum, when not in use during Holy Week that is.

Aside from the religious festivals, the Holy Week processions are just one example of those, a festival of international acclaim held here in Valladolid is that for film lovers. Founded in 1956, the Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid is possibly has the longest history than any other in all the world.

Valladolid Airport

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Valladolid Airport is situated ten kilometres from the city centre in the municipality of Villanubla.

If travelling by road and leaving Valladolid, take the A62 to the N601 Adanero-Gijon road which leads to the airport.

There are several bus services to and from the airport into the city. One service run by the company, ALSA requires you to buy tickets for the journey in advance. The routes that serve the airport are the Valladolid – Madrid bus service and the Valladolid – Leon line.

Taxis are available from outside the airport terminal and the duration of the journey into the city centre is about fifteen minutes.

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