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Booking your vehicle rental online before the actual trip is a sound idea for several reasons

- The complete booking process is done at your own pace rather than at your destination where you might well be surrounded by a hassled partner and a small herd of tired and emotional children
- It saves time at at the car hire desk (although you wouldn't believe that if you've been part of the endless queues at Alamo in Miami)
- The all-inclusive cost will not be increased
- It makes sure that you get the model of car that you require

Start planning your holiday in Asturias by booking car rental from two of Britain's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings providing discounted car rental at Asturias airport. Both of our car hire suppliers employ dedicated telephone support specialists on hand for any extra questions that you may have before or after hiring your car.

Clicking on the link below will allow you to obtain car rental quotes from our suppliers for cheap Asturias airport car rental. The airport is 40 km from the city of Orviedo, the principal city of the Asturias region.

Astounding Asturias, situated within �Green Spain�, bordered by Cantabria, Castilla y Leon, Galicia and the Bay of Biscay, this is a location so rich in nature and beauty that it is bewildering that anyone should want to visit anywhere else.

With its sumptuous coastline of beach upon beach, it is no wonder that holidaymakers flock to this delightful province overlooking the wonderful Bay of Biscay. Offering a pleasing platter of stunning mountainous scenery and natural beauty where four of its nature reserves have each gained UNESCO protection recognition for dedicated biosphere reserves.

Protected by an impressive mountainous terrain, Asturias is one region the Moors did not get to. Consequently, not ever having ever been part of the Muslim occupation, the scenery here is unlike anything you have seen anywhere else in Spain.

The language spoken here is largely Spanish, its climate varies from the rest of Spain. The climate here is a varied one which is something Asturias has in common with its neighbours in the north west. Expect warm and humid temperatures during the Summer but sunshine and rain during the Winter.

There is plenty of choice along the Asturias coastline for a spot to settle upon. There is almost too much choice with coves of different shapes and sizes and cheeky hideaway beaches. How about a nudist beach or the Beach of Silence for a day�s lounging? Decisions!

The attractions in the area are numerous and mostly enjoyed out in the crisp fresh air of the wild Asturian mountains. While out in the fresh air, ambling along from one tourist attraction to another, it would be tricky to ignore the grandiose Picos de Europa mountain range. Making up the greater part of the Picos de Europa National Park, these mountains provide excellent backdrop material for those holiday photographs and are best enjoyed from the Asturian village of Camarmena.

The capital city of the province of Asturias is that of the UNESCO World Heritage Site haven, Orviedo. Time a visit for lunchtime and ask for the local dish of �Fabada� the famous white bean and bacon stew. This is a traditional but vibrantly modern city with attractions that are in plentiful supply including a pre-Romanic Castle, the fourteenth century Cathedral of San Salvador and the ninth century fountain called La Foncalada. Just when you thought you�d had your fill of early architecture, there is more from around the ninth century such as the hunting pavilion of Ramiro I, the San Miguel de Lillo church and the Monastery of San Vicente (eighth century).

The Archaeological Museum of Asturias is found confined within the monastery providing an interesting mix of heritage, atmosphere and modern day presentation.

Museums are in no short supply in Orvieda, there are museums on all sorts ranging from the fine arts to the popular local Museum of the Church.

Spoilt for choice of what town or village to visit next, one that should never take a back seat is that of the delightful Costa Verde fishing village of Llanes. To the north of the Picos de Europa mountains, is the very traditional pretty harbour village which celebrates its seafaring history at every opportunity with monuments scattered about the location. With links to the Spanish Armada, this is an area favoured by a prominent tourist market despite this popularity however, the fishing harbour is far from relaxing on its laurels, continuing to keep busy day and night.

Asturias Airport

Asturias Airport or Santiago del Monte Airport is situated approximately 40 kilometres from the city of Orviedo up on the north west coast.

If driving to and from the airport, the A-8 motorway is required accessible from the N-632 highway. From the A-8 follow signs for the airport.

There is a bus service taking passengers to and from the airport and the towns and cities of Aviles, Gijon and Orviedo. The bus stop is located in front of the arrivals hall of the airport.

Taxis are available from the airport and are caught from outside the passenger terminal. A fare to Orvied is about 45 euros

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