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Start planning your trip to Almeria by booking car hire offered by two of our leading car rental suppliers. We offer online bookings providing cheap car hire at Almeria airport. Both of our car hire suppliers have dedicated telephone support specialists on hand for any extra queries that you may have before or after renting your vehicle.

Clicking on the link below will allow you to obtain car hire quotes from our partners for cheap Almeria airport car hire. The airport is 10 km from the city of Almeria.

Almeria the capital city of the Costa Almeria province is situated on the south east side of the Iberian peninsular.

There are few places to match the generous Almerian coastline in all of Spain, let alone beat it.

Located within the shadows of a glorious mountainous terrain the city is overlooked day and night by its Arab fortress, the Alcazaba. This citadel was surprisingly capable of holding in excess of twenty thousand soldiers which was quite useful during wartime.

Additional attractions here include the cave district (Barrio de la Chanca), its unique Gothic fashioned cathedral, a beautiful coastline and its skiing resorts.

Almeria occupies the most arid spot that Europe has to offer and is pretty hot all year round to boot with an average temperature of nineteen degrees.

The actual name, Almeria, comes from the Moors who took over things back in the year 955. ‘Almeria’ very roughly translates from the beautiful Arabic phrase for ‘the Mirror of the Sea’. The city’s harbour was utilized to bolster the sea defence line of the Abd-ar-Rahman III from Cordoba and the Alcazaba castle was constructed to serve as an impenetrable fortress. Bearing in mind, the Alcazaba was an amazing feat of construction ( only the second biggest of all Moorish citadels in all of Andalusia) and shows they meant business.

With its Moorish occupation along came the beginnings of the region’s silk production industry in the eleventh century. Later in the fifteenth century, Almeria changed hands to become a Christian stronghold and then things took a turn for the worse. The city experienced a number of devastating earthquakes, the worst of which occurred in 1522. Following on, the city firstly saw the expulsion of its Muslim communities and then in the eighteenth century became of particular interest to the France and Britain for the contents of its considerably substantial iron mines. Consequently, Almeria once again had risen from the ashes and had become a wealthy province.

It wasn’t until the Spanish Civil War that things went downhill all too quickly when the city of Almeria was attacked by Hitler’s army. After fighting with their lives, the city eventually capitulated to the fascists.

Moving on from the war fuelled history of this troubled but incredible city, the good news is that once again, Almeria is enjoying life as a holiday destination sought after by many hungry for its sun, sea and beauty.

As with many of the world’s top city destinations with Old Town districts, Almeria offers atmospheric squares and meeting places as well as interesting medieval architecture and monuments. There is an Archaeological Museum, a sixteenth century cathedral in the design of a fortress packed with valuable art and an old gypsy community quarter.

One of the main reasons Almeria stands out from the rest is its nudist beach, El Playazo. Make use of it while you can though because we fear we could lose it forever to make way for general bathing.

Bird and other wildlife enthusiasts love to visit the once volcanic Cabo de Gata-Nijar Nature Reserve. As well as a wide array of flora and fauna, there are tranquil beaches here that are so beautiful you won’t settle for anything less.

One of the great attractions in the area is that of the crystal cave. Discovered in the year 2000 in an area that was once a silver mine, this great find tragically cannot be viewed as it is closed to the general public (just for the time being though).

Between the months of November and March is that time of the year to climb into those snowsuits and take to the snowy slopes. When in Almeria, you are within a stone’s throw of the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains. Attracting activity holidaymakers in plentiful supply, the skiing resorts that pepper the locale suddenly come alive with the sound of spraying ski snow! This is a skiers haven for here the terrain varies from gentle inclines to dramatic steep drops, and is particularly popular as it suits all levels of skier from beginners to the advanced. Aside from the slopes, the climate is considerably warmer than you would find in other resorts and the night time activities vary from charming restaurants to lively nightclubs. The skiing resorts attract a substantial weekend and bank holiday crowd from the region so expect a high level of activity.

The Costa Almeria

With so much to see in the Spanish province of Almeria it makes perfect sense to select Almeria city as your touring base. While the holiday resorts tend to anchor around the main towns, there is plenty of scope to escape to solitude among the region’s quiet and tranquil fishing villages, the many idyllic and those legendary (almost mythological) concealed coves complete with their perfect sandy beaches.

Overall, Almeria is recognised for its arid climate and scenery to boot. This is where to find Europe’s one and only desert. The Costa Almeria is the type of destination that attracts people who enjoy activity and wildlife holidays. Here they have a variety of terrains including a stunning rugged rocky coastline and the top nature reserve of Cabo de Gato-Nijar. The province’s capital, Almeria offers many popular resorts to the east and west side of its atmospheric city centre.

Situated towards the south east of the Iberian peninsular, the Costa Almeria has been attracting visitors long before the days of travel agents and online holiday showrooms. Over the years people have taken advantage of its excellent nautical situation as well as its scenery and favourable climate. The Costa Almeria experiences a climate that is both arid and mild which is all most people require of a Summer holiday. Many years ago Almeria attracted people like the Phoenicians, the Visigoths and Romans and continues to assert its charms today bringing us back to Almeria’s shores every holiday season. A trip to Costa Almeria is generally unlike any holiday you might take in Spain mainly due to its influences from across the water in Africa.

Almeria Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

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Almeria International Airport is situated 10 kilometres east from the city centre.

If a bus is required, the number 20 runs between the airport and the city centre. The single fare charged is 0.90 euros. This service runs every thirty minutes during the day and every three quarters of an hour during the evening.

Taxis are available from outside of the terminal and charge about 15 euros for a trip into town.

If driving, you will need to take the A7 and then the AL-17 from the centre of town to the airport.

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