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We are delighted to have a the opportunity to offer our clients cheap car rental rates from each of Sardinia's three airports. Sardinia has three airports and although none of them could be termed 'major' they are all used by the low-cost airlines. Begin your trip to Sardinia with car rental provided by three of our leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings quoting discounted car rental in Sardinia. All of our car rental suppliers employ specialist telephone staff on hand for any extra questions that may come up before or after renting a car.

Amazing Alghero, found lying in the north west of Sardinia, this popular holiday spot lies in the Sassari province.

Click here for car hire in Alghero plus information on the city
Charismatic Cagliari, when visitors arrive to partake of the Sardinia experience, it is Cagliari that greets them.

Click here for car rental in Cagliari together with tourist information on the city
Ostentatious, Olbia is not! Follow the international jet set to their holiday destination in Sardinia and you won’t be too far away from Olbia.

Click here for car hire in Olbia plus information on the city

A unique holiday destination, Sardinia offers huge wide open spaces and stunning natural landscapes.

It is surprising how many brilliant attractions there are on offer on this spacious and distinctive island. Seductive Sardinia promises to get you marvelling at the Bronze Age ‘giants’ tombs’, gazing in awe at the Supramonte Canyon and rendering you dumbstruck at what is known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, the Su Gorroppu gorge. Here is where you can ascend the challenging heights of the 50 metre amply stacked dunes in the south west and enjoy the open air museum containing 7 000 cone-shaped stone Nuraghi

Motorway-less Sardinia is a sight for sore eyes! Though this is the case, there is no excuse to feel cut off from the rest of the island. Jump aboard the narrow gauge railway for a long but engaging encounter with the countryside of Sardinia. These views are impossible to enjoy from the road so put the hire car away for an afternoon, sit back and enjoy the ride. A popular train ride with visitors is that of the Trenino Verde which takes you to some of the more natural and unkempt parts of the island.

The largest Mediterranean island in existence, if only it hadn’t been for Sicily, Sardinia sits in the middle of Tunisia, Spain and Italy. Today, the island belongs to Italy following occupation throughout its history by everybody from the Phoenicians to the Romans.

Expect to find some incredible beaches amid rocky coastlines while inland, much of the natural environment resembles that what you would find on the moon - a bumpy terrain and void of human habitation. No matter where you are on the island, you are never far away from the crystal blue sea. Its situation to the east of Italy guarantees a lovely maritime Mediterranean climate to set your holiday off to a good start! In Sardinia, you usually can’t go wrong to expect a favourable ‘summer holiday’ climate between the months of April to October.

Today a popular holiday destination, parts of Sardinia enjoy a select tourism market. In particular, the Costa Smeralda or Emerald Coast is a location that enjoys the lavish attention of a celebrity crowd.

Don’t confuse seductive Sardinia for ‘sleepy’ Sardinia for there is much on offer for the live wires among us! The nightlife here is concentrated along the coastal resorts during the summer months and moves inland to the bigger towns during the off peak times so you can’t miss out whenever you go. With a reputation for being a playground for the international jet set, expect to discover upmarket restaurants, bars and exclusive clubs as well. Fancy shaking a leg till dawn, then head over to the more generously sized Pata Pata at Budoni which is possibly the biggest on the island. Costa Smeralda offers ample portions of activity and nightly entertainment while the west coast, in particular, Alghero offers plenty too, revelling in a niche market and grows in popularity with every passing year.



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