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We are pleased to have a the opportunity to offer our clients cheap car rental rates from the municipal airport at Faro plus the main international airport at Lisbon. Begin your trip to Portugal with car rental using three of our leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings quoting cheap car hire in Portugal. All of our car rental suppliers employ specialist telephone staff on hand waiting to answer any extra questions that you may have before or after renting a car.

Although many of the thousands of visitors to Faro only hurry through to some of the finest beaches in the world, the provincial town of the Algarve has much to offer the holidaymaker with more on his/her mind than an all over tan.

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Ornate and vibrant Lisbon, the capital and largest city of Portugal and the place to go for its generous offerings of stunning architecture and excellent art.

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Portugal is found nestling in its own special piece of the Iberian Peninsula. The most westerly country on the continent, Portugal's neighbours are Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. As well as its situation on the Iberian mainland, the country occupies two archipelagos within the Azores and Atlantic and also claims the Madeira Islands as its own.

A major contender for the international power stakes, during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries seafaring Portugal's empire reached out as far as the East and West Indies as well as Brazil. It was in 1415 that the Portuguese set out to navigate the seas and pioneer the discovery of the new lands of China, India, Brazil, Japan and Africa. As a result of this exploration of other lands during those times, that the seeds were sown to make the Portuguese language one of the more popular spoken in the world. The consequences of those days are such that the monuments and national history of Portugal include the influences of early civilizations and cultures which include the Visigoths, the Celts and the Romans.

A popular holiday destination, Portugal possesses some of the best beaches anywhere within its Algarve resort. The Algarve is privy to a wonderful Mediterranean climate not to dissimilar to that its North African neighbour of Morocco. It is here that the perfect sun tan is not only a possibility but a promise. The sun is not all that attracts holidaymakers to the shores of the Algarve, for on offer there are excellent water sports activities, well maintained golf courses and outdoor pursuits like hiking and mountain climbing. The Algarve is separated from the rest of Portugal by its mountain range. The highest peak is that of Mount Pico (an old volcano found on Pico Island) at 2,351 metres tall.

A perfect holiday in Portugal would be one that is well-timed to co-ordinate with one of the country's popular religious festivals. In June, the Santos Populares or Popular saints Festival takes everywhere. A festival in honour of the three saints, Anthony, Peter and John, expect to enjoy plenty of wine, sardines, street dances, fireworks and much more.



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