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For your information Torun is served by the airport at Bydgoszcz. The airport is approximately 50 km from Torun and 3 kilometres from Bydgoszcz city centre.

Tantalising Torun, one of Polandís most attractive cities, it has a medieval Old Town, gave birth to the astronomer, Copernicus, has a rich and enviable heritage and generous helpings of delicious gingerbread.

When visiting the home of the kitchens that produce the famous Torun gingerbread, donít expect to leave town with a certain recipe tucked into your top pocket for the ingredients for this crunchy spicy biscuit is kept under lock and key. (No harm in asking though!) These tasty treats came about mainly because Torun had access to exotic spices like cloves, ginger and cardamom due to its involvement in the Hanseatic League. In the early days, gingerbread was eaten in all shapes and sizes including coats of arms, knights and townsfolk at work.

Over the centuries, the very picturesque Torun came to benefit from its situation on the main ancient trading routes springing from the River Vistula. Torunís Old Town serves as a testament to greater more affluent times and is today a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Torun history books began, it is reported, when it was a small settlement in 1100BC. Moving sharply on through time to the 7th century, the city grew from its location on the crossing of the river. In the 14th century, Torun joined the prosperous Hanseatic trading League and so the seed for an economically stable future was harvested.

Much of what you see around you in Torun Old Town is the genuine article. Unlike many Polish cities, Torun was largely left alone during bombing campaigns and was exposed to minimal damage.

One of the main advantages to sight seeing in Torun is that many of the more significant features in the Old Town are within easy walking distance. Much of what you see around you either originates from the Middle Ages or is war time memorabilia.

Much of Torunís population actually lives on the outskirts of town having gravitated away from its centre over the years. Those that remain in the city centre can be found in their communities to the north of the Vistula River. Torun together with neighbour Bydgoszcz and other small towns have joined to form a metropolitan region with a combined population of about 800,000.

While navigating the Old Town can be easily done on foot, unfortunately driving in the city tells an altogether different tale. Congestion is often a problem in cities and Torun is no exception with its lack of space and underdeveloped road system. While traffic in the city makes driving a bit of a chore, public transport comes in a variety of forms and is preferable to being stuck in jam upon jam of howling cars. Choose between bus, tram or train when travelling within the Torun metropolitan area sharing two main railway stations, four bus depots amongst them.

A cultural haven, if you have a penchant for the theatre you will feel thoroughly spoiled here in Torun. There are two main theatres here, the Mala Rewia and the Studencki Teatr Tanca, a number of theatre groups and the international theatre festival Kontakt. A new addition is the magnificent Baj Pomorski, built to provide the city with a cutting edge cultural facility when it is completed.

Continuing in the theme of cultural, there are ten museums in and around Torun many documenting in one way or another the cityís history. A popular choice is that of the House of Copernicus celebrating the life of the locally born fifteenth century astronomer. Additionally, while in Torun you must visit the Planetarium. Equipped with a gigantic radio telescope, with a diameter of 32 metres worthy of the home of Copernicus, the Planetarium is situated in downtown Torun while the Astronomical Observatory can be found in Piwnice. A museum devoted to the life of Nicolaus Copernicus is situated at what was once his home in the Old Town.

Other popular attractions around town include the Polish Museum of the Far East, one of the prettiest Middle Ages houses in Torun, the stunning St Johnís Cathedral, one of the oldest Gothic church buildings and the impressively Gothic St Jacob House.


A stunning city with a long memory, Bydgoszcz is packed with historic sights and a promising future. Despite certain conflict between its neighbour Torun and itself, the benefits of combining to form the metropolitan district, Bydgoszcz-Torun are becoming more obvious with each day. Medieval Torun attracts a lot of sightseeing interest and this has had a knock on effect for Bydgoszcz. Donít allow yourself to be distracted from the beauties of Bydgoszcz because of the concentrated road building effort.

Bydgoszcz is a city situated on the Brda and Vistula Rivers in northern Poland. The city is the capital of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Once upon a time, the big city of Bydgoszcz was once a modest fishing community growing following its point of strength within the Vistula trade routes. From the fifteenth century, Bydgoszcz became a principle corn trading town.

Many of the city tours on offer here prefer to begin at the Stary Rynek or Old Market Square. Artists gravitate to the Brda Mlynska River for the Bydgoszcz Venice. Offering endless possibilities for sketches and watercolours, this very picturesque district marks the site of the former castle and is where, today, St Andrew of Bobola Gothic church is situated.

For culture choose from the excellent Bydgoszcz Opera House and the cityís main theatre, the Teatr Baj Pomorski. One of the main scenic waterways in the city is that of the Bydgoszcz Canal. This is an area well worth exploring for the views are much more intriguing. One of the finest monuments that greet you in the old city centre is that of the ĎFight and Martyrdom of the Bydgoszcz Land Monumentí statue in the Old Market Square.

Offering some picturesque views, Bydgoszcz is packed with photo opportunities some obvious, others only the keen eyed may discover. The possibilities are all here, adjust those digital cameras for some stunning architecture.

Torun Airport

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Bydgoszcz Airport is situated 50 kilometres from Torun. The airport is situated 3 kilometres from Bydgoszcz city centre.

If travelling by car, the journey to Torun would normally take about 45 minutes.

Take the number 80 bus service for the airport from the centre of Bydgoszcz and on to Torun additionally.

There are taxis situated outside of the airport terminal.

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