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For your information the airport at Szczecin is situated about 30 km from the centre of Szczecin.

Szczecin is more than just a giant ship building yard, it is a multi-dimensional city specialising in the services industry with a strong maritime industry background. With a long buried criminal past, the City of Szczecin has stepped out of the shadows with much more to offer than the biggest shipyard in the country. It is a city that has strived to hold on to its inimitable character. Over time, efforts have been made to ensure the original face of the city continues to show and even when the city had been all but destroyed during the Second World War, people from all over Poland stepped in to help restore Szczecin�s outstanding character.

Szczecin is the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. With the largest Baltic seaport in Poland, its comes as no surprise that Szczecin�s geography is largely influenced by water. To the north are the numerous marinas, the banks of the River Odra and Lake Dabie are nearby and it is rather close to the Lagoon of Szczecin with the city itself is based on the Oder Lagoon. Szczecin is kept apart from the Bay of Pomerania by the Wolin and Usedom Islands.

The history books for Szczecin began in the 7th century AD. At this time and this location a premier Slavic settlement was initiated.

One of the most powerful ports on the Baltic, Szczecin was a city with a lot of power and influence at one time. As the designated ancient capital of Western Pomerania, Szczecin has experienced (over many centuries), an incredibly volatile history. However, the good times were never better than when it was part of the Hanseatic League, for this was the city�s �golden age�. Joining shoulders with the prosperous Hanseatic League in the thirteenth century and then in the eighteenth century changed its name from Szczecin to Stettin and became the domain of Germany. Following World War Two, Stettin returned to Szczecin and Poland took control of one of its main port cities.

In the city centre, there is no need for public transport for almost all the main sights are within close walking distance of one another. Unlike many city centres, Szczecin doesn�t suffer from congestion so there�s nothing stopping you from driving in if you so prefer. Follow the red line and you will never stray too far as all the main sights are linked up by those crimson markings. The city being absolutely surrounded by water presents an alternative mode of transport for sight seeing, by water boat. For some enjoyable sights and views, the Waly Chrobrego promenade is a good spot to know about. Lined with delightful cafes, the area shows off some great views across the port and the River Odra.

Only recently restored having suffered destruction during World War Two, a top tourist attraction in the city is that of the 14th century Pomeranian Dukes Castle. While the castle presents a number of enjoyable spots including cafes, museums and restaurants, it is atop its towers that the most amazing views of the city are achieved.

The immense 12th century Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle otherwise known as the Jacobikirche is one of Szczecin�s leading sight seeing lights. The building has suffered many incidences of destruction at various points in its existence but this important local building and landmark has been lovingly tidied up and restored every stretch of the way.

Looking for a pretty place in which to rest your legs and relax, Szczecin is packed with pretty parks. One of the more popular spots is that of the city park, known formally as the Park Kasprowicza, as well as providing a peaceful interlude, this particular park offers many alternative activities for those lively ones amongst us. If peace and quiet is what you�re looking for, they don�t come more quieter than the local cemetery. The Cmentarz Centralny is famed for being one of the largest in Europe.

With three museums for the price of one, the National Museum of Szczecin satisfies a number of tastes. This main tourist attraction comprises a variety of exhibitions and collections within the subjects of the maritime, contemporary arts and local history.

Interested in Bismark Towers? Szczecin has its very own! Twenty five metres tall and situated about 6 kilometres from the city centre, Szczecin is one of many locations across the world to host similar towers built to commemorate Otto von Bismark the nineteenth century Prussian statesman.

Szczecin Airport

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Szczecin Goleniow Airport is situated 30 kilometres from Szczecin city centre.

Interglobus operate a daily bus between Szczecin and Koszalin and onto the airport. These are timed to coincide with Ryanair flights.

Alternatively there is the LOT Airline minibus to Szczscin, Koszalin and Kolobrzeg. Buses leave every fifteen minutes and tickets can be purchased from all LOT airline ticket offices or are free of charge if you fly �LOT�.

If travelling by car the airport is a 40 minute drive from Szczecin.

Id you require the use of a train station to get to your destination, Goleniow Station is only seven kilometres from the airport.

Taxis are available from outside the passenger terminal.

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