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For your information the airport at Rzeszow is situated 10 km from the centre of the city.

Resonating Rzeszow, every three hours the sound of the bugle can be heard seeking the attention of all who will listen in the Town Square.

Always seeking to connect with cultures from all over the world, there are a number of international sports and cultural events occurring in Rzeszow. Top attractions include the annual Lancut Music Festival and the three yearly World Festival of Polonia Folkloristic Ensembles. Additionally, other popular events that are held in Rzeszow and its neighbours include the Theatre Festival, the Biannual Computer Art Exhibition and the Biannual Theatre Poster Display.

All this and the fact that the city is a significant centre of academia, with a number of colleges and its university, visitors to Rzeszow should expect to enjoy a lively atmosphere in a thoroughly cosmopolitan setting.

Rzeszow is situated on the River Wislok in south eastern Poland. It is the capital of the Subcarpathian voivodeship and is located in the middle of the Sandomierska Valley.

Not resembling the city it is today so much, Rzeszow began life in 1354. Things muddled along slowly from there on in until 1937 when manufacturing for the military began. In 1944, Rzeszow went on to become a principle city in the south east of Poland and the capital of the voivodeship. The city has spread its wings ever since with an expanding population as it looks towards becoming a modernised metropolitan area.

Before things became incredibly busy around town, Rzeszow got by thanks to its impressive array of skilled trades from shoemaking, brewing, weaving and much more. Conveniently situated upon the trading routes of Krakow to Germany and Gdansk to Hungary, the city was able to benefit greatly and so ‘muddled along’ very nicely until heavy industry took things to another level.

The main and central spot in the city for newcomers and sightseers is provided by the Old Town Square. To the west of it, in pseudo-Gothic style, the Square sports the stunning Town Hall. Recently renovated, the building commands a great deal of respect for there is nothing to compete with its maturity dating back to the year 1591.

All is not completely as it seems in the city centre however, for another side to the city exists below ground. The city has hidden depths and every effort is being made to open it all up to the public but not without one or problems along the way.

Beneath ground level, many houses and shops in the city centre progressed in a downward fashion resulting in a patchwork of passageways. Over the years, all activity below stairs ceased and the subterranean corridors fell into a state of neglect. Today excavations are taking place in an effort to discover more about the city’s history. Recent intriguing findings have materialised that the original street level of the Old Town Square was actually a floor lower down with a format much different to that of today’s. A complex layout of chambers and passageways are gradually coming to light as each day brings new knowledge of Rzeszow’s history. It will not be too long before tours are organised throughout the underground tunnels.

The stunning 18th century Palace of Lubomirski is one of the main features of Rzeszow and one of the most photographed. Today in addition the sightseeing opportunities it presents, it offers an opulent setting for theatrical and musical events.

For a background of the city, head over to the Museum of the City of Rzeszow and for its ten thousand exhibits and with the largest collection of Polish folk history, the Ethnographic Museum is the place to be. For art galleries, the main one to look out for is the Office of Artistic Exhibitions set in a 17th century building that was once the city’s synagogue.

Carrying on the subject of synagogues, there are two which present excellent sightseeing fodder. The old one fashioned in the baroque style, also known as the ‘small’ synagogue dates back to the 16th century. Rebuilt in the post war years after being destroyed during World War Two, the building now looks after the province archives.

By contrast, the ‘big’ synagogue (the New Town Synagogue) built in the 18th century, also destroyed during the Second World War, rebuilt following a masterly campaign of reconstruction, today houses some pretty excellent art exhibitions by Polish artists.

If a love of architecture drives your sightseeing, don’t leave town without catching a glimpse of the sumptuous lines of the houses of the art nouveau period. You can’t miss them for they are next door neighbours to the Castle.

Rzeszow Airport

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The Rzeszow Jasionka Airport is situated 10 kilometres from the centre of Rzeszow (in a town called Jasionika).

If travelling by car, the No 19 state road which connects Lublin with Rzeszow gets you to the airport with relative ease.

For the shuttle bus, the stop is situated in front of the passenger terminal. Once in the city centre, the railway station and bus terminal are adjacent to one another.

Taxis are available from outside of the terminal for the convenience of passengers.

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