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For your information the airport at Lodz is situated only 6km from the centre of the city.

Likeable and welcoming Lodz, a city named after a boat, is not the glamorous town that it once was during its heyday but what the city does offer today, are bags of charm and elegance.

Today, the second largest city in Poland makes the most of its centrality and is sought out by companies to base their operations. While travel to Lodz has expanded so has its accessibility with motorway construction and transport networks improving as we speak. It is highly likely that in the future Lodz will join with neighbour Warsaw to form a conurbation and will one day appear as a sprawling metropolis.

There may not be any natural beauty spots about Lodz, (except for its parks and green spaces) these all exist in absolute droves on its outskirts. Lovers of outdoors pursuits will enjoy Lodz as a lively touring base and mix the benefits of metropolis culture with countryside challenges.

Lodz began as the village, Lodzia in or around the year 1332. An agricultural town until the sixteenth century, Lodz became a textile manufacturer in the nineteenth century and was to become a main player in Socialist Movement. It was in 1905 that 300 workers wile demonstrating were killed by the police. In 1914 Lodz became one of the most densely inhabited leading industrial centres of the world. During World War Two, Lodz was occupied by Nazi Germany and promptly renamed Litzmannstadt. This was a time when the city�s most popular street, Piotrkowska Street was renamed Adolf-Hitler-Strasse.

Upon arriving in Lodz, many visitors tend to head towards Piotrkowska Street (named Adolf-Hitler-Strasse during WW2), which stretches north to south for about four kilometres. Renovated fairly recently, Lodz most busy street is reported to be the most commercial street in the world. Don�t worry, no one is going to force you to walk it from end to end, however you could always enjoy a tourist�s treat of a horse and cart ride.

You don�t need to travel to the countryside to enjoy Mother Nature for Lodz has several pockets of greenery about the city. The largest of all the parks is that of Lagiewniki Park promising tranquility when required and there is also Lodz Zoo and Botanical Park.

Everybody heads to Piotrkowska Street upon arrival in this friendly city to enjoy the elegant old buildings, the cafes, the restaurants, of course, the shops and above all its lively and trendy atmosphere. The octagonal Liberty Square is at the centre of the historic city centre. Formerly a market place for the New town, this is where to find the nineteenth century Town Hall building built chiefly in the classicist style. Additionally, from here you can easily reach the Church of the Holy Ghost, the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography as well as the Mieczyslaw Lubelski statue of Kosciuszko. However, while these are great museums, it has been said that one of the best museums in all of Poland is that of the Museum Sztuki. While doing your �museum run�, don�t forget to include this (not so little) beauty on your itinerary.

A popular tourist feature in Lodz is that of the stunning Palace of the affluent cotton industrialiast Izrael Poznanski. This monumental building serves as a testament to the supreme wealth of the cotton magnate and highlights the socio-economic gap between the employer and the worker. There is a typical textile mill next to the Palace as well as the 19th century Museum of the City of Lodz.

A visit to Lodz would not be complete without exploring what was the city�s Jewish ghetto. The Old Market Square here, at the heart of Lodz once belonging to the ghetto, today serves as a popular concert venue. The second largest of all of Poland�s Jewish Ghettos, the Litmannstadt was the last to be broken up for its slave labour productivity.

Kindermann�s Villa, another top feature in Lodz, once belonged to the industrialist Leopold Kindermann and was built in the art nouveau tradition back in 1903. A beautiful house to explore it is of particular interest for its stained glass window and ornaments and brilliant temporary art collections.

Memories of the Holocaust of World War Two overshadow many a Polish town or city and Lodz is no exception. To avoid reminders of the Holocaust would be to deny yourself an honest understanding of the history and the �mind-set� of a Polish city. The Decalogue Memorial in the Old Market Square is a tribute that symbolizes the co-existence of Jewish and Polish people. The Holocaust Monument situated at the Radegast train station is a prominent reminder of transportation of the city�s Jewish population to those death camps.

While there is much to offer in the city, don�t miss out on an opportunity to explore the whole region. Made up of huge parks, magical valleys and enjoyable nature reserves, the outskirts of Lodz offers visitors who enjoy the outdoors. Hiking, cycling, sailing and kayaking are on offer in abundance alongside the natural beauty of the Sulejow and Jeziorsko lagoons.

Lodz Airport

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Lodz city centre is 6 kilometres from the airport.

Duration of the trip to Piotrkowska Street in Lodz city centre is only ten minutes due to good roads which are easily navigable and the city�s efficient public transport services.

The number 65 bus service directly travels from the airport to Lodz.

Taxis are available at the airport and are inexpensive.

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