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For your information the airport at Gdansk is approximately 10 km from the centre of town.

Many compare Gdansk with Amsterdam, a connection made comparing its backdrop of bars and cafes, but here the comparison ends. The city (fortunately) offers a more peaceful ambience managing to escape �stags� having their do�s here (unlike a great number of Gdansk�s Baltic cousins).

Gdansk is known as the birthplace of Solidarity and possessing the largest Gothic building made of bricks in all of Poland. Gdansk lies on Gdansk Bay situated on the south coast overlooking the Baltic Sea with its port and shipbuilding focal point since the Middle Ages.

Birthplace of Solidarity, the Lenin Shipyards having survived some difficult and significant times in Polish history, saw to the end of Eastern Bloc Communist rule. A short boat ride from the quay of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre Old Town will bring you to where the earliest scenes of World War Two took place. Here at the Westerplatte peninsula you will today find the monument and bunkers which mark the spot where Gdansk was defended by Polish troops from Nazi Germany occupation for six days. As you look around you today, it is hard to imagine that in 1945, all was nothing but a pile of rubble. Fabulously restored, the Old Town is a scene of magnificence packed with streets that are cobbled and magnificent old buildings.

The attractions to explore here are plentiful but are generally overshadowed by the charms of Warsaw and Krakow. Head over to one of Gdansk�s more historic streets, Royal Way for unimaginable splendour and architectural magnificence. Here you will find the Golden Gate from the 17th century and the Court of the Fraternity of St George. The National Art Museum offers a collection of art and sculpture to spoil the most demanding of Gothic enthusiasts. The glorious Town Hall and Granaries at Torun (south of Gdansk) are significant points of interest in the town�s prosperity as well as the other principle features of the 15th century St Mary�s and St John�s Churches. A stunning medieval city centre awaits your attention to the south of Gdansk. The best views of the city can be obtained from the church�s 256 foot bell tower which involves a climb of a mere 405 steps!

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the birthplace of the astronomer Copernicus, the walled town of
is found nestling on the banks of the River Wisla. Some of the more prominent museums here include the Town Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Copernicus Museum.

Mazuria, the lakeland area in the north east is abundantly peppered with vast lakes, forests and swampland. The region is so thinly populated that it is an excellent spot for wildlife where sightings of European Bison and Elk families are commonly sighted in the area. If you are familiar with your Adolf Hitler information, you will not be surprised to find that his bunker, the Eagle�s Nest, where his assassination was attempted was situated at Ketrzyn in the Mazurian Forest.

The Baltic Sea�s largest port is at Szczecin. The spot, previously known as the capital of Pomerania, Stettin, is marked by its magnificent 14th century Pomeranian Palace and the 12th century Cathedral. Overall, the city of Szczecin is a great one to include on the itinerary because it is stunning. The city almost entirely rebuilt during the last century was modelled upon Paris and offers similar leafy boulevards and wide open spaces.

It is not all about old cities in and around Gdansk. A best kept secret of the area is that of the glorious beaches here. Always the perfect retreat from the liveliness of a busy city centre, it is highly recommended that you flee to the Pomeranian coastline and languish upon the shores of Kolobrzeg or more peaceful still, Leba. The former is considered very fashionable, while the latter offers white sand and heavenly peace and quiet. At Sopot, Europe�s longest pier of 500 metres stretches out to sea from this popular resort. Aside from the gorgeous beaches, the options for a retreat broaden even more to include the islands and woods of the Wolin National Park or the Slowinski National Park (where the sand dunes are known to wander about!)

Other excellent spots to include on your visit include the Kashubian Lake district, the forests of the Hel Peninsula and the Teutonic castles at various locations about the countryside including Gniew and Malbork.

For visitors drawn to finding out more of the horrors the Poles suffered during World War Two should head over to the Stutthof death camp. The camp was built with the purpose in mind to �contain� the so called problematic aware and patriotic Poles. During its five years of administration, the camp alarmingly grew from 12 hectares to 120 hectares as more men, women and children were imprisoned and killed here. This building today serves as a museum as well as a memorial to all the people who lost their lives here during those terrible years.

For attractive views out to the Baltic Sea, why not consider a train ride across the narrow gauge railway along the Vistula Spit.

Gdansk Airport

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Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport is situated 10 kilometres from the centre of Gdansk. Sopot is 10 kilometres from the airport and 23 kilometres from the centre of Gdynia.

If travelling by car, the journey from the centre of Gdansk is only about 15 to 20 minutes long.
Bus services to and from the airport include the �110� to Gdansk Wrzeszcz, the �B� to Gdansk, the night bus �N3� and the �510� to Gdynia.

Taxis are available from outside the Terminal building.

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