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We are pleased to be able to offer our customers cheap car rental rates from all of Poland's municipal airports plus the main international airport at Warsaw. Poland has nine municipal airports that are used by the major budget airlines. In many cases, the municipal airports are located a considerable distance from the cities that they are intended to service and public transport to and from them can be sporadic at best. Begin your holiday in Poland with car rental from two of Britain's leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings quoting discounted car hire in Poland. Both of our car hire suppliers employ specialist staff at the end of the telephone for any extra questions that might arise before or after hiring a car.

The City of Bydgoszcz is situated on the Brda and Vistula Rivers in northern Poland.

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Many compare Gdansk with Amsterdam, a connection made comparing its backdrop of bars and cafes, but here the comparison ends.

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One of the only cities in Europe that avoided World War Two bombing, everything you see as you traverse the cobbled streets is likely to be the genuine article.

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Likeable and welcoming Lodz, a city named after a boat, is not the glamorous town that it once was during its heyday but what the city does offer today, are bags of charm and elegance.

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The range of museums on offer is generous, the historic city centre offers pretty churches, cafes, nightclubs and cobbled streets and when escape is required there are a number of large open spaces like the Citadela and Chopin Park.

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Resonating Rzeszow, every three hours the sound of the bugle can be heard seeking the attention of all who will listen in the Town Square.

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Szczecin is more than just a giant ship building yard, it is a multi-dimensional city specialising in the services industry with a strong maritime industry background.

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Tantalising Torun, one of Poland’s most attractive cities, it has a medieval Old Town, gave birth to the astronomer, Copernicus, has a rich and enviable heritage and generous helpings of delicious gingerbread.

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Home of the pact, Europe's best theatres and where to find one of Joseph Stalin's unwanted gifts.

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A beautiful city with a recently fully restored gothic Old City boasting a wealth of architectural styles from Bohemian to Austrian.

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Today a popular tourist spot, Poland attracts visitors to its beautiful wild scenery, stunning old cities, superb sports facilities and mountain scenery and its many nature reserves and national parks. More often than not it is the Polish charm and folklore that keeps them coming back.

Poland is situated in central Europe and bordered by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic Sea and more. The country is a member of the European Union. The Republic of Poland�s territories consist largely of horizontal regions and defined by their geographical location. The south consists of the Tatras and Carpathian Mountains, the coastal north has the Baltic port of Gdansk to its name and central Poland offers the best of the southern uplands and the northern lowlands.

Poland had its heyday during the sixteenth century. When the country was under the Jagiellonian dynasty it was probably Europe�s most wealthy and prestigious. For something of an idea of the country�s Golden Age, the place to visit is Krakow. Poland�s cultural capital, medieval Krakow is so packed with stunning historical sights that it will transport you back seven hundred years with its first impression. Having avoided the bombing of World War Two, Krakow is one of the few Polish cities that didn�t require major rebuilding and is today a protected UNESCO World Heritage site. Other places to visit include the crystal caves, chapels and mines dating back to the fourteenth century. A seventy kilometre excursion from Krakow will bring you face to face with what was once the concentration camp known as Auschwitz. Today these buildings serves as a memorial to the people who lost their lives here, the camp is one of UNESCO�s World Heritage sites.

Apparently overrun with UNESCO World Heritage sites, another is that of Lublin Old Town with its intriguing Market Square as well as the seemingly transcendent salt mines of Wieliczka.

With over 9,000 lakes largely within Poland�s northern territories and a greater dominance of these beautiful water spaces in the district of Masuria, water and outdoors pursuits play a hefty part in the tourism here. To add to a list of great locations to visit while in Poland, you might want to consider exploring the Bieszczadski National Park, a habitat for the lynx, wildcat and brown bear as well being the only home of the European Bison. Another stunning location is that of the Bledowska Desert, the only desert in the whole of Europe.

Full of tantalising sights and experiences, it is the Tatras Mountains that are the greatest visitor draw. Annually, in excess of 1.5 million holidaymakers travel to the mountains for its skiing and outdoors sporting activity facilities.



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