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We are pleased to have a the opportunity to offer our clients cheap car hire rates from each of Morocco's local airports. Morocco has four municipal airports that are used by the leading budget airlines. In a number cases, the municipal airports are to be found a fair number of miles from the cities that they are intended to service and public transport to and from them can be sporadic at best. Begin your visit to Morocco with car rental using three of the country's leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings quoting discounted car rental in Morocco. All of our car rental suppliers employ specialist staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that you may have before or after renting a car.

Astounding Agadir is a city in the south west of Morocco and is the capital of the region of Souss Massa Dra.

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Think Casablanca and our thoughts go back to the days of the smoky back rows of the local Odeon and hunky big screen icon Humphrey Bogart uttering his most famous line.

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Fascinating Fez, presenting a striking insight to North African city life, is packed with delights from its cultural snapshots to its religious and architectural trophies of mosques and medinas.

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The Moroccan city of Marrakech is a magical place packed with breathtaking colours, sounds and flavours that as a package never fail to stir all the senses.

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The fourth most populated Arab country in the world, Morocco is situated in North West Africa. With a coastline that protrudes along the Atlantic Ocean, cosmopolitan towns and cities and deserts, Morocco is a country packed with exciting contrasts.
Morocco's borders meet the territories of Algeria, the Western Sahara (although technically it belongs to Morocco), the Mediterranean, Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Arab influence here is down to the great Arab invasion in the seventh century leaving behind its legacy. Early Islamic Morocco surrounds you at every turn through its traditions and architecture. While Morocco takes you on an exotic journey back in time, it also balances it up with a vibrant contemporary edge.

Phosphate mining is the main industry in Morocco and next to tourism is the leading industry here. To be more precise however, while phosphate mining and tourism are the first and third main sources of income respectively in Morocco, it is the transferring of funds to Moroccan relatives from abroad that draws in the second largest income.

The Atlas Mountains separate the Sahara Desert from the rest of the country and provide an incredible backdrop to the cityscape of Marrakech. The administrative centre for industry and commerce is the port city of Casablanca, Fez is considered the cultural jewel in the crown, Rabat is the government seat and Tangier connects Morocco to Spain.



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