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Sorting out your vehicle rental online in advance of the actual trip is a sound idea for a number of reasons

- The whole online booking is done at your own computer rather than at the arrival airport where you might well be surrounded by a frazzled partner and a selection of unruly children
- It's faster at the car hire desk (although you wouldn't believe that if you've stood in the huge queues at Alamo in Miami)
- The all-inclusive price is fixed
- It ensures that you receive the model of car that you request

Start planning your trip to Treviso by booking car hire offered by two of our leading car hire suppliers. We offer online bookings with discounted car rental at Treviso airport. Both of our car hire suppliers have specialist support staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that you might have before or after renting a car.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car rental quotes from our partners for cheap car hire at Treviso airport. The airport is 3 km from the city of Treviso.

A lively town without being a chaotic tourist trap, canal-ridden Treviso offers an intriguing blend of a medieval backdrop with a fun loving atmosphere.

Nestling quietly in the middle of the Gulf of Venice and the Alps is romantic Treviso. Situated in the Veneto region, the town particularly attracts visitors with a penchant for beautiful architecture as well as for its close proximity to Verona.

With its historical town centre, Treviso is packed with handsome houses, majestic palaces, churches and statues, all closely contained within its sixteenth century walled periphery. An excellent destination to explore on foot, the mystery of medieval Treviso unravels every step you take!

The streets and squares are filled with cafes and at late afternoon begin to fill up with people of all ages sipping away at their cups of coffee. The centre of all the action tends to be the Piazza dei Signori and the canal area. Wine bars in the Pescheria fish market are tempting while the local trattorias are filled with customers awaiting good Veneto and Treviso food.

The Piazza dei Signori is without doubt the most popular square in the town. A glorious beauty spot with its edges adorned by pretty palaces and medieval buildings, the piazza is not so surprisingly proudly considered a symbol and major landmark of Treviso. Look out for buildings like the Bell Tower and the local government buildings of the Palazzo dei Trecento here. These are popular spots for resting and people watching!

Treviso is famous for its delightful painted buildings. Once belonging to wealthy residents, these fancy facades that sometimes date back to the 16th century are commonly found in Via Riccati and Via Canova within close proximity of the Duomo.

The canals at Treviso are everywhere. One of the most common views is that of the reflections of medieval architecture upon the manmade waterways. Aside from the canals are the maze-like alleyways often leading to exciting mysterious locations.

During the sixteenth century Treviso twinned with Venice and benefited from a wealth of Venetian architecture and art treasures. The walls that surround the town date back to this period and are now very much a tourist attraction of Treviso. Unfortunately what you see today is only a fraction of what once existed. The 1944 Allied bombing sadly destroyed many prominent historical features.

Treviso has a lot more going for it than its historical treasures. Throughout the year, visitors flock to the town to enjoy a great number of major events throughout the year. The International Guitar Festival links Venice’s cousin to Rome every September, while in March, the more athletically disposed participate in the Treviso Marathon. Also held here is the August Prealpi Bike-Run Marathon for the considerably stamina-sturdy of contestants for it takes place in the foothills of the pre-Alps.

If you are not excited by sports, don’t expect to be turned away at the gates! A great many other festivals occurring throughout the year have nothing to do with fanatical fitness. Thankfully many events suit the unfit majority and involve wine, food and relaxing!

A trip to Treviso would not be complete without experiencing the charms of nearby Lake Garda. Amid desirable views, the lake is perfectly and ideally positioned within an Alpine landscape of vine and olive fields and mountains.

A peaceful location, you would be hard placed to find a more tranquil break from relentless city sightseeing itineraries. That said, the lake alternatively offers plenty of recreational activity from water-sports to rock climbing. Depending on your needs, Lake Garda serves to recharge those batteries every time.

Treviso’s neighbour, Verona’s reputation for love has over the centuries stretched far and wide thanks to William Shakespeare and his tale of the love, Romeo and Juliet. You can even visit Juliet’s house of Capulet, stand below her infamous balcony and ponder Juliet’s end at her tomb.

Adding to its reputation for love, Verona is famous also for its vast collection of art treasures. Everywhere you look in Verona, you can guarantee paintings, sculpture and statues at every turn!

Verona is famed for its well-preserved Roman attractions. The 3rd largest amphitheatre in the world, the Arena currently utilized for huge opera events. Within close proximity are the Roman features of the Gavic Arch, the Door of the Lions, the Door of Borsari, the stone bridge and the remains of the Roman Theatre.

Religious architecture is in abundant supply here too. You can’t miss the imposing neo-classical façade of the Duomo as well as the medieval charms of the Church of San Zen Maggiore and the 12th century Church of San Lorenzo.

Venerable Venice! One day this incredible city may be no more. Every year the water levels climb as efforts are made to protect Italy’s spectacular watery heritage city. Venice comprises hundreds of petite islands with a lagoon. With its hefty wealth of exciting historical treasures, Venice is considered a highlight on all tours of Italy.

There are many reasons to visit Canaletto’s Venice, the 9th century St Mark’s Basilica is one and St Mark’s Square is another! Dating back to the fourteenth century, the attractively decorated exterior walls of the Doge’s Palace continue to defy the square’s ubiquitous pigeons while the Grand Canal is considered to be the city’s most popular walkway.

Home of the Venice Biennale and the Carnival, there is no better venue than the magnificent surroundings of Venice as a backdrop to any international event.


Veneto, one of Italy’s 20 regions is situated in the stunning alpine north. Very well positioned for some of the more spectacular jewels in the Italian sight seeing crown, while in Veneto, you can enjoy Lake Garda, the Alps, the Dolomites and its capital Venice.

Veneto’s Lower Po Valley offers it visitors a number of holiday treats in the form of charming seaside resorts as well as excellent shopping and skiing possibilities in its resorts like the trendy Cortina d’Ampezzo.

During the summer, the magnificent mountains of the East and West Dolomites are ripe for exploring and often buzzing with sightseers enjoying life at these lofty heights.

Veneto’s peaceful Lake Como is only an hour away from marauding Milan! Upon its shores is the attractive town of Como where visitors come to enjoy its 400 year old buildings and its basilica. Climb the Baradello Tower to treat yourself to the lavish lake view…you will find it is worth every step!

A prime location in Veneto is that of flashy, well-developed Lake Garda. It is halfway between Venice and Lake Como and well located for enjoying a holiday that is a blend of excitement, relaxation and art gallery and museum hunting. Perched upon the southern shores, don’t miss the town of Sirmione, famed for its glamorous lifestyle and flashy hotel and spa complexes. A lively location for youthful atmosphere, the Lake attracts water sports lovers from all over. Whether into sailing, water skiing or kitesurfing, it is all happening here. However, aside from the notoriety and glamour of the area, people are drawn to Italy’s largest lake for the most breathtakingly magical view you may ever see!

Treviso Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

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Treviso San Guiseppe Airport is situated 3 kilometres from the town centre. The journey from the airport to the town is ten minutes via the SS 515 trunk road to Padova.

If travelling by the A4 motorway the journey to the airport will take approximately thirty minutes. First, you will need the A27 motorway towards Treviso to Belluno. Take the exit at Treviso Sud and then the SS53 bypass toward Treviso-Castelfranco. Take a left at the traffic lights towards Padova. The airport is on the left.

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