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Booking your car rental online in advance of the actual trip is a sound idea for several reasons

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- It ensures that you drive away in the model of car that you request
- The whole booking process is done in the comfort of your own home rather than at the arrival airport where you might well be accompanied by a frazzled partner and a selection of tired and emotional youngsters

Start planning your visit to Pescara by booking car rental using two of Britain's leading car hire suppliers. We offer online bookings with cheap car rental at Pescara airport. Both of our car hire suppliers employ dedicated telephone support specialists on hand waiting to answer any extra questions that you may have before or after renting a vehicle.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car hire quotes from our partners for cheap car hire at Pescara airport. The airport is 3 km from the city of Pescara.

Picturesque Pescara nestles comfortably within the mountainous ski resort region of Abruzzo. Situated in the heart of Italy, Pescara occupies a generous portion of Adriatic coast line and serves as a port as well as attracting holidaymakers to both its beaches and its ski lodges.

Renowned for being host venue for the International Jazz Festival, this is not however the limit of all that is worth seeing in Pescara. Overall it is a busy city that boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere while offering on its outskirts, tranquil countryside scenery and pockets of life seemingly untouched by the modern day.

The largest city in Abruzzo, Pescara is considered a new city although it actually existed before the Roman Empire took over things. Much of Pescara needed to be rebuilt following the ravages of World War Two. In its pre-Roman days it served as a principle port dealing with traders of the East.

Before Pescara was rebuilt during the post war years, in 1926, two towns merged to form this new city. The poet Gabriele D’Annunzio sponsored the joining of the towns to the south and north of the Pescara River (Pescara and Castellamare Adriatico respectively) to form one brand new city, Pescara.

You can’t do any better than to use Pescara as your touring base for Abruzzo. The train station here, Pescara Centrale, is reported to be the biggest in Europe. Just when you thought your connections couldn’t improve any more, you will be bowled over by how easy it is to get to Rome from Pescara. There is a direct two and a half hour ride to Roma Tiburtina via Pescara Centrale.

If you prefer to drive, expect to traverse (at times rather hairy) winding roads in and out of farming lands, tiny towns and villages and mountains. In Pescara, there is the additional thrill that you are well placed for those many popular winter ski resorts that Abruzzo has to offer. The national parks here are protected and continue to be the domain of brown Marsican bears and families of wolves. If you see a sign for Pescocostanzo, follow it, for this is a picturesque ski resort town offering palaces from a bygone age, squares decorated with beautiful fountains and a delightful 11th century church. All too good to miss and the sort of place that only gets noticed by word of mouth.

A popular holiday destination during the summer and is a favourite among Italian families with its ideal location on the picturesque Adriatic coast offering calm waters and about 20 kilometres of coast. Along the coast expect to find what the italians call ‘stabilimenti’ otherwise known as seaside clubs or resorts. These comprise places to eat, to play, to shop, to dance and offer all that is needed besides by the visiting holidaymaker.

Pescara is well known amongst music lovers as the venue for the annual International Jazz Festival. This event has been running since 1969 and has seen the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Pat Metheny and Duke Ellington perform upon its stages at this highlight of Europe’s music calendar. If you want your trip to coincide with one of the biggest jazz events in the world ensure your holiday encompasses the second week of July. The official dates for 2006 are 12th to the 15th July. (Please note, it is recommended that you check on the website for to date and formalized arrangements).

A popular attraction around town is that of the beautiful Maiella National Park. Offering a generous serving of wide open spaces and unspoilt countryside, the park is located around and about the magnificent Maiella Mountains. You will see enchanting towns that look as though they have been untouched by time enabling you to leave the 21st century behind as you sample life that is a lot less complex. Expect to see kaleidoscopes of wild flowers and old ramshackle churches dotted about the fields. If you love this national park, you will most likely enjoy that of nearby Abruzzo National Park which is much more ordered and contained.

Other attractions in Pescara include its birthplace of the famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, the 18th century Madonna dei Sette Dolori with its stunning neo classical exterior and the Palazzo del Governo boasting its 600, 000 volume strong library. The inside of the Cathedral of St Cetteus reveals the presence of Guercino’s 17th century painting of St Francis.

By the way, I thought I should mention that Pescara expects to be a little more busy than usual in 2009. If you are not a sports lover, you might be well advised to pick a time when things are quieter for the city is due to set the stage for the sixteenth Mediterranean Games. At the very least expect accessibility around the city to be slower than it would normally.

Where during the twelfth century, Benedictine monks invented and established the manufacture of gorgeous Castelli Majolica ceramics.

Mountainous Abruzzo consists of the four provinces of Teramo, Pescara, Chieti and L’Aquila. The region is bordered by Molise, the Adriatic, Lazio and Marche and is renowned for its specially protected national parkland as well as its most lively and cosmopolitan city, Pescara. A popular winter sports location, while a third of the region is said to be national park, the remainder consists of mountain slopes packed with superb skiing resorts. Abruzzo’s mountains, the Appenine’s Gran Sasso and Maiella Massif offer vertiginous heights of two and a half thousand metres and more.

Home of a series of National Parks, Abruzzo is a region that occupies and envelopes the central east coast of Italy. Surrounding the region are the Adriatic Sea, Molise, Lazio and Marche. Abruzzo National Park not only offers some of the most unspoilt countryside you can hope to spot roe deer, wild boar and the brown bear living freely in their natural habitat.

With its own specific dialect that originates in the nineteenth century, even fluent speakers of the italian language have difficulty understanding.

Pescara Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

For the cheapest flights to Pescara Click Here

Pescara Airport is situated 3 kilometres outside of the city centre.

A bus service is provided to take passengers into the city centre and railway station and is available every quarter of an hour. The bus stop can be found outside of the terminal.

Taxis too are available directly outside of the terminal building taking passengers into town or to the railway station.

A one way ticket by the No 38 coach to the city centre railway station from the airport costs .90 euros.

If driving from Rome, take the A25 highway Chieti-Pescara exit and follow signs for the ‘asse attrezzato’ freeway towards Pescara. Next take the ‘Sambuceto-Aeroporto’ exit following signs for the airport as you go.

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