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Sorting out your vehicle rental online prior to the actual trip is a sound idea for several reasons

- It saves time at at the car hire counter (although you won't believe that if you've stood in the huge queues at Alamo in Miami)
- It guarantees that you get the model of car that you request
- The complete online booking is done in your own time rather than at your destination where you could well be accompanied by a frazzled partner and a selection of tired and emotional children
- The all-inclusive price will not be increased

Start planning your holiday in Naples by booking car hire offered by two of our leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Naples airport. Both of our car hire suppliers employ specialist support staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra questions that might occur before or after hiring your vehicle.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car hire quotes from our partners for cheap car hire at Naples airport. The airport is 7 km from the city of Naples.

Birthplace of the great Enrico Caruso, Naples or the “New City” is the third largest city in Italy and is located in the alluring Bay of Naples. It is the capital of Campania and is the original Neapolitan city with an atmosphere and charm that is echoed throughout Italy.

Naples was once reputed to have been run by the criminal underworld and where “organised crime” took control of things. Don’t let this put you off visiting though because Naples has (in recent years) undergone what could be called a cultural revolution. Crime is no longer in evidence. It was thanks to the city’s longstanding mayor, Antonio Bassolino that the criminal underground were driven out with drastic measures in place to improve the city’s image. Where once the warlords roamed, holidaymakers now dominate the city’s vibrant streets.

Those who have visited the city in the past view Naples as an open air museum with so many monuments and attractions to take in. Where do you start? Bear in mind, for your ease of navigation and orientation, that the city is divided into 21 fairly distinctive zones.

The sight-seer’s ‘triangle’ fashioned by the joining of the zones of Chiaia, San Ferdinando and Posilippo offer the more popular attractions. With plenty to see in terms of the landscape and its monuments, this is where to head for the best concentration of stunning features. Chiaia sits, in an enviable position, overlooking the bay and offers some lovely scenic walks. Here is where you will find a generous supply of elegant fountains, delightful statues and the aquarium (possibly the oldest in all of Europe!). Posillipo offers amazing views of the bay as well as Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento and the island of Capri. Additionally from this spot, the islands of Ischia, Nisida and Procida are well within view.

Many visitors to the city enjoy the saturation of monuments that the Piazza Municipio offers. The views here are overshadowed by the imposing Mole del Maschio. The fortress structured Castel Nuovo, dating back to the medieval ageas, is within close proximity also if what came before isn’t enough to take your breath away- it is all here! While in Naples, what ever you do, don’t skip visiting the Palazzo Reale close to the magnificent Piazza del Plebiscito. Within a stone’s throw is the Teatro San Carlo, the Galleria Umberto I and the Basilica di San Francesco di Paola.

A place of amazing natural beauty, Capri is aptly named the “Jewel of the Mediterranean”. What strikes you about Capri is that its climate is mild in comparison to elsewhere and the views are incredible. No wonder Capri is such a celebrated and sought after holiday destination! You can visit the island from the mainland on a daily basis from the Beverollo Dock.

Once the country seat for the Kings of Naples, Caserta, situated to the north of Naples offers palatial architecture fit only for a king (or queen!) The Baroque Royal Palace was designed in the fashion of Versailles with landscaped gardens to match. A real treat for enjoyers of luxuriant residences! Paestum along the south, offers the sightseer magnificent temples and some of the most preserved ancient remnants and artefacts anywhere in the country.

Everybody wants to take the toll road up to the summit of Mount Vesuvius and enjoy the breath taking view across the Bay of Naples. You can’t drive completely to the top, although you can take a steady hike up the last few metres to the viewing platform which is practically on the rim of the volcano’s caldera. At this point you have a choice of two views, hot and humid Mount Vesuvius or the Bay of Naples. Both, from this particular spot, are remarkable. Pompeii and Herculaneum were both devastated in AD79 by the eruption of Vesuvius and are here in their ruined forms to tell the tale. The remains are such that famously, a comprehensive and unique understanding of Roman daily activity is revealed. The catacombs of San Gennaro date back as far as the 2nd century and are particularly sought after by sight-seers for their decoration with early Christian art.

For night time activity, head over to the Piazza Bellini and neighbour, the centrally situated Piazza Dante for a mix of buzzing clubs and bars. The history behind the Piazza Dante is that it was originally (rather aptly) named the “largo del Mercatello” when it hosted a market. Following this, at the time of the Unification, in the sixteenth century, it received a new name after the writer Dante Alighieri. It wasn’t until Naple’s most important square reached the nineteenth century that a sculpture of Dante was added.

With so much to see in Naples, why not invest in the Napoli Art Card. Costing 13 euros, the card allows you entry into the National Archeological Museum, the Capodimonte Museum and Gallery, the Museum of San Martino, the Castel Sant'elmo, the Castel Nuovo Civic Museum and the Palazzo Reale for 60 hours.

Amalfi Coast

To the south of Naples, one of the more popular holiday destinations in Italy is along the Amalfi Coast. Occupying a peninsula location, the Amalfi Coast satisfies to the maximum those seeking plenty of sun and sea from their holiday destination. You would have to go a long way to beat the area for beauty as well as its wealth of cultural and historical attractions.


Loved for its pretty landscape and adorable seaside towns, Campania’s claim to fame is that it offers some incomparable and unsurmountable sight seeing attractions. Take your pick between the ruins of Pompeii and the ancient greek city of Paestum or don’t and see them both!

It’s shimmering Naples and Sorrento bays are crowd magnets while the region is highly volcanic with sulphurous springs and lakes recognised in ancient myths as the “Gateway to Hades”.

The coastal road down to the Bay of Naples is capable of being as dangerous as it is incredibly stunning. The road leading down to the bay offers incredible views out across sea. These views often prove distracting and this paired with the miniscule nature of the road, tends to throw up all types of challenging driving situations.

The cliff-faced landscape here is peppered with hotels that appear to sit in the most odd of situations. All hotels in the area require advance booking for they enjoy popularity all summer, no matter how precariously the hotel sits upon the cliffs.

The more popular resorts in Campania are Amalfi and Sorrento while the more secluded towns of Positano and Ravello attract the more upper class/celebrity holidaymaker.

Naples Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

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Naples Airport is 7 kilometres away from Naples city centre.

When travelling from the city centre by road follow the Tangenziale (bypass) road towards Capodichino and turn off at the Secondigliano/Aeroporto exit.

Alibus Shuttle Bus departs every 10 minutes from the Naples International Airport to Napoli Centrale Railway Station and Piazza Municipio in the city centre. This service runs daily from 6:30am to 11:30pm. Additionally, the ANM bus service 3S runs to Napoli Centrale railway station and the Piazza Municipio.

If travelling by rail, the Alibus shuttle buses leave for Napoli Centrale railway station every thirty minutes.

Taxis are available for your convenience immediately outside the airport terminal. The journey time into town is roughly twenty minutes costing 20 euros one way.

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