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Linate (Milan)

Purchasing your vehicle rental online before the actual trip is a sound idea for a number of reasons

- It saves time at at the car rental desk (although you won't believe that if you've stood in the huge queues at Alamo in Miami)
- It makes sure that you receive the model of car that you require
- The fully inclusive price is fixed
- The full online booking is done at your own computer rather than at the arrival airport where you are likely to be accompanied by a hassled partner and a small herd of tired and emotional youngsters

Start planning your visit to Linate (Milan) by booking car hire provided by two of our leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Linate (Milan) airport. Both of our car rental suppliers have dedicated support staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that might occur before or after renting a car.

Clicking on the link below will allow you to obtain car hire quotes from our suppliers for cheap car rental at Linate (Milan) airport. The airport is 7 km from the city of Milan.

Milan has several airports, the largest of which is that of Milan Malpensa Airport. It is not unusual for Malpensa to serve in excess of sixteen million passengers annually, a greater proportion of them, the city’s international visitors. Malpensa Airport is approximately 48 kilometres from the city centre. The second largest airport is that of Linate, a mere 20 minute drive from the centre of Milan which to a greater extent handles domestic and European flights.

There is very little known about Linate apart from that it has an airport which plays host to a growing number of visitors. A greater proportion of the town’s visitors pass through to Milan without giving Linate a sideways glance, after all, Milan is the reason they have landed at Linate. What’s in Linate?

On the doorstep of Milan with all its trappings of a modern cosmopolitan city, Linate (not surprisingly), has some trophies of its own. All under a mere five or ten minute drive from Linate, a generous supply of interesting attractions awaits you.

Within a ten minute drive of the centre of Linate, you will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised when you stumble upon the two thousand year old roman amphitheatre. This construction dates back to the 1 and 2 BC, once held gladiatorial sports to a 35,000 capacity audience and is one of the most domineering of the features in the old town. Unfortunately only traces remain of the original ‘Anfiteatro Romano’ as the building was demolished and its materials used for other local building projects such as the Basilica San Lorenzo.

You don’t need to travel too far from the ruins to enjoy their ancestral host’s new home. The Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore is within a ten minute drive of Linate and boasts western Christian architecture that is second to none. With its sixteenth century dome and its replica statue of the Emperor Constantine upon its exterior, the cathedral draws a crowd or two to its early mosaics.

Built to take the place of the destroyed Castello Sforzesco, the incredible Arena Civica was built. The Arena is unmissable, the traditional venue for major gatherings and festivities, it is just 6 kilometres from Linate. Another building project that utilized the materials from the demolished Anfiteatro Romano, the Arena was modelled in a similar fashion as that of any amphitheatre.

The Castello Sforzesco as it stands today has seen some changes over the years. Built in the fourteenth century, within a hundred years, the fortified castle was destroyed and rebuilt and has a chequered history of this throughout. The building in its current condition is the result of a major restoration project in the late nineteenth century. The castle is where to head for exclusive art exhibitions and amid its oppulent surroundings presents a stunning host.

Another gem in Linate’s treasure chest of amazing attractions is that of the Arco della Pace. Situated in the Piazza Sempione, the giant arch was a response to a need for something spectacular to greet the region’s important visitors. Initially, the arch was commissioned to honour Napoleon and began construction at the turn of the nineteenth century. This three columned arch is made of granite and its marble sculpture work by Abbondio Sangiorio shows four victorious heroes upon horseback. The sculpture also features the four rivers of the Lombardy region, the Po, the Adige, the Tagliamento and the Ticino.

Dating back to the twelfth century, the imposing Archi di Porta Nuova survived a demolition attempt to be rebuilt and preserved in 1861. What you see before you today has not been changed since the nineteenth century and continues to attract considerable attention.

Not to be missed while in Linate is the Cimitero Monumentale complex. Comprising a myriad of architectural styles, this breathtaking cemetery encompasses the neo-Medieval styles from Tuscany and Lombardy. Built in the late 1800’s, it is often compared with an open-air museum because all that you see is a result of a revival of medieval Italian trends in art and architecture. The cemetery is packed with beautiful monuments that reflect the greatness of this period.

Linate (Milan) Airport

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The centre of Milan is 7 kilometers outside of Linate Airport. From here, Milan can be reached by car or by bus and within easy reach also of Malpensa (Teminal 1 and Terminal 2), Pavia and Brescia.

If travelling by car, you can enter northern Milan via the motorway or Autostrada 8. If heading over to the west, then follow Autostrada 4. Navigation to other parts of the city by car couldn’t be easier with its efficient road sign network.

There is an efficient ATM bus service from Linate Airport to Milan Central Station. In addition, the service includes the Piazza San Babila underground station. Allow thirty minutes and a single fare of 2 euros. Tickets can be purchased on board the bus.

A coach service linking Malpensa Airport with Linate costs around 8 euros and the duration of the journey is about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Taxis provide easy access to the centre of the city and can be taken from outside of the arrivals hall. The fare for a twenty minute ride into Milan city centre is around 15 euros.

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