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Start planning your trip to Genoa by booking car rental offered by two of Europe's leading car rental suppliers. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Genoa airport. Both of our car hire suppliers have specialist support staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that you may have before or after hiring your car.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car rental quotes from our partners for cheap Genoa airport car hire. The airport is 7 km from the city of Genoa.

Glorious Genoa, the capital city of the province of Genoa and Liguria region is a major sea port and city on the northern coast of Italy. An impressive city, once ravaged by fire and then the Black Death is now nicely settling into its new purpose of popular tourist destination. Genoa was awarded European Capital of Culture in 2004.

A vibrant city with a fifteenth century University, the 40 000 student population who pass through its corridors of learning is one of Italy�s largest. You can�t help but wonder if the text books are as old as the building!

Genoa was not built by the Romans as is usually the case, but was in fact rebuilt by the Romans after it was savaged by the Carthaginians in 209BC. In the 5th and 6th centuries BC, Genoa existed, not occupied by Italians but by the Ancient Greeks. The city�s cemetry testifies to this although it is generally recognised that the port�s history goes back even further in time and was utilized by the Etruscans.

Yesterday�s Genoa was so powerful that along with amassing some additional empires, it also achieved the Holy Grail. Imagine that kind of power. It didn�t manage all this on its own for it belonged to a collective called the Maritime Republic which was made up of its neighbours, Amalfi, Venice and Pisa. All was well and great fortunes won until the arrival of the Black Death. This turned into a kiss of death for Genoa when suddenly all the great empires it had accrued started slipping away. Times then looked troubled for a century or two until the discovery of the New World and the birth of Christopher Columbus irrevocably coincided. Although the New World trade routes eventually took over from the Mediterranean ones in their importance, Columbus banked a tenth of his riches with the local Bank of San Giorgio. Genoa was back to being prosperous but its importance as a port was about to slide.

The busy port of Genoa is rivalled only by the port of Marseille in terms of its activity and status on the Mediterranean. The first port in Italy and reaping the rewards of wealthy sea voyage trading, the city�s somewhat decadent appearance is down to doing so well during the sixteenth century. The Old Harbour is stunning with monuments and statues that reflect these early glory days. The port actually dates back as far as 5 and 6 BC when it was occupied by the Greeks.

One sight that greets you from any spot in the city, is that of the lovely lighthouse. You can�t visit beautiful Genoa without climbing all 172 stairs of La Laterna for the views across the harbour and of the old city. Indulge in a few stretches at first, for the climb can be a struggle and a killer on those unprepared calfs! When you reach the top the vistas are delicious (as delicious as the fish from the harbour you are going to reward yourself with a bit later on!).

A few words about La Laterna, the symbol of Genoa - it is an extremely old piece of architecture and more to the point, built in the sixteenth century, is probably the oldest working lighthouse in the whole of the world. In fact a tower of similar purpose is recorded to have sat at this location since 1128.

The medieval black and white cathedral of St Lawrence is a head turner and one that offers an interior that is as spectacular as its exterior. Inside is the San Lorenzo Treasury Museum which proudly exhibits its impressive silver and gold collection dating back to Medieval Times.

The Duke�s Palace built in the sixteenth century is unbelievable building and should be included within your sights itinerary at all costs. There is today a restaurant on the premises that prepares �fusion� cuisine as well as art exhibitions and don�t forget to book in advance a tour of the tower and dungeons.

Other popular places to see are the city�s museums, there are plenty to choose from. For the most impressive collection of oriental art in the world, a visit across to the Museo d�Arte Orientale is a must! The Galata Museum of the Sea exhibits its permanent collection with style and is one of the more established of local museums the Mediterranean has to offer.

Genoa Airport

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Cristoforo Colombo International Airport Genoa

The airport is situated 7 kilometres from Genoa city centre. It is quicker to get to from Bologna as it is only 6 kilometres from the city centre here.

A shuttle service connects the airport with the Stazione Brignole (railways) at Genoa.

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