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Start planning your visit to Brescia by booking car hire from two of Europe's leading car hire suppliers. We offer online bookings with discounted car rental at Brescia airport. Both of our car rental suppliers have dedicated telephone support specialists on hand waiting to answer any extra questions that might occur before or after hiring your car.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car rental quotes from our suppliers for cheap car hire at Brescia airport. The airport is 18 km from the city of Brescia.

Brescia, situated in the northern region of lovely Lombardy almost escaped a position on the tourist track and owes its discovery to its close proximity to Lake Garda.

With a landscape made up of mountains, lakes and a collection of charming and unimposing towns and villages, Lombardy generally attracts a lot of outdoor pursuit holidaymakers. With its hugely natural surroundings, Lombardy is the perfect choice for cycling, hiking and skiing holidays.

Full to bursting with ski resorts like Aprica, Ponte di Legno and Bormio, Lombardy also offers wonderful water-sports holidays upon its lakes. Lake Maggiore, Garda and Como have become holiday resorts in their own rights and are peppered with sailing clubs and pretty holiday villas. People enjoying the lakes are in a good location for exploring the countryside and discovering the odd medieval town and village.

It is thanks to the close proximity of Lake Garda that Brescia has turned up on the tourist map. This atmospheric city was once the ancient city of Brixia and as evidence of those days contains many well preserved remnants from its early beginnings as far back as prehistoric times. Today the unique atmosphere here is owed more to its lively student population than its heritage. With its collection of pretty piazzas, its meandering lanes, its generous serving of churches and ancient artefacts, Brescia is never seen more alive than during a weekend or better still, a beautiful summer’s night!

Brescia is famed for its abundance of medieval and Roman architecture. The amazing thing about Brescia is that the attractions here better preserved than anything you will ever encounter.

Brescia has no shortage of amazing religious architecture. The Romanesque Duomo Vecchio (or Rotunda) is unique in that it is circular in shape and has a spectacular dome. The Duomo Nuova completed in the 19th century took two hundred years to complete was built in a variety of styles. Like the Duomo Vecchio, it has a majestic dome and contains Renaissance art treasures that will steal your breath away!

For its priceless Titian polyptych, the Santi Nazario e Celso church should be sought and enjoyed, while the Santa Maria dei Miracoli church is packed with pieces of regional Renaissance sculpture.

People travel for miles to see a collection of Italian painting less discerning than that held at the Pinacoteca Civica Tosio-Martinengo. This collection of works by Brescian Renaissance painters like Romanino, Savoldo and Foppa is considered one of the more important collections of Italian art.

The pulsating heart of the city’s economic and political affairs is revealed in the Piazza della Loggia. It doesn’t take an expert to work out how important this piazza is to its people with its elegant collection of Venetian architecture and features. The most senior of Brescia’s buildings is that of the Monte Vecchio di Pieta complete with fourteenth century astronomical clock.

Situated within the forbidding setting of the Monastery of Santa Giulia is the atmospheric Museo della Citta. One of the more popular museums in town, the Museum delivers the city’s history within the solemn confines of its monastic surroundings. The Museo della Citta provides a haunting backdrop for some of the regions top art shows.

The twelfth century castle (Castel di Brescia) balanced atop the Colle Cidneo offers views that extend for miles as well as its five hundred year old weaponry collection. The museum here is also dedicated to the Roman temple remains.

Other interesting points of interest around Brescia include unforgettable pastries at Zilioli located in the Grain Market, the Capitoline temple that dates back to 74 BC and the magnificent Broletto Palace.

While in Brescia, the delightful and vast Upper Brescian Nature Park offers cheeky little towns specialising in ice cream parlours like Salo as well as miles of olive groves and more cheeky little towns and villages.

Brescia is within the third largest industrial region in Italy concentrating mainly in the automotive and mechanical engineering fields. The location could be no less apt for the Mille Miglia, a historic antique car race running ever since 1927 beginning and finishing in Brescia.

Lake Garda

When you are in Brescia, you are in Lake Garda country! A popular day trip itinerary while in the region always includes Lake Garda. Amid its desirable views, the lake is perfectly and ideally positioned within an Alpine landscape of vineyards, olive fields and mountains.

A peaceful location, you would be hard placed to find a more tranquil break from relentless city sightseeing activities. That said, the lake alternatively offers plenty of recreational activity from water-sports to rock climbing. Depending on your needs, Lake Garda serves to recharge those batteries every time.

If planning a late summer holiday in Lake Garda it is possible your visit will coincide with its annual sailing competition. For your diary, the colourful and exhilarating International Regatta on Lake Garda happens during the month of September every year.


Just 50 kilometres away from Brescia is Verona. Verona is famed for its well-preserved Roman attractions. The 3rd largest amphitheatre in the world, the Arena currently utilized for huge opera events. Within close proximity are the Roman features of the Gavic Arch, the Door of the Lions, the Door of Borsari, the stone bridge and the remains of the Roman Theatre.

Religious architecture is in abundant supply here too. You can’t miss the imposing neo-classical façade of the Duomo as well as the medieval charms of the Church of San Zen Maggiore and the 12th century Church of San Lorenzo.


Lombardy is the region that gave birth to the priceless seventeenth century Stradivarius violin family. Situated in the north of Italy between the River Po valley and the Alps, Lombardy is not just a largely industrial area that is densely populated and miserable. A concerted effort at exploring the Lombardy landscape will uncover charming lakeside villages, Alpine scenery and medieval towns steeped in history and culture.

Scenic Bergamo and Mantova are full of small town charm and packed with artistic features and historic architecture, as does Lake Como with its magic and tranquillity.

Cremona is where the Stradivarius originates and attracts a considerable tourist base for its heritage, delicious cuisine and one of Europe’s favourite medieval squares.

Other appealing towns and villages that are saturated with character and charm in Lombardy include Pavia with its Romanesque churches and medieval Lodi offering a landscape littered with old castles and rivers.

Lively cities like art loving, Roman Brescia and fashion leader, centre for commerce, Milan provide fast moving action popular for city break seekers.

Brescia Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

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Brescia Airport (Gabriele D’Annunzio Airport)

Brescia Airport is situated 18 kilometres from the town centre. Additionally, the airport is 50 kilometres from Verona and 120 kilometres from Milan.

The airport at Brescia is easily reached via the A4 Brescia Verona Padua motorway and also well connected to Milan and Venice via the Milan-Venice and Centro Padane motorways.

A shuttle bus service from the airport to Brescia Bus Station, organised by Ryanair is timed to coincide with flights. The return fare costs Euro 15.49.

Running three or four times a day is an additional airport shuttle bus costing Euro 7.23 return.

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