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Arranging your vehicle rental online before the actual trip appeals for a handful of reasons

- The all-inclusive cost is fixed
- It saves time at at the car hire counter (although you won't believe that if you've ever seen the queues at Alamo in Miami)
- The complete booking process is done in the comfort of your own home rather than at your destination where you could well be surrounded by a hassled partner and a selection of tired and emotional youngsters
- It makes sure that you drive away in the model of car that you require

Start planning your holiday in Bologna by booking car rental from two of The UK's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings with cheap car rental at Bologna airport. Both of our car hire suppliers have dedicated support staff at the end of the telephone for any extra questions that you might have before or after hiring a car.

Clicking on the link below will allow you to obtain car rental quotes from our partners for cheap car hire at Bologna airport. The airport is 6 km from the city of Bologna.

Italy’s first city is a brilliant cocktail of cosmopolitan ambience within an elegant historical setting.

Bold and elegant Bologna, place of many porticos, is found in the Italian north and is one of the oldest metropolises you’ll find in Italy. With its incredible architectural flamboyance, it is difficult to comprehend why this city flags behind the others in the tourism industry.

A city of contrasts, Bologna serves a heavy helping of ‘old’ (buildings and traditions) with a generous portion of ‘new’ (atmosphere and younger age groups who live here).

You can’t beat Bologna for its mix of culture and the arts! Every week welcomes another exciting festival or exhibition while the city’s theatres are booked up with ballet and operatic performances.

Europe’s oldest university is situated in Bologna. The University Quarter should be sought out the minute you arrive for lively atmosphere and vast quantities of bars and cafes. If in any doubt as to how to find the area, head north east from the two towers. By the way, you can’t miss the two towers!

An excellent city for the sight seeing foot soldier, Bologna considerately places many of its top attractions within easy reach of one another! The two leaning towers (now widely considered symbols of Bologna) are easily navigable from the centre of all things. They stand tall as though they have no intention of doing anything but to defy gravity till the end of time. The historic Piazza Maggiore lies in the shadows of the impressive Basilica San Petronio, while the Fountain of Neptune nestles within the collection of austere buildings of the Renaissance and Medieval periods.

While wandering and pondering the streets of the historic city centre, expect awe to strike you as you marvel at the quality of the old buildings and amazing monuments that rise from the streets at every turn. It is a miracle that so many significant buildings survived those atrocious World War Two bombings of 1944.

A place of plentiful porticos (or arcades) the streets of Bologna can be easily avoided thanks to 45 kilometres worth of sheltered walkways. When the heat becomes too much or you need to escape a hefty downpour, the arcades are there to save you!

The longest portico in the world is actually that of San Luca, all 3,500 metres worth and is here in Bologna. For ease of navigation, the walkway joins the ancient medieval gate called Porta Saragozza to the San Luca Sanctuary.

Having spent time crowd shuffling in the popular cities of Venice, Florence and Rome, Bologna will produce a welcome sigh of relief. Yet to make its name as one of Italy’s top feature cities, you can guarantee in comparison, a distinct lack of crowds. As you will see for yourself, with its abundance of beautiful monuments and medieval city centre, it can only be a matter of time before this city experiences a popularity boom.

You can’t beat a guided tour for the historical understanding you can accrue of Bologna. Choose between a bus tour and a walking tour (remember, much of what is worth seeing here is within the pedestrianized city centre). While you are booking this up bear in mind the Tourist Card or Carta Bologna dei Musei). The savings are good and it will allow you free access to many of the city’s top museum attractions.

The Archeological Museum, the National Picture Gallery and the University museums are excellent places to experience the history and culture of Bologna. The National Gallery is the place to visit for important collections of art including masterpieces from the Renaissance as well as local Bolognese painters dating back to the 14th century. The University museums include Naval, Military and Astronomy buildings and date back to the 18th century.

It is no wonder, when exploring this spiritual city that you are beholden with an abundance of stunning churches. Many are very well preserved and include amongst them the exciting thirteenth century San Giacomo Maggiore church, the Basilica di San Domenico and the gigantic Basilica di San Petronio, dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries respectively.

For something completely different, why not visit the Margherita Gardens. A popular place with the locals (especially at the weekends) these gardens date back to the latter half of the nineteenth century. The principle park in Bologna, you will find peace and tranquillity at any time or day of the week.

Bologna Airport

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Bologna Forli Airport
Forli Airport is situated 5 kilometres from the centre of Forli.

The journey from Forli to Bologna Centrale Railway Station takes about an hour and a half. A One way bus ticket costs approximately 10 euros. This service runs every thirty minutes.

A bus service runs from Forli town centre to the train station and airport every twenty minutes.

The railway station is approximately 4 kilometres from the airport. An aerobus service connects you to both destinations.

If travelling by road, Forli Airport is off the A14, 6 kilometres away.

Bologna G Marconi Airport
The airport is 6 kilometres from the city centre.

There is an Aerobus (airport shuttle bus) to and from Centrale Railway Station in Bologna 6 kilometres from the airport.. This service runs every fifteen minutes, takes about twenty minutes and is caught outside of Arrivals. Tickets cost 4.5 euros and can be bought on the bus.

Every two hours a bus service runs to and from the Airport to Modena. The journey takes about fifty minutes.

Bologna Central Railway Station is located about 6 km outside the airport, and has connections to all major destinations in Italy. The station can be reached by a 20 minutes drive by Aerobus, which leaves the airport every 15 minutes

Taxis can be taken into the city centre or can be caught from the railway station.

If driving, take the exit 4 from the Bologna bypass and follow signs to the airport.

If travelling by motorway, from the A14, take the Bologna – San Lazzaro exit, and from the bypass road, take exit 4 for the airport.

If travelling along the A13, take the Bologna – Arcoveggio exit, and from the bypass road, take exit 4 for the airport.

If travelling from the A1, take the Bologna – Casalecchio exit, and from the bypass road take exit 4 for the airport.

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