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We are delighted to be able to offer our customers cheap car hire rates from each of Italy's municipal airports plus the main international airport in Rome. Italy has 15 smaller airports that are used by the major budget airlines. In a number cases, the smaller airports are to be found a considerable distance from the cities that they are supposed to service and public transport to and from them can be extremely patchy. Begin your holiday in Italy with car rental provided by two of the country's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings quoting discounted car hire in Italy. Both of our car rental suppliers have specialist staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that might arise before or after hiring a car.

Traditional and charming, Ancona is an appealing mixture of old and new.

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Italy’s first city is a brilliant cocktail of cosmopolitan ambience within an elegant historical setting.

Click here for car rental in Bologna together with tourist information on the city
Brescia, situated in the northern region of lovely Lombardy almost escaped a position on the tourist track and owes its discovery to its close proximity to Lake Garda.

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Home to the Renaissance, Michaelangelo's David and Brunelleschi's Duomo, Florence is situated in the middle of some of Europe's most stunning countryside, that of the laid back disturbingly beautiful Tuscany.

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Glorious Genoa, the capital city of the province of Genoa and Liguria region is a major sea port and city on the northern coast of Italy.

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Milan has several airports, the largest of which is that of Milan Malpensa Airport.

Click here for car hire in Linate (Milan) together with tourist information on the city
The animated and invigorating metropolis of Milan is situated in the densely populated region of Lombardy.

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Birthplace of the great Enrico Caruso, Naples or the “New City” is the third largest city in Italy and is located in the alluring Bay of Naples.

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Picturesque Pescara nestles comfortably within the mountainous ski resort region of Abruzzo.

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Rome, capital city of Italy and birthplace of ancient civilization is today a busy city.

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A lively town without being a chaotic tourist trap, canal-ridden Treviso offers an intriguing blend of a medieval backdrop with a fun loving atmosphere.

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A trip to the north of Italy should always include a visit to the tantalising university town, Trieste.

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Turin or Torino as it is locally known is the largest city in the Piedmont region and the fourth largest in Italy.

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Voluptuous Venice, one day this incredible city may be no more.

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An ancient town in the northern Italian region of Veneto, Verona was the chosen stage for Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

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A European country connected to its neighbours of Switzerland, France, Austria and Slovenia by the mountainous Alps, Italy is a country of contrasts and variations.

In the north are the Alpine areas of the Ligurian-Etruscan Appennines as well as the Po Plain. An area particularly attractive to active holiday fans, the locally situated Piedmont and Val d’Aosta regions contain some of the most challenging gradients.

Tuscany has generous helpings of mountains, rivers and sweeping hills while Umbria is known for its olives and pines within yet more attractive scenes of hills and luscious fertile land. Amongst this appealing landscape is the medieval city of Florence – a city best prized for its considerable quantities of Renaissance architecture, sculpture and paintings.

Italy’s capital of Rome lies south of Tuscany and attracts visitors by the thousands for its 2000 years old history, its classical architecture, its atmospheric piazzas and its ubiquitous fountains. Immediately people arrive in Rome, they head over to the Colosseum and the Vatican City for an unforgettable viewing of Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Lovers of styles and fine clothes can’t resist the temptation to visit Milan. Arguably Italy’s most sophisticated city and Milan is possibly the world’s most consistent rival to the designer houses of Paris. The city is also the birthplace of the Alpha Romeo car, the production of silk and Panettone.

If Italy were a boot in its form, then the heel is the southern region of Puglia. Much more natural than the north you will encounter vineyards (many of them) and vast expanses of hillsides and forests. The toe in the boot (the south east of Italy) is home to a thin population, wild animals and dense forest.

To the south of Italy are the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Sicily is volcanic as well as mountainous and consequently very fertile while Sardinia is also mountainous with lovely beaches and a number of captivating island escapes.

Overall, Italy is particularly famous for its versatility, from the Canaletto inspired watery scenes of impressive Venice to the column laden spiritual experience of Rome’s St Peter’s Basilica. The sunshine blessed hills of Tuscany compared to the darker experience that awaits you in shady Turin. From its medieval towns, fishing villages, cosmopolitan cities, golden beaches and Renaissance architecture there is so much variety on offer in Italy that once you’ve experienced Italy for yourself, you will find never need to go anywhere else!



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