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We are delighted to have a the opportunity to offer our clients cheap car rental rates from Budapest's Ferihegy Airport. The airport is used by the budget airlines as well as by the major international carriers. Although the airport is situated only 24 km south-east of the city, the airport taxis are not to be recommended and are expensive as they are run mafia style. Begin your visit to Hungary with car hire provided by two of our leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings quoting discounted car hire in Hungary. Both of our car rental suppliers employ dedicated staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that may come up before or after renting a car.

The largest lake in the Centre of Europe, Lake Balaton is 80 kilometres long by 15 kilometres wide.

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Whatever you do, don’t leave Hungary without trying the goulash! Although the variety of food on offer here extends much further than its paprika spiced stew, the Hungarian goulash is something of a landmark and not to be missed.

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A land-locked country in central Europe Hungary’s periphery is shared with Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Croatia and Serbia.

Hungary or the “Country of the Magyars” as it is known locally is subdivided into nineteen administrative counties.

The country generally experiences a continental climate with cold and humid winters and hot summers. Consisting largely of rolling hills and low mountains Hungary’s borders are greatly punctuated with thick forests.

Culturally, Hungary has its distinctions. The birthplace of Franz Liszt as well as Bela Bartok, romantic and baroque classical music are much enjoyed as well as that which is known as traditional Hungarian folk music.
As well as contributing a very fine goulash to the annals of the world’s cuisine, Hungary is responsible for inventing the ballpoint pen, the BASIC Programming language and the Rubik’s Cube.



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