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For your information the airport at Stuttgart is situated about 13 km from the centre of Stuttgart.

The sixth largest city in Germany, the fourth largest conurbation and the centre of the Wurttemberg Wine Growing Area, Stuttgart is a place of contrasts.

The birthplace of many a Mercedes or Porsche automobile, Stuttgart is best known for its industry. As well as attracting a wealth of manufacturing companies, this is a city which is a renowned location for international trade fairs. A vast and prosperous city and one of Germany’s most industrial centres with in excess of 150,000 companies, one conjures up an image of a huge grey industrial region pumping out smoke, when this couldn’t be further from the truth. You will be pleasantly surprised to find, upon your arrival, that Stuttgart is incredibly green and to a greater extent is packed with parkland and gardens.

To compliment all this productivity, Stuttgart is the place to go to enjoy yourself. This is without doubt the main place to visit in southern Germany for its supreme range of cultural activities and events. The venues here for opera, ballet and contemporary dance are without equal and highly acclaimed. Combined with a vast reservoir of theatres like the Staatsgalerie and the Staatstheater, endless musical events, a wide range of art galleries and museums, you will find there is never a shortage of things to do while in Stuttgart.

The capital of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, the city is situated in the south of Germany. Well positioned for touring the Black Forest as well as the Swabian Jura, the centre of Stuttgart is a highlight found nestling within the picturesque valley of the River Neckar surrounded by vineyards and woodland.

Packed with stunning contemporary architecture as well as beautifully crafted reconstructions of historic buildings there is much to see and all cleverly positioned within easy reach. Much of Stuttgart having been flattened during the bombings of World War Two endured a major restoration effort to bring back to life something of the original landscape, character and not to mention the city’s pride. Hence as you wander the streets of the centre, many of the older buildings that surround you are the result of brilliant restoration craftsmanship. Whether you prefer post-war architecture over the classical, you can’t help but admire the beauty of the city’s landscape. When you spot the Old Palace (1300 to 1500) you might need some convincing that this fine example of ‘Renaissance’ architecture was actually lovingly reconstructed in the post-war years. Other restoration projects include the new Palace (1700 to 1800), the art nouveau Market Hall and the 1850 King’s Building.

Getting around Stuttgart couldn’t be easier with a wealth of options eagerly awaiting you. Whether you prefer to ride by bus or subway, to get the best value for money it is recommended that you purchase a day ticket or Tageskarte costing 5 euros. The city guided tour buses on the other hand are excellent for acquainting yourself with the highlights of the city and its surroundings.

To achieve one of the most unsurpassable views of Stuttgart, a popular early activity is to climb to the summit of the Birkenkopf. This hill was actually created from the debris left behind by the Second World War. Once an overview of Stuttgart has been achieved, why not clamber down the hill to a cafe before exploring the historic city centre. Much of what is considered the city’s centre is situated around the Schillerplatz. At its heart is the statue of the German poet Schiller with the Old Marktplatz and new Rathaus close by.

One of the more stunning contemporary buildings you will see in and around the city, is that of the impressive conference hall and concert venue, the Liederhalle. Beautifully designed and ingeniously crafted from glass, brick and concrete, the building contains three auditoriums and is the subject of many a visitor’s holiday snaps!

The Old Castle and the Wurttemburg Regional Museum will prove a highlight of all activities here. The building is reputed to be one of Stuttgart's oldest standing structures with a museum which contains European glass, clocks, coins and musical instrument collections. Additionally, dating back as far as 530AD and amassed with treasure, the Prince of Hochdorf’s tomb is here. Alternatively, Stuttgart’s most impressive art museum, known formally as the State Gallery holds works by the German Expressionists, nineteenth and twentieth century French and American post war artists.

When planning a trip to Stuttgart, a well timed visit should ideally coincide with the city’s two principle beer festivals of Cannstatter Volkfest and Stuttgarter Frulingsfest. Bear in mind also the existence of the Christmas Market of Stuttgart, first recorded in 1692) one of Europe’s oldest traditional events and reputed to be the most beautiful of them all.

The Black Forest

Situated within the wooded mountains in Baden-Wurttemberg the Black Forest is encompassed by the Rhine Valley. Popular tourist spots include the Tribach Falls, the Wutach River Gorge and the charming towns of Wolfach, Baden Baden and Schramberg. Freiburg is particularly attractive for its prominent old buildings and its Minster. The countryside here is made up of forests and farmhouses at regular intervals.

Stuttgart Airport

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The airport is situated 13 kilometres south of Stuttgart

A bus service departing from outside of Terminal 1 operates from the airport to various destinations around Stuttgart.

Alternatively, trains are available from the airport into central Stuttgart to the city’s central station via services S2 and S3. The station offers a choice of S-Bahn trains to various locations across the city as well as high speed and regional trains throughout Germany. To find the S-Bahn station you will need to go to Terminal 1, Level 1.

If driving, you will find the airport off the A8 Karlsruhe to Munich autobahn. After leaving the autobahn, take the Stuttgart-Flughafen exit and follow all the signs for either the ‘Ankunft’ or Abflug (arrivals or departures).

If a taxi is required upon arrival to the airport, you will find sufficient opportunities on Level 3 of Terminal 1.

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