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Begin your visit to Leipzig with car hire provided by Online-Car-Hire. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Altenberg / Leipzig airport. All of our car hire suppliers employ dedicated staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra questions that might arise before or after completing your rental car booking. For your information the airport which is advertised by Ryanair as Leipzig is actually Altenberg / Nobitz airport which is approximately 12 km from the centre of Altenberg and a whopping 75 km from Leipzig. Although a train runs from Altenberg to Leipzig (a 30 minute journey), there is only a bus service from the airport to Altenberg and then you catch a train to Leipzig. This is definitely one of the locations where you should give serious consideration to avoiding the hassle and hiring a car at Altenberg airport.

Alluring Leipzig! Famous for its coffee, Leipzig is in more ways than one the perfect place for a pick me up!. An enchanting city with an intriguing historic centre, the polymath Goethe was so taken with Leipzig he called it “klein Paris” or miniature Paris. It is the home of one of Europe’s oldest universities and is a city that at one time or another attracted Goethe as well as seducing the musical genii of Mendelssohn, Mozart and Bach.

As trendy as Berlin, Leipzig is just about the only city in the region to offer a taste of big city life. Expect to find an exciting blend of stunning modern cityscape with historic architecture and significant landmarks. There is something for everyone here whether your taste in music is classical, metal or grunge!

Leipzig is situated where the Rivers White Elster, Parthe and Pleise meet in the federal state of Saxony in Germany.

The first time Leipzig was officially mentioned was in 1015. It got its name from the slavic “Lipsk” which romantically translates to “settlement where the linden trees stand”. Throughout the years from its earliest beginnings, Leipzig has continued to be recognised as a place of commerce.

Getting around the city couldn’t be easier with its efficient array of various modes of public transport. Take your pick fro trams, buses, the S-Bahn and taxis. All are available from the city’s huge centrally located Hauptbahnhof with all its 26 platforms.

Historic Leipzig is full of surprises and many of which can be discovered easily on foot. Begin your tour of the city from the Am Markt, an attractive square from which it is easy to navigate your way around. Nearby are the stunning Altes Rathaus, the Nasch Markt and the 18th century Konigshaus which served as the official residence of visiting dignitaries including Napoleon and Wagner.

While enjoying the city centre, look out for the site of the old Pleissenburg which is marked today by the Neues Rathaus. An important piece of history took place here when Martin Luther held his disputation here in 1519. Next, check out the lovely and elaborately decorated Art Nouveau ‘Arkaden’ that meander through the city centre. The Madler Mall is Leipzig’s most popular attraction which provided a back drop for a scene in Faust.

Meandering about the city streets without any particular direction often tends to produce plentiful rewards from the art nouveau architecture of the Jugendstil, buildings from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries topped with the presence of one or two all too inviting coffee shops.

You can’t miss it, the very famous location of Johann Sebastian Bach’s place of work, that of Thomaskirche (or St Thomas’ Church). The Bach Museum next to the Thomaskirche contains Germany’s largest reserve of archives and was once the residence of the family of the great composer.

Mentioned earlier, the stunning Altes Rathaus (or Town Hall), built in the sixteenth century the 12th century Markt, is where to find an excellent set of exhibitions to do with the city’s history. Officially named the Museum of City History, you will leave here having learnt almost everything to do with the cultural and political heritage of Leipzig.

Famous for its coffee shops, a trip to Leipzig would not be complete without sampling a caffeine loaded refreshment and maybe a piece of local speciality cake, Leipziger Lerche. This petite 18th century Haus Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum also houses a museum on the top floor. Learn all about the history of Saxon coffee at the oldest coffee House in Europe as you recover from an assault of the city’s sights at this ideally central location. Alternatively, there is always ‘Mephisto’, the black and red art nouveau designed coffee shop which is also enchanting!

Admire world famous painters by the great masters at Leipzig’s own Museum der Bildenden Kunste. Look out for the giant glass cube for an impressive array of 2,700 paintings and other works by artists such as Rubens, Durer and Rodin as well as many important works from the 19th and 20th century German Schools.

For a museum with a difference head over to the Museum in der Runden Ecke. Be warned, this is not a place for the hugely paranoid! Exhibits here are all to do with the techniques employed by the Stasi (the ministry for state security) in Eastern Germany. Vast sections of museum space are devoted to specimens of handwriting as well as the tools of the trade of the spying game.

Something for all the family awaits you at the spacious Leipzig Zoo for a change from museums and coffee shops! When classical music is a fancy, why not book up for a local operatic performance.

A handy hint when visiting Leipzig! When the noise and smells of city traffic get on your nerves and you want to escape, do not fear, for refuge is close to hand thanks to Johannapark on Karl-Tauchnitz Street.

When in Leipzig, don’t miss out on the Bachfest, the annual festival devoted to the life and works of the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach or what about Leipzig’s Christmas Market for an excellent festive ambiance and authentic German craftswork?

For something completely different, get your black glad rags on and join the Goths at the annual Wave Gotik Treffen, a unique festival celebrating music and art. Beginning on Whitsuntide, the festival lasts for 4 days, attracts a 20,000 crowd and includes all types of music from the dark side such as death, gothic and experimental rock and Darkwave.

Leipzig Airport

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The airport is located 12km from Altenberg city centre and 75km from the centre of Leipzig.

A regular bus service runs from the airport to Altenburg Station, Leipzig Station and Stations.

In addition, Altenburg and Leipzig Stations are linked by rail as well as Zwickau, Plauen, Gera, Hof and Weimar.

If driving from the centre of Leipzig, take the B95 towards Chemnitz to Altmorbitz, then take the exit to the airport.

If driving fromAltenburg, take the B180 in the direction of Waldenburg. When in Klausa you then need to take the airport exit.

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