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Begin your trip to Hannover with car rental using Online-Car-Hire. We offer online bookings with discounted car hire at Hannover airport. All of our car rental suppliers have specialist telephone staff on hand waiting to answer any extra queries that you may have before or after completing your rental car booking. For your information the airport at Hanover is situated about 10 km from the centre of the city.

Hooray for Hanover (spelt Hannover in German)! What with playing host to the biggest annual international trade fair and being a city where commerce, transportation and industry are focussed, you would expect Hanover to be full of itself. It is not! Despite all this activity and attention, with its baroque gardens, the Maschsee and the surrounding Eilenriede Forest, this is a city that remains a quietly understated but enjoyable destination.

Hannover is situated south of Hamburg on the River Leine and is the capital of the Lower Saxony federal state.

Hannover began its days as a medieval settlement and situated on the banks of the River Leine, understandably, it provided homes to ferrymen and fishermen. Not too much later, during the 13th and 14th centuries, building began of the main Hanover churches as well as the city wall and gates.

With its excellent location, Hannover makes an ideal touring base for a variety of destinations including Scandinavia, Paris and Moscow. Aided to a greater degree by its connection to the railway network, you can enjoy a range of five hundred trains each with their own destinations within Germany and Europe.

Getting around in Hanover couldn�t be easier with its excellent public transport network consisting of mainly trams, buses, the subway, commuter trains and taxis.

Where the four roads Karmarschtrasse, Rathenaustrasse, Georgstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse cross, in the centre of Hanover is an intriguing spot known as Kropcke. Among the things that stand out about it is the clock which is actually a remodel of the 1885 original. The fact that this is not the original somehow doesn�t matter all that much for it is brilliant. Kropcke is also where you will find the main Stadtbahn.

Upon arriving in Hanover, for an instant hit of gothic architecture, head over to the Marktkirche (or Market Church) in the Marktplatz. The fourteenth century recently restored Altes Rathaus (or old Town Hall) can be found in this spot too.

If you love botanical gardens, what a treat you are in for with so many parks and gardens on offer not to mention the city�s most prized Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. A stunning display of baroque gardening by master craftsmen from all over Europe, the most incredible is that of the Grosse Garten. Designed in 1666, this particular garden can�t be easily overlooked with its musical fountains as well as its world famous hedge theatre. The neighbouring Berggarten is famed for its tropical flora and rare orchids.

One of the most significant regional museums in Germany is here in Hanover. Officially named the Niedersachsisches Landesmuseum Hannover (or Lower Saxony State Museum) exhibits here are geared towards the younger mind through its Kindermuseum with history dating back to the Paleolithic Age. Additionally at this location is the museum�s excellent art gallery which covers seven hundred years of paintings including work by Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck.

Other popular local attractions include twelfth century Leine Castle, the unique stainless steel twisted Gehry Tower and the new Rathaus (Town Hall) complete with dome elevator situated in picturesque Maschpark.

Hanover Zoo is particularly popular being a zoo with a difference, that is there is a distinct lack of the usual visible cages and barriers. Vast enclosures with exotic names like �Zambezi� and �Gorilla Mountain� contain animals safely while offering safe habitats.

Lastly, you can�t come all the way out to Hanover without a trip to the pretty town of Hildesheim situated also in Lower Saxony. Its 9th century Cathedral and 11th century St Michael�s Church are treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Everyone who has heard of the Pied Piper of Hamelin can actually see him for themselves. The town of Hamelin is situated in Lower Saxony and is a neighbour of Hanover. This abundantly attractive medieval town sees the re-enactment of the famous story by the Brothers Grimm every Sunday during the Summer months.

Hannover Airport

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The airport is situated 10 kilometres north of the city.

The airport has an express bus service number 60, which runs between the airport and the central railway station. Alternatively bus number 471 connects the airport with Langenhagen while tram number 1 runs between Langenhagen and the main railway station.

S-Bahn trains are available that go from the airport to the central railway station.

If travelling by car, from the A7 or the A2, take highway A352 or the Langenhagen exit for the airport. The airport is well sign posted from there.

Taxis are available from outside the Arrivals terminal.

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