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- It saves time at at the car rental desk (although you won't believe that if you've been part of the endless queues at Alamo in Miami)

Start planning your visit to Bremen by booking car rental offered by two of our leading car rental suppliers. We offer online bookings providing cheap car hire at Bremen airport. Both of our car rental suppliers employ specialist support staff at the end of the telephone for any extra questions that you may have before or after hiring your vehicle.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car rental quotes from our partners for cheap Bremen airport car rental. The airport is 3 km from the city of Bremen.

Buoyant Bremen is said to be one of Germany's oldest coastal cities. The second most significant port in Germany next to Hamburg, the influence of the sea is everywhere you look.

Bremen famously featured in the Brothers Grimm fairytale of the Town Musicians of Bremen. The port city of Bremen is situated fifty kilometres from the North Sea upon the River Weser in North Eastern Germany. Once a small fishing settlement, Bremen started out upon the bank of River Weser. By 787 it was already an important port and in the 11th century, things progressed to the extent that it was to become known as the "Rome of the North." Today, Bremen is considered one of Europe's most important ports.

Bremen has excellent rail connections with leading German cities with its main train station lying upon some major rail lines allowing easy access to and from Hamburg, Osnabruck, Bremerhaven, Hannover and Munster.

Although the city is supported by an excellent public transport network, the sights and highlights of the port of Bremen are easily achievable on foot with boat trips on offer for the bits you canít walk.

With such a large number of the cityís attractions situated around the Altstadt (or Old Town), Bremen is the perfect place for foot sight seeing. The older bits of the Altstadt are found in and around the Marktplatz, a place that has seen life come and go for over a thousand years. When in the area, look out for the very special sculpture of Roland, said to be the peopleís protector. The locals believe this to the extent that measures were taken to ensure the statue was protected during the bombing of World War Two.

Everyone who visits Bremen never fails to be impressed by the cityís most popular attraction, that of the medieval alley, Bottcherstrasse. Not an authentic medieval alley, it is actually a reproduction and packed with interesting stops including pottery shops, restaurants and galleries. The alley was initially designed to represent past and present Bremen daily life and was famously considered by the Nazis to be Ďdepraved artí.

While in Bremen, consider a visit to the sixteenth century Roselius House with its next door neighbour the painter Paula-Becker-Modersohnís House which contains a broad collection of her work. The house space is shared with the sculptor Bernhard Hoetger where the top two floors are dedicated to his lifeís work.

Bremen has received a facelift over the years, this is most obvious in the old district. Where once the local fishermen lived, the old cottages are now occupied by the trendy set made up of artists mainly. There is a great artisan atmosphere here where you can pick up some unique bargains. While in the area why not try out one of the art galleries or restaurants.

If looking for an escape from the city, the lovely peaceful Rampart Promenade park is much recommended. Easily located near the Marktplatz, the park divides the Altstadt from the modern edges of town. Look out for the pretty windmill while in the area.

Set back and overshadowing many of the buildings in the Altstadt is that of the magnificent St Peterís Cathedral. Built and rebuilt in the 13th, 16th and 19th centuries, but initially designed in the 11th, the church is particularly intriguing for its mummified corpses of the workers who fell to their death from the roof during its construction. A museum is situated on site also.

One of the best museums in this region of Germany it is particularly revered for its unique methods of presentation and education. Exhibitions here include life in Bremen from the high and lowlights of the Middle Ages to everyday activity in Renaissance Bremen. The Focke is where to look for religious art and statues that once fronted important municipal buildings such as the rathaus (Town Hall).

Talking of the Rathaus, what you see before you in the square known as the Marktplatz is over five hundred years old. In the front of this auspicious building is the sculpture of the Bremen Town musicians from the imaginations of the Brothers Grimm. Over the years it has experience several metamorphoses but one thing you can be sure of, is that the Gothic foundations have never been changed and likewise the 17th century higher section on the exterior.

For paintings by the masters such as Rubens, Rembrandt and Delacroix, a visit to the Kunsthalle is most definately called for. In addition there is a comprehensive collection of 18th and 19th century German and French art.

Bremen has an additional attraction that is fairly unique to the town, that of the Space Centre. A leading light in Europe for space travel and exploration, the centre is a very popular sight seeing attraction - and one that the kids love at that! Bremen also has an excellent Science Museum.

Bremen Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

For the cheapest flights to Bremen Click Here

The airport is situated three and a half kilometres outside the city centre.

The airport is easily reached via the main railway station at Brmen as well as the Central Coach Station. Tram number 6 takes you within close proximity of the check in desks and runs every ten minutes during peak times and costs 1.95 euros for a single ticket. The journey takes exactly 17 minutes.
Taxis additionally operate from the airport. The fare to and from the main train station is 10 euros and the journey takes 20 minutes.

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