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Start planning your visit to Bonn by booking car hire offered by two of The UK's leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Bonn airport. Both of our car hire suppliers have dedicated support staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra queries that may come up before or after renting your car.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car hire quotes from our suppliers for cheap Bonn airport car rental. The airport is 20 km from the city of Bonn.

Brewer of the grimly named beverage, Dragon’s Blood and birthplace of the composer Beethoven. Bonn is also famed for providing the university education of the philosopher Karl Marx as well as the poet Heinrich Heine.

The city is situated on the River Rhine in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, 27 kilometres south of Cologne. Close to the magnificent volcanic mountain range called the Seven Mountains (otherwise known as the Siebenbirge) national park.

This lively university town of Bonn offers a friendly welcome to its visitors throughout its ensemble of five hundred pubs and bars and is famous for the sheer volume of excellent restaurants here. If you would rather do more than sample the local produce in the town’s pubs every night, Bonn has also one opera house, 20 cinemas and 12 theatres.

Where did it all begin? The Romans were the first to visit Bonn. In about 10 BC, a bridge was built to cross the Rhine in the vicinity of a settlement called Bonna. Two thousand years of the quiet life ensued where Bonn maintained a low profile. This was succeeded by five minutes of glory and life in the front line. Between 1949 and 1990, Bonn was thrust into the limelight and became the new capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany until Berlin took the reigns once more.

The striking pink and gold Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) marks the picturesque squares of Munsterplatz and the Markt. Here is the perfect place for an early morning stroll enjoying the elegant baroque architecture as you go, stopping off for an obligatory pastry and coffee en route of course. Actually, the historic bits of Bonn are easily reached on foot and the streets are pedestrianised making the experience all the more enjoyable. A more suitable ambient layout does not exist for a city that is considered to be ‘the’ place for religious, cultural and artistic activities.

Off the beaten track for sightseeing tourists in Germany, Bonn is found to be a tad different to your usual city centre. Just like its sister cities, it did experience some devastating bombing during the second war but despite this retains its charm and continues to boast beautiful historic architecture. Don’t get the idea that Bonn is well and truly set in the past for the modern world has taken its toll here too with those familiar sights of American burger joints and coffee houses.

Bonn is made up of three previously separate towns, those of Bad Godesberg, Beuel and Bonn Proper as well a number of enchanting villages encompassed by the gorgeous vast countryside of the Siegaue Meadows and the Kottenforst and Ennert forestland. The historic bits of Bonn are easily reached on foot and the streets are pedestrianised making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Getting around in Bonn should not produce any difficulty. Many of the local attractions are near to the city centre. For trips further a-field there is the Bonn Hauptbahnhof providing easy connections throughout the day with Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne. In the event of experiencing any difficulty with getting around help is at hand beneath the Bonn railway station for this is where to find the tourist information shop or Reisenzentrum.

For an in depth understanding of the two thousand years of Bonn’s history, they don’t come any better than a walking tour.

One of the main attractions of the historic city centre is its array of big, grandiose villas. Unfortunately the public are not admitted in any of them (and they look so inviting too!) but it is not the end of the world for anyone can access the ancient fortress ruins for the best views across the Rhine.

Revise your knowledge of German history with a visit to the House of History of the German Republic. Packed with exhibitions on a wide range of phases in the German timeline including its famous exhibit on Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist responsible for saving hundreds of Jewish people’s lives, you can easily spend a day at this incredible institution.

The museum mile has a lot to offer culture seekers with its latest addition being the Federal Art and Exhibition Hall or Bundeskunsthalle and the Art Museum locally known as the Kunst Museum. With so much to choose from, this is usually the most popular choice here. The headlining act here is that of its twentieth century Rhenish painters like Macke, Ernst and Kirchner. Another local art favourite is that of Germany’s Museum of Art in Bonn.

What with Bonn being the birthplace of the famous composer Ludwig von Beethoven, a visit over to his place of birth and home is a must! It was in this carefully preserved petit house in 1770 that the great composer was born. Arranged around the house are the very personal belongings of Beethoven as well as manuscripts and a piano that was claimed to be his last.

There are two events in Bonn that provide very good reason to coordinate your visit with. The first is the ‘Rhine in Flames’ festival. An annual mega firework display, this is a stunning demonstration of illuminations, fire, water and music on the banks of the river.

The second event that Bonn is well known for, is its Christmas Market season. Amid a backdrop of the medieval market square and the illuminated backdrops of the Munsterplatz and the Friedensplatz, you cannot avoid drinking up the incredible atmosphere of Christmas! The market runs from November 24th to December 23rd and brings together a broad range of market stalls with all the trimmings such as hot chestnuts, cups of warm mulled wine to an all day concert of Christmas tunes. The 2006 event is entitled an inviting ‘Bonn On Ice’ and offers a giant ice rink in Friedensplatz.

Bonn Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

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Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport is 20 kilometres from Bonn city centre.

The airport offers a shuttle service to and from Cologne and Bonn which is available outside of the terminal buildings. Additionally an efficient service to Dusseldorf central station is available from Terminal 2.

The shuttle from the airport to Bonn takes thirty five minutes.

Buses from the airport to Bonn's main rail station run every 30 minutes daily 6am to 10:30pm.

S-Bahn trains can be caught from the airport railway station (situated between between Terminals 1 and 2) for the busy Cologne Hauptbahnhof (situated in Cologne city centre next to the cathedral) as well as other city destinations.

Taxis are available from outside of the terminal.

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