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Start planning your holiday in Altenburg by booking car rental provided by two of the country's leading car hire suppliers. We offer online bookings with discounted car rental at Altenburg airport. Both of our car hire suppliers employ specialist support staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra queries that may come up before or after hiring your vehicle.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to obtain car rental quotes from our partners for cheap Altenburg airport car hire. The airport is 10 km from the city of Altenburg.

Abundantly absorbing Altenburg, situated in the heart of Germany, in Mitteldeutschland, is commonly known as the town of playing cards makers.

Play your cards right and you could find yourself enjoying a trip with a difference. Famed for its invention of the national card game “Skat”, the small city of Altenburg is characteristically involved in the production of playing cards for the last 400 years. If you a looking for a break somewhere that is typically German, this is the place for you. Altenburg is a compact town situated forty five kilometres south of Leipzig in the German federal state of Thuringia.

Dating back to 976, Altenburg castle began its days as a slavic outpost and from there sprang the town of Altenburg which was first mentioned in a deed to the bishop of Zeitz. Situated on the old road between the Bohemian towns of Cheb and Halle promoted Altenburg’s considerable involvement in the trading of salt.

The eleventh century Mantelturm Tower can still be seen in good condition on the outside of town where the ruined castle was rebuilt.

Altenburg is perfect for attraction seekers on foot. Many of the town’s attractions are within close proximity of one another. Expect cobbled streets and narrow walkways as you wander the streets. What with its Renaissance market place and nineteenth century architecture, a walk around the centre of town can be compared with taking a wonderfully absorbing trip back in time. Look out for the monument dedicated to its card game Skat, the only clues you get are that it is in the centre of town and has something to do with flowing water! Hope that wasn’t too easy for you!

The best landmarks in town are that of the twelfth century red brick towers of what was once the Augustinian monastery. For more stunning local architecture there is the sixteenth century Renaissance building of the Town Hall. Before even entering the building prepare to be stunned by the stone carvings on its exterior until overshadowed by the impressive meeting hall interior.

Among Altenburg’s popular attractions are the Playing Card Museum as well as the playing card manufacturers Vereinigte Altenburger und Strasunder Spielkartenfabriken more easily known as VASS playing card museum. Unfortunately, much of its contents were stolen away to Russia including over six thousand packs of cards and hundreds of printing plates and blocks. Today what remains of the factory goes by the name of Altenburger Spielkarten. Discover the town’s post war collection at the castle.

For twentieth century painting and fifteen century altarpiece art, the Lindenau Art Museum is one of the more exciting attractions in the town. Situated in the Palace of Bernhard August von Lindenau, this is absolutely THE place to come for 13th to 15th century Italian painting in addition to a vast collection of heavenly classical antiques.

Dating back to 976, the 18th century remodelled Altenburg Castle is a popular spot for attraction seekers particularly for its Baroque fountain, its pretty Agens Gardens and for its amazing Playing Card Museum in its West Wing. Also found here are a precious collection of ornamental clocks, arms and its porcelain pieces.

Some of Germany’s most impressive Renaissance architecture is found in Altenburg and the Town Hall built in 1562 tops the lot of them. For stunning examples of baroque architecture, visit the Schenkendorffsches Palais and the Alte Amtshaus both from the eighteenth century.

For another impressive sight, look out for the Railway Station. Built in 1842 for its connection to Leipzig, the birth of the railway here was responsible and directly related to the beginnings of Altenburg’s industrialisation.

When in Altenburg, don’t miss out on the treasures of Leipzig...and we’re not playing games!


Famous for its coffee, Leipzig is in more ways than one the perfect place for a pick me up! A mere hour’s drive from Altenburg, this is an enchanting city with an intriguing historic centre. The polymath Goethe was so taken with Leipzig he called it “klein Paris” or miniature Paris. It is the home of one of Europe’s oldest universities and is a city that at one time or another attracted Goethe as well as seducing the musical genii of Mendelssohn, Mozart and Bach.

As trendy as Berlin, Leipzig is just about the only city in the region to offer a taste of big city life. Expect to find an exciting blend of stunning modern cityscape with historic architecture and significant landmarks. There is something for everyone here whether your taste in music is classical, metal or grunge!

When in Leipzig, don’t miss out on the Bachfest, the annual festival devoted to the life and works of the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach or what about Leipzig’s Christmas Market for an excellent festive ambiance and authentic German craftswork?

For something completely different, get your black glad rags on and join the Goths at the annual Wave Gotik Treffen, a unique festival celebrating music and art. Beginning on Whitsuntide, the festival lasts for 4 days, attracts a 20,000 crowd and includes all types of music from the dark side such as death, gothic and experimental rock and Darkwave.

Famous for its coffee shops, a trip to Leipzig would not be complete without sampling a caffeine loaded refreshment and maybe a piece of local speciality cake, Leipziger Lerche. This petite 18th century Haus Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum also houses a museum on the top floor. Learn all about the history of Saxon coffee at the oldest coffee House in Europe as you recover from an assault of the city’s sights at this ideally central location. Alternatively, there is always ‘Mephisto’, the black and red art nouveau designed coffee shop which is also enchanting!

Altenburg Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

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Altenburg-Nobitz Airport (also known as Altenburg-Liebzig Airport) is situated 10 kilometres from Altenburg city centre and 50 kilometres from Leipzig.

There is a shuttle service connecting the Airport with Altenburg Station, Borna and Leipzig Station which is caught from outside the airport terminal. Add to this a frequent railway link between Altenburg Station and Leipzig, Zwickau, Plauen, Gera, Weimar and Hof.

When driving from Altenburg, taking the B 180 towards Waldenburg, you need to take the Klausa exit for Altenburg-Nobitz Airport.

Alternatively, taxis are available outside of the Airport terminal.

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