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We are pleased to have a the opportunity to offer clients cheap car hire rates from all of Germany's municipal airports. Germany has 16 airports some of which are used by the major budget airlines. In a number cases, the local airports are to be found a considerable distance from the cities that they are supposed to service and public transport to and from them can be extremely patchy. Begin your trip to Germany with car rental from three of The UK's leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings quoting cheap car rental in Germany. All of our car hire suppliers employ specialist telephone staff on hand waiting to answer any extra queries that you may have before or after renting a car.

Abundantly absorbing Altenburg, situated in the heart of Germany, in Mitteldeutschland, is commonly known as the town of playing cards makers.

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Baden-Baden with its therapeutic spring water and its heavenly bath houses, how could there possibly be anywhere more relaxing to visit!.

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With its cityscape cocktail of dramatic glass structures and powerful steel towers, the capital city of Germany is an exciting location.

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Brewer of the grimly named beverage, Dragon’s Blood and birthplace of the composer Beethoven.

Click here for car hire in Bonn together with tourist information on the city
Buoyant Bremen is said to be one of Germany's oldest coastal cities.

Click here for car hire in Bremen together with tourist information on the city
Cologne, the home of Eau de Cologne, has a lot more to offer than its pleasant scent to blame for its flourishing tourist activity.

Click here for car hire in Cologne together with tourist information on the city
The port city of Dortmund is situated in the North Rhine-Westphalia Bundesland in the heart of the industrial Ruhr region.

Click here for car hire in Dortmund together with tourist information on the city
Once a tiny fishing and farming settlement and reduced to rubble during World War Two, the Dusseldorf we see before us today has come a long way!.

Click here for car hire in Dusseldorf together with tourist information on the city
Home of the Germany’s largest Stock Exchange, and the Bundesbank, it takes no imagination to see why Frankfurt was nicknamed ‘Bankfurt’.

Click here for car hire in Frankfurt together with more information about the city
A vibrant and modern city, Friedrichshafen is the district capital of Bodensee in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Click here for car hire in Friedrichshafen plus information on the city
Hamburg, the ‘Venice of the North’, is a leading international trade city as well as the cultural and commercial centre of northern Germany.

Click here for car rental in Hamburg together with tourist information on the city
Hannover is situated south of Hamburg on the River Leine and is the capital of the Lower Saxony federal state.

Click here for car hire in Hannover plus information on the city
Alluring Leipzig! Famous for its coffee, Leipzig is in more ways than one the perfect place for a pick me up!.

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Munich is situated about 50 kilometres north of the Bavarian Alps in Upper Bavaria upon the River Isar.

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The sixth largest city in Germany, the fourth largest conurbation and the centre of the Wurttemberg Wine Growing Area, Stuttgart is a place of contrasts.

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Germany's enormous periphery is shared by a considerable number of european countries as well as two great seas. Upon its borders are Denmark, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland as well as by the North and Baltic Seas.

A highly industrialized nation, Germany has the River Rhine to thank for its commercial development and success. Manufacturing however is not all that is responsible for Germany's commercial success, as the Rhine attracts a generous portion of the country's tourism. Flowing from its source in the Swiss Alps, through the Rhine Gorge with its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the Rhine attracts many visitors to its banks all year round. Where the gorge is at its deepest is where you tend to happen upon significant places of interest. Known as the Romantic stretch of the river, you will more than likely happen upon more than forty castles dating back to medieval times as well as vineyard villages ripe for the tasting.

Made up of sixteen states, many of which experience their own weather patterns and none more irregular than in the south and centre of Germany. Here you experience a continental/oceanic type of climate. Rain falls all year round in the North West and North, while in the East the winters can be cold and punishing for considerable periods of time. The majority of Germany however enjoys a cool temperate climate with humid winds.

The capital city of Germany from 1949 to 1990, Bonn is far from being one of the country's largest cities. Size isn't everything as Bonn is a historic and picturesque university town. Birthplace to Beethoven Bonn's pedestrianized Aldstadt is wholly reminiscent of its earlier much more magnificent days.

Today's centrally located capital city Berlin since Germany's reunification in 1990 continues to overcome its earlier divisions of the East and West. Its history dates back as far as the thirteenth century and was the site of the famous 1936 Olympic Games. Berlin is the political and cultural centre of everything as well as Germany's largest city.

Home of the Stock Exchange, Frankfurt is the banking capital of Germany. With a very futuristic design, 'Bankfurt' plays host to hundreds of banks and is the heart of international commerce. The Aldstadt was massacred during the Allied bombing of 1944 losing much of what was prominent vintage architecture. Rebuilding has taken place to ensure the magnificence of Frankfurt is restored amidst the surviving buildings of the old Goethe Museum and the Dom.

Situated on the stunning River Isar, with an impressive backdrop of the Alps, Munich is known as the workstation of Germany. The capital of Bavaria, Munich is loved for its historic city centre and concentration of grandiose nineteenth century architecture. The site of the 1972 Olympic Games where Israeli athletes were kidnapped and murdered by the Palestinian terrorist splinter group, Black September.

Industrial Hamburg has one of the deepest sea ports in the world and is Germany's principal port. The city centre owes much of its charisma to two lakes off the River Alster. Hamburg's city limits extend beyond its coastline with its three islands in North Sea locations called Neuwerk, Scharhorn and Nigehorn. Allied bombing in 1944 was the cause of a lack of older buildings around the harbour. Hamburg experienced considerable disastrous flooding in 1962 making in excess of 18000 people homeless.



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