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Buying your car rental online in advance of the actual trip is a sound idea for a number of reasons

- The fully inclusive price will not be increased
- The complete booking process is done at your own computer rather than at the arrival airport where you might well be surrounded by a tired partner and a small herd of tired and emotional children
- It saves time at at the car hire counter (although you wouldn't believe that if you've stood in the huge queues at Alamo in Miami)
- It makes sure that you drive away in the model of car that you require

Start planning your holiday in Strasbourg by booking car rental provided by two of The UK's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings with discounted car rental at Strasbourg airport. Both of our car hire suppliers employ dedicated support staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra queries that may come up before or after renting a vehicle.

Clicking on the link below will allow you to obtain car hire quotes from our suppliers for cheap Strasbourg airport car rental. The airport is 15 km from the city of Strasbourg.

Strasbourg is one of its mother country’s finest cities. Home of the European Council for Human Rights and the Council of Europe, Strasbourg is ironically recognised for its contribution to the culinary world its pate de foie gras production process. Originally belonging to France, Strasbourg was in 1871 governed by Germany but reverted to France in 1918.

While engineering and manufacturing are prominent industries in Strasbourg, it is for the invention of the printing press that the city is known.

The producer of great minds, Strasbourg University’s claim to fame is that it, in the eighteenth century, schooled Napoleon Bonaparte and the influential writer Goethe. Additionally, the great microbiologist and pioneer of immunization Louis Pasteur achieved many a groundbreaking finding within the laboratories of the University.

The city continues to cast a watchful eye over the advance of civilization through its European Court of Human Rights. Meeting place of the European Parliament and a seat of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg Court is often the last resort of individuals when their local justice system fails them. Unfortunately, the Court has such a popular following that a considerable backlog exists these days where the hearing of cases can be delayed for up to five years.

Much of Strasbourg’s charm is due to its opposing realms of features that are both ancient and modern. While Strasbourg is the world leader in human rights with contemporary architecture to reflect its modernity, the city has an enigmatic historical character, which strikes a startling contrast.

A considerable portion of what you see around the city (particularly along the River Ill) is medieval. Black and white timber framed buildings pepper the city and serve as a reminder of days gone by. Old Strasbourg was greatly affected by wartime activity. Fortunately (and lucky for us) despite much bombing, much of the old city’s character remains intact today. An attractive area of the city, La Petite France is surrounded by canals and gives way to the name Grande Ile or Big Island. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ‘island’ offers picturesque 16th century dwellings with their much-photographed reflection upon the River Ill.

Within the city, a popular sightseeing spot is that of the Place Gutenberg named after the inventor of the first western Printing Press. Possibly the oldest square in Strasbourg, this is also the place to spot Renaissance buildings including the 16th century Hotel du Commerce.

For stunning Gothic architecture, look no further than the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. The cathedral’s tower can be visited by tourists during the summer but is left to serve its religious calling. On a daily basis, at 12.30 pm, the astronomical clock attracts a delighted crowd. Each day has different story performed by specific characters. The clock has entertained visitors ever since the sixteenth century almost without exception.

A lively spot around town is that of the Place de la Cathedrale where entertainers perform their particular form of craft to the decorative backdrop of the almost forbidding cathedral exterior.

A lot happens in Place Kleber. Named after a prominent general of Napoleon, the sculpture of Jean Baptiste Kleber adorns the centre of the square. Once removed because it offended the Nazis during World War 2 the statue was returned to its current position when the war ended.

Strasbourg has much more to offer than council meetings and human rights hearings, it has an abundance of museums and art galleries. You don’t need to look too hard for something to do in between those official engagements for there is plenty to do indulge the cultural taste buds. The Musee Alsacien is set within three 16th and 17th century mansion houses and contains exhibitions to do with the folklore of the region. The Palais de Rohan in itself is a work of art with its rococco interior, but it also contains the Musee des Beaux-Arts containing masterpieces by the likes of Rembrandt, Rubens, Monet and many more.

The Musee de l’Oeuvre Notre Dame holds impressive collections of work from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and is the home of the infamous eleventh century glass head of Christ. The Musee d’Art Moderne situated in the lovely La Petite France district offers modern European art from the nineteenth century to the present day.

One of twenty six regions in France, forest ridden Alsace is probably the most compact. Its capital city Strasbourg is its largest city. There is a particularly distinctive German influence in the region due primarily to its origins. Up until the World War Two, Alsace belonged to Germany. Today, visitors find Alsace is very French.

Alsace is important for producing a considerable quantity of beer. Popular lagers like Kronenbourg, Heineken and Kanterbrau are all produced in this region. Alsace is also a prominent producer of drinks of a non-alcoholic variety too. Fruit juices and mineral water originate (in some cases) from Alsace.

In addition, Alsace attracts people in large numbers to (amongst other things) its famous Christmas markets, its Musee de l’Automobile Mulhouse and its Ungersheim Open Air Museum.

Strasbourg Airport

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Strasbourg International Airport is 15 kilometres away from Strasbourg city centre.

If travelling by car, you need to take the D221 from the airport onto the D400. Next take the A35 motorway at exit 8 towards Strasbourg.

Transport to the city center from the airport is on hand in the form of trams and shuttle bus services. One-way transport costs 4.90 euros and runs every thirty minutes.

At the terminal, passengers are able to catch a shuttle bus to the south of Strasbourg, Baggersee stop and from there, catch the tram at Tramline A into the city centre. The duration of the journey is around forty minutes. The return journey involves catching the tram to Baggersee, from the city centre towards Illkirch Lixenbuhl. From Baggersee, the shuttle will take you to the airport. The whole journey takes around thirty minutes.

For trains departing every half an hour or so, Enzheim Station is a five minute walk from the terminal.

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