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Start planning your visit to Rochefort by booking car hire using two of The UK's leading car rental suppliers. We offer online bookings providing discounted car rental at Rochefort airport. Both of our car rental suppliers have specialist telephone support specialists on hand for any extra questions that may come up before or after renting your car.

Clicking on the link below will allow you to obtain car rental quotes from our suppliers for cheap Rochefort airport car rental. The airport is 14 km from the city of Rochefort.

Reclusive Rochefort, situated in the Poitou-Charentes region in central western France is a town that is very difficult to research prior to visiting. Luckily, much is widely known of the region to which it belongs and so if nothing else, research proves Rochefort provides an excellent base location for enjoying some of the best bits of France.

Rochefort shares the label of historic port with its neighbour La Rochelle. These ports deserve visiting for if nothing else, they serve a sample of France’s most picturesque towns.

Rochefort is located in between the mountain ranges of Armorican and Central, on the periphery of the Atlantic Ocean where the Paris and Aquitaine basins join. The region divided by the River Charente is characterised by wine growing, wooded valleys and marshland. Although the region is recognised for its sunflowers crops, goats cheese and cattle rearing, the region attracts visitors all year round to its Cote de Beaute and boat show at Port de Minimes.

The spectacularly vast area of Poitou and Aquitaine strectches across about a quarter of France’s windy Atlantic Ocean coast. Heading from the sandy beach shoreline in an inwardly direction, you find yourself stepping into wine producing Bordeaux country. When here, it is not only the wine tastings that appeal to the taste buds, for the scenery is striking and peppered with the scintillating delights of roman architecture and chateaux.

When enjoying the region, there is nothing that goes down better with the children than a visit to a theme park. Here you will find the joys of time travel at Futuroscope, packed with incredible 3-D virtual rides and high tech gadgets. This theme park is enjoyed by both young and old. Only eight kilometres away from Poitiers, visitors tend to enjoy the both of both worlds and spend the night in Poitiers and participate in a little screaming at the top of the lungs on La Gyratour during the day. The complex is set amid a landscape of lakes and other similarly enjoyable attractions and is so vast that you can’t help being distracted in between rides.

Why stop at virtual white knuckle rides for a source of fun when you can participate in a cognac tasting session at the nearby Cognac Otard chateau?

Ile d’Oleron
One of France’s biggest islands, Oleron is one of the more southern islands along the French Atlantic coast. The beaches here are stunning and it is upon the sands of the Vert Bois or the Grande Plage that the best oysters and mussels are caught and served. Away from lazing on the beach, a wander around the Saint-Denis d’Oleron produces an enjoyable experience of its stunning marina. The marina here is a popular one primarily because of its protection from the open seas.

A popular all round holiday destination since the nineteenth century, the bridge was built in 1966 to serve visitors to the island from the mainland. Aside from a spot of sunbathing Oleron offers much more.

The ancient seaside resort of Saint-Trojan-les-Bains is a spot to head for with views to die for. Expect to observe the comings and goings of the bridges of Oleron, Seudre and the forest of Ronce-les-Bains. Why not head over to the Grande Plage of Saint- Trojan by train? A special tourist train carries you over to the luscious beach via the national forest of Saint-Trojan – always a popular route for its opportunity to explore all that is on offer in the forest.

With the train ride under your belt, there’s a lighthouse to climb to the top of, if you have the energy. The rewards are great, for at the top of the 46 metres high Chassiron Lighthouse you get a panoramic view across Oleron, Aix, Re and as far as La Rochelle.

Situated in the west of France, Poitiers, the town of a hundred steeples, offers a vibrant country town, excellent location for touring as well as two thousand years of architectural heritage. The capital city of battle torn Poitou-Charentes Poitiers nestles within the endearing landscape of La Vienne.

Upon first inspection, especially if one approaches the town from Tours on the Autoroute de l’Aquitaine, Poitiers appears uninteresting and bland. Drive a little closer and you will see Poitiers has a lot more to offer than at first you thought! The region of La Vienne is as popular for its outdoors pursuits as it is its vast range of historical attractions that date back for two thousand years.

A country town built upon a hillside, Poitiers offers picturesque surroundings and centuries of historical attractions and tons of lovely sight-seeing. Poitiers was once the seat of the Dukes of Aquitaine which explains the religious atmosphere about the town.

La Rochelle
Famous for providing the international gourmet scene Cognac, oysters and mussels, La Rochelle celebrates it gastronomic distinction while providing a wide selection of fare from the corners of the globe.

Situated upon the Atlantic coast of France, La Rochelle attracts in the region of three million holidaymakers a year. With four ports, La Rochelle is one of France's principle harbours which not only provides a prosperous and busy trading utility but also serves as one of the areas most spectacular attractions.

When visiting La Rochelle, expect a strong community identity with equally impressive thousand year history.

In addition to sun, sea, glamour, history and natural beauty, La Rochelle offers some amazing museums. For an interesting exhibition of the sixteenth to the nineteenth century relationship between America and France, it is recommended that you visit the New World Museum. For art from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, a visit to the Fine Arts Museum should not be missed. There is the ceramics museum, the Orbigny-Bernon Museum as well as the delightfully landscaped Natural History Museum. You can catch one of the electric boats from the Old Port to the Ville en Bois-perfect for museum crawling with a relaxing boat ride thrown in.

If old-fashioned charm is what you seek, then look no further than the region of Poitou-Charentes.

Though the area is greatly characterised by countryside, sandy beaches and forests, look out for the Roman remnants at Saintes. The Roman arch and amphitheatre signal the region’s early history in the hands of the Roman province of Aquitania. The region returned to its rightful hands of France in 1204 following episodes of bloodshed and power struggles. Another significant battle, the Hundred Years War involving France and England saw its conclusion in 1453, that the region unquestioningly belonged to France.

The region’s capital and administrative centre, Poitiers is a popular tourist attraction for amongst other things, its Romanesque churches.

Rochefort Airport

Bravofly offers an advanced system that allows users to search, compare and book flights from all low cost airlines (for example EasyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair, Vueling) as well as traditional airlines.

For the cheapest flights to Rochefort Click Here

Rochefort Saint-Agnant Airport is located 14 kilometres to the south of Rochefort and 41 kilometres south of La Rochelle Airport.

If travelling by road to the airport, take the A837 and the A10 motorway. There is a SNCF station nearby as well as the airport within close proximity.

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