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We are excited to be able to offer our customers cheap Grenoble airport car hire. The airport is sold as being local to Grenoble and Lyon but in reality neither city is particularly close with Grenoble being 45 km away and the city of Lyon being no less than 85 km away.

Begin your trip to Grenoble with car rental offered by two of our leading car hire suppliers. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Grenoble airport. Both of our car hire suppliers employ specialist staff at the end of the telephone waiting to answer any extra queries that may come up before or after hiring a car.

Grenoble is found in the south east of France, close to the French Alps, in the fairly populated hugely developed region of the Rhone-Alpes, commonly known as the Dauphine region.

Grenoble�s claim to fame is that it is a high achiever in the world of science, particularly physics, applied mathematics and computer science.

Grenoble�s main attraction is its wealth of skiing resorts within an hour�s drive. During the winter, the city comes alive with happy-go-lucky slope searchers tuned in for a spot of outdoor recreation. A Grenoble summer, on the other hand, is usually very hot and so it is the lakes rather than the slopes that visitors head for. There is nothing like a cooling swim in a glorious mountain lake while enjoying the incredible beauty of the surrounding mountain landscape.

Grenoble�s backdrop is that of a vertiginous mountainscape while the city itself is easily navigated with the crossing of its two rivers, the Isere and Drac. If you are not much of a climber, Grenoble is ideal for you for while steep climbs haunt you on the periphery the city is actually helpfully flat.

The mountain ranges that surround Grenoble are called Belledonne, Vercors and Chartreuse. Stretching towards outer space in the North is the French Prealps Chartreuse chain. From the Lac du Bourget to Grenoble, Chartreuse is famed for its excellent skiing and offers a number of really popular resorts like Col de Porte and La Ruchere. It is here (from with a local monastery) that the liqueur Chartreuse originates. In the West, the area of Vercors is enjoyed especially for cross-country skiing. The last fortnight in December is the most popular at local ski resorts and should be avoided if you prefer quieter skiing conditions.

The Tour de France annual cycling contest encompasses the challenging gradients of these ranges. More than a sporting occasion, the Tours de France is a matter of national pride where its competitors are adored and lavished with the status of national champions. Although the French Alps offer an enormous challenge and are enthusiastically included in the race itinerary, it is not unusual for cyclists to race further afield. The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland have provided an alternative leg to The Tour on several occasions as have The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.

If you visit Grenoble outside of The Tour's month of July, do not fear, as the stunning scenery will be here to greet you as will a number of interesting attractions. One advantage is that you get these champion challenging slopes to cycle for yourself. If you don�t suffer from vertigo, one of the more popular attractions in town is that of The Bastille. At 300 metres tall, and suitably dramatic, The Bastille sheds an overbearing shadow across Grenoble and contributes the best views of the area. Unlike during the Middle Ages, The Bastille is less forbidding these days and offers a choice of walking up its path or boldly jumping aboard a cable car (Egg) to the top! The Bastille is (thankfully) much more welcoming these days and promises not to annihilate any inquisitors. Honest! For at the top you will enjoy viewing platforms, nature trails and a caf� and restaurant before you are ready to relinquish those lofty heights.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to enjoy a spot of sight seeing around Grenoble. Why not indulge yourself and treat yourself to a cruise aboard a Mississippi River Boat? The �Bateau a Roue� cruise tours offer tranquillity, history, nature and the breathtaking Vercors scenery.

If looking for variety while visiting Grenoble, then look no further than the Vizille estate. Vizille is situated mid-way between Grenoble and the Oisan Mountains on the Route Napoleon with its Museum of the French Revolution within the chateau as well as an animal park and gardens.

The Dauphinois Museum (Musee Dauphinois) is the perfect choice for cultural heritage information of the region and is a significant find for museum buffs. The Museum itself is intriguingly found within the convent of Ste-Marie-d�en-Haut, a listed building within lovely grounds upon Bastille Hill.

If art is required, a visit to Le Magasin is recommended. One of Europe�s leading lights in contemporary European art is situated here in Grenoble. Le Magasin does more than hold exhibitions, it provides training sessions and lectures and prides itself on playing an important part in promoting the contemporary arts.

The Rhone-Alpes

One of France�s 26 regions, the Rhone-Alpes region is towards the south located on the eastern edge of the country. Named after the River Rhine and the Alps, the region�s capital is cosmopolitan Lyon.

Grenoble Airport

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Grenoble Airport is situated 45 kilometres from the city centre and 85 kilometres from the city of Lyon.

There are a number of bus shuttle services to and from the airport. The shuttle four-a-day service runs from Grenoble Airport to the coach station. The journey takes 45 minutes and costs 4 euros for a one-way ticket. The service extends to seven buses a day on Saturday.

A regular shuttle bus service to and from Lyon Part-Dieu terminus runs from Grenoble Airport. The fare is 20 euros one way and 30 euros for a return fare. There is only one a day which leaves the airport at 1.20pm and leaving Lyon Part-Dieu for the airport at 9.30am every day.

Shuttle bus services run from the Tarantaise ski resorts of Moutiers, Aimes or Bourg-St Maurice to and from the airport. This service costs 60 euros for a return (45 euros single) and the ride must be booked in advance at the ticket office in the terminal building.

Taxis are also available from the airport.

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