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We are pleased to be able to offer our customers cheap Dinard / St Malo airport car rental. The airport serves the seaside towns of Dinard and St Malo. Dinard is 6 km from the airport and St Malo is 14 km away.

Begin your trip to Dinard / St Malo with car hire from two of Britain's leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Dinard / St Malo airport. Both of our car hire suppliers employ specialist telephone staff on hand for any extra questions that might arise before or after renting a car.

Banish those holiday blues with a trip to desirable Dinard! Situated upon the North East coast of Brittany, Dinard is found perched atop a craggy escarpment across the River Rance from St Malo.

A popular French resort, the once fishing village of Dinard is loved for its delightful beaches and for its elegant �Golden Age� nineteenth century architecture. Surrounded by historic ramparts, this medieval town is impressively well preserved offering a comprehensive glimpse of the heritage of Dinard as well as plentiful sightseeing opportunities. Add to these resplendent surroundings a sumptuous Mediterranean climate and Brittany is able to offer a seaside holiday to rival its French Riviera.

The beaches here are generous, sandy and clean, the most prominent of which are the Plage d'Ecluse and the Plage St Enogat.

A resort favoured by celebrities and public figures, Dinard has attracted artists and artistes throughout the last century which has lended to the popularity and the glamour of the town. From Picasso to Joan Collins, to Lawrence of Arabia to Winston Churchill, visitors to Dinard share holiday memories with good company. It has been claimed that while the Hollywood movie director Alfred Hitchcock stayed in the town, that a villa overlooking the Plage D�Ecluse inspired the infamous house of �Mother� in Psycho.

Dinard started to become the popular sought-after resort that it is today back in the nineteenth century. Shipping entrepreneurs from St Malo initially began to settle upon the promontory of Dinard. Being successful shipping merchants, the houses they built were close to palatial. Gradually, the town became �the place to holiday� amongst the rich set and before long these Victorian mansions became fabulous hotels, still standing today as a portrait of Dinard�s grand holiday resort beginnings.

Today, don�t visit Dinard in hope of an exciting nightlife scene although there is the yacht Club, the casino and many restaurants and bars to entice you out in the evenings. An easy stroll along the palm tree lined Promenade Clare de la Lune or along the Pointe de la Vicomte of an evening, adds colour to a romantic evening.

In addition to the glorious sunshine, the sweeping sandy beaches and the town�s close proximity to a number of popular Bretagne tourist spots like St Malo, the Ile de Brehat and Rennes, Dinard offers some attractive events. During the Summer (from June to mid September) is the Musique-et-Lumiere Festival where you can enjoy a nocturnal array of jazz, classical and pop music. During October, Dinard throws its British Film Festival for avid movie buffs.

Ile de Br�hat

How about an adventure of a lifetime somewhere unusual? Joined by Le Pont Vauban, the North and South islands (Ile Nord and Ile Sud), the compact and perfectly formed Ile de Brehat fits the bill. Offering a mediteranean climate, the island experiences temperatures that are higher than its neighbours, making for another good reason to visit the Ile de Brehat.

On the island, cars are forbidden and the only way to explore its corners is by foot or upon far from elegant, tractor pulling carts! It is possible to walk the whole island in a day while the tractor ride takes less than an hour out of your itinerary. Get the cameras ready for an easy climb to the summit of the Chapelle St-Michel for rewards of breath-taking views.

St Malo

Famed for its wide tidal range, crowds flock to St Malo to witness the spectacular sight of the coast at low tide, a sight that can be enjoyed from the cafes of the town centre.

Packed with attractions, the walled port city of St Malo bursts into life during the summer months. A successful tourist season will guarantee the population of the city quadruple in size. A three and a half hour drive from Paris, St Malo generally attracts city slickers to its laid back atmosphere and small town ways.

Solemn forts and beautiful bathing beaches pepper the coastal landscape here but it is what lies inland or within the walls (intra-muros) that ensures the city never fails to satisfy its visitors. A popular attraction in St Malo is that of the island of Grand Be where the great writer Chateaubriand is buried. The Cathedral of St Vincent, the castle and the harbour gates are equally popular during a typical summer holiday in St Malo.


A mere half hour�s drive from St Malo, lively and cosmopolitan Rennes is at your fingertips. The capital of the north western region of Brittany and the capital of rock music, Rennes is perched upon a hill and found where two rivers, Ille and Vilaine collide.

To the north of the Vilaine River, around the Places des Lices, Rennes is beautifully bejewelled by the dazzling architectural delights of the medieval. An intriguing place to wander and enjoy, expect to find chic bars, boutiques and half timber buildings.

Popular attractions around town include the Foret de Paimport and the Chateau de Combourg (once the home of Chateaubriand) and the Musee Emanuel art museum. Rennes also enjoys exceptional location for touring with beautiful countryside on its doorstep.


Brittany is found in the North West of France occupying the peninsula situated in the midst of the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay.

Visitors to Brittany are generally attracted to its pretty beaches, while much of Brittany consists of a rugged coastline that is colourfully peppered with holiday homes. Brittany offers picturesque countryside, plentiful Celtic heritage and culture and sites that date back to around 600 BC when the Gauls landed. The landscape of Brittany is as varied as its visitors preferences for a successful holiday. If you require wild unkempt and natural coastline with small timeless towns and villages then you would do well to head to the western regions of the Cote de Granite Rose amongst other places.

Fishing is the region's principle industry and a trade for the fearless. The strong and aggressive tides off the coast of Brittany are capable of instilling fear into the most courageous! It is with a look of admiration that passers by bestow upon these purveyors of fish.

Many of Brittany's visitors are attracted to Brittany's unique culture as much as it's landscape and temperate climate attributes. The Breton culture is independent from the rest of France and dates back to its Celtic beginnings (around 460 AD). Breton religious festivals and processions date back to Celtic times and take place on and off throughout the year. Aside from the present day dialect of Breton being so closely associated with Celtic dialects, evidence of early Celt traditions are visible across Brittany in the form of stone monuments. The Celts were widely thought of as being eminent stone masons leaving behind a legacy of stone crosses and calvaires (crucifixion scenes elaborately carved).

Dinard Airport

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Dinard Pleurtuit St Malo Airport is located 4 kilometres from Dinard.

If travelling by road, the airport is found off the D168 near Pleurtuit.

Taxis can be taken from outside of the terminal building. The cost of the fare into Dinard is approximately ten euros and eighteen euros for St Malo.

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