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We are excited to be able to offer customers cheap car hire at Brest airport. The airport is 11 km from the port of Brest.

Begin your trip to Brest with car rental from two of Europe's leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings providing cheap car hire at Brest airport. Both of our car hire suppliers have specialist staff at the end of the telephone for any extra questions that might arise before or after hiring your car.

Situated on the western point of the Brittany coastline, Brest provides a significant french port service. Brest rests in the Finistere region which is very similar to the Land's End region of Cornwall. Offering wild and challenging cliff edged walks it is popular with holidaymakers for its seaside resorts and strong cultural identity. The people of Brest generally speak Breton and have a long maritime history and heritage that it likes to celebrate on a number of occasions throughout the year. Festivals such as the Vieux Greements international old ship contest (held every four years) and nearby in Carhaix the Festival des Vielles Charrues are regularly held. To learn more about the shipping history of Brest, don't miss out on the local attraction the Musee de la Marine de Brest.

Continuing in the theme of the sea, there is the Oceanopolis Marine Centre. The town will probably not be remembered for being an attractive place although there are some very agreeable attractions such as Brest Castle. During World War II, Brest harbour was the location of a german submarine base and was subsequently bombed by the Allies. Brest in the 1950's, a casualty of the second world war was hastily rebuilt using unimaginative and untraditional modern materials. Head over to the Musee de la Tour Tanguy for the artist's impressions of Brest on the verge of World War Two. Expect the unexpected from this brilliant exhibition as the famous Breton, Yves Tanguy was a Surrealist!

Travel to the edge of Brest and instantly the landscape becomes considerably more interesting offering charming sandy seasides and fish restaurants in ample supply.

Local events include the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle 1200km race. Brest has been the midway point for over a hundred years.

While in Brest, you are well situated for exploring the west of Brittany. Why not pop over to the walled port of Saint Malo. Here you are well placed to island hop across to the Channel Islands. The islands off the coast of Brittany are within close proximity and very much worthy of visit.


Brittany is found in the North West of France occupying the peninsula situated in the midst of the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay.

Visitors to Brittany are generally attracted to its pretty beaches, while much of Brittany consists of a rugged coastline that is colourfully peppered with holiday homes. Brittany offers picturesque countryside, plentiful Celtic heritage and culture and sites that date back to around 600 BC when the Gauls landed. The landscape of Brittany is as varied as its visitors preferences for a successful holiday. If you require wild unkempt and natural coastline with small timeless towns and villages then you would do well to head to the western regions of the Cote de Granite Rose amongst other places.

Fishing is the region's principal industry and a trade for the fearless. The strong and aggressive tides off the coast of Brittany are capable of instilling fear into the most courageous! It is with a look of admiration that passers by bestow upon these purveyors of fish.

Many of Brittany's visitors are attracted to Brittany's unique culture as much as it's landscape and temperate climate attributes. The Breton culture is independent from the rest of France and dates back to its Celtic beginnings (around 460 AD). Breton religious festivals and processions date back to Celtic times and take place on and off throughout the year.

Aside from the present day dialect of Breton being so closely associated with Celtic dialects, evidence of early Celt traditions are visible across Brittany in the form of stone monuments. The Celts were widely thought of as being eminent stone masons leaving behind a legacy of stone crosses and calvaires (crucifixion scenes elaborately carved).

Brest Airport

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Brest Airport is approximately 11 kilometres from Brest city centre (Liberte or Centre-Ville) or a road journey of around 14 minutes.

The shuttle bus route includes the town centre and continues onto the main train station (Gares Routiere - SNCF) and the journey takes about 16 minutes.Fare for a single ticket is EUR 4,60 (GBP 3 ) while a return ticket costs EUR 8,40 (GBP6 ).

The airport is served by shuttle buses and taxis.

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