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We are pleased to be able to offer our customers cheap Tampere airport car hire. The airport is 15 km from the city of Tampere.

Begin your visit to Tampere with car rental offered by two of Europe's leading car hire suppliers. We offer online bookings providing cheap car rental at Tampere airport. Both of our car rental suppliers have dedicated telephone staff on hand waiting to answer any extra questions that might arise before or after hiring a car.

Dubbed the ‘Manchester of the North’, Tampere has a lot more to offer than its considerable industrial activity background.

Today, the visitor finds that Tampere has swapped the heavy industry of textiles and metal to products of the modern age, telecommunications and information technology. An international city of science, commerce and culture, Finland’s third largest city cleverly mixes a cosmopolitan atmosphere with Nordic natural tranquil beauty.

Situated inland, Tampere grew as a result of its positioning between the two beautiful lakes of Nasijarvi and Pyhajarvi. The lakes cover a large area causing the city to take an inconsistent form. Where the city is described as resembling a bow, the ‘knot’ in the bow marks the location of the city centre at the point of the rapids.

There is something very relaxing about the sound of running water and what a delightful de-stressing experience it must be to work in close proximity of Tampere’s Tammerkoski rapids. In fact these rapids do more than provide a relaxing respite in the heart of a bustling city, it they generously provide a considerable amount of electricity in the region.

Tampere is part of the Pirkanmaa region joining geographical neighbours Pirkkala, Kuru, Ruovesi, Orivesi and others.

With not one but two universities in the city, a large contributing factor to the lively atmosphere around town is down to the students. Rock events are commonplace and Tampere has engineered its own style of music known as Manserock. The annual Manserock festival draws visitors from all over Europe.

A popular spot for visitors is the observation tower atop the cliffs at Pyynikki. At the city’s highest point, the views across the lakes are spectacular. The pine tree covered tallest gravel ridge in the world provides an afternoon’s entertainment as well as a perfect scenic picnic spot.

A boat ride away from the city centre, Viikinsaari Island offers a mouth-watering destination amid yet more natural scenery. You will be hugely impressed that all that greets you can be just twenty minutes away from the madness of the city!

Hervanta is the student district in Tampere. Although densely populated and more urban in appearance, this district is absolutely surrounded by lovely lakes and forests. In Tampere you are never too far from Mother Nature! Students tend to inhabit huge dull looking blocks of flats disguising the fact the local Tampere University of Technology is a highly recommended centre of excellence.

Tourist attractions in and around Tampere include the wonderful Tammerkoski Waterfront in the heart of the city. A perfect location to dip in to the city pulse one minute and escape, the next.

The Sarkanniemi Amusement Centre offers dolphinarium action as well as a planetarium, children’s zoo and amusement park all under the one ‘roof’! The list doesn’t end here because within this ‘one stop shop of fun’ there are also restaurants, an art gallery and an observation tower (at the last count).

Believe it or not, Tampere plays host to one of the world’s Lenin Museums, so if museums are your thing, this is one you probably won’t want to miss!

Famed for its attractive rose garden and in excess of five hundred plant species, the four hectares of Hatanpaa Arboretum provides a popular tourist attraction around town. The perfect place to enjoy a lengthy picnic, also on offer here are the stunning duo of Hatanpaa Manor and Villa Idman.

Other attractions in town include the city’s oldest building, the fifteenth century Messukylan Kirkko (Messukyla Old Church), the Tampere Art Museum, July’s giant music festival, the Tammerfest and a game of ice hockey (the nation’s top sport).

Tampere Airport

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Tampere Pirkkala Airport is situated 15 kilometres south west of Tampere.

The Number 61 bus service runs from the airport into the city centre. Buses run from Tampere Railway Station to Terminal 2 at the airport and back again according to Ryanair’s flight schedules. The journey takes around half an hour and costs Euro 6.

A bus service runs from Helsinki Railway Station (Mikonkatu) to Tampere Airport (and back again) and runs according to Ryanair flight schedules. The journey takes around two and a half hours and costs Euro 25.

Taxis are available outside the terminal to Tampere city centre costing Euro 22.

If driving simply follow the road signs for the airport and city centre.