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We are delighted to be able to offer clients cheap car hire rates from Tampere Airport, the provincial airport used by the low cost airlines. Begin your holiday in Finland with car hire provided by two of the country's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings quoting cheap car rental in Finland. Both of our car rental suppliers have dedicated telephone staff on hand for any extra queries that may come up before or after renting a car.

Dubbed the ‘Manchester of the North’, Tampere has a lot more to offer than its considerable industrial activity background.

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The Nordic Republic of Finland is bordered by Sweden, Russia and Norway and is situated in North East Europe. Its coastline stretches for approximately 4600 kilometres and is highly punctuated by bays, coves and thousands of islands.

Expect to discover secluded beaches in Finland that seem to have an absence of tides. Such locations provide tranquil locations for individuals seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of city activity. Many of these beauty spots can be explored aboard a ferry cruise taking you on a magical journey around the archipelago.

Finland’s climate is temperate with a harsh cold winter to warm summer and mild in between. It is an incredible fete to experience the country’s June/July midnight sun all day and all night and that during midsummer, daylight can last as long as nineteen hours.

In the Swedish speaking South West of Finland and Aland Islands, the climate is agreeable and warm and consequently utilized for extensive fruit and vegetable farm growing.

Finland has in excess of one hundred and eighty lakes situated mainly in the east. During the summer Finnish festivals of all shapes and sizes are generally found in this delightful Lakeland area. Linked to each other by rivers and canals, the lakes allow for exciting exploration made simple by a relative ease of navigation.

A popular tourist attraction in the region is that of Lake Saimaa and its surrounding network of lakes. Upon these lakes are tens of thousands of islands as well as picturesque lakeside opera town of Savonlinna with its well-preserved medieval Castle Olavinlinna.

Finland’s capital is the lively city of Helsinki. Part heavily built up and part natural, you can enjoy the best of both worlds without a stretch.

Much of Finland is off the beaten track. Natural and unspoiled forestland like this fortunately can actually be enjoyed either by canoe or on foot and so would suit the more outdoorsy and active holidaymaker.



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