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Begin your visit to Coventry with car rental from Online-Car-Hire. We offer online bookings providing discounted car rental at Coventry airport.

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For your information the airport at Coventry is approximately 8 km from the city centre.

Coast-less Coventry, situated in the heart of the Midlands is claimed to be the furthest city away from any coastline in the country. Set within the beautiful county of Warwickshire, Coventry also sits on the doorstep of a variety of interesting destinations.

This is the city that provided the setting for the lady who rode through the streets on horseback in a state of undress. Today, Coventry has plenty more on offer to raise the odd eyebrow since Lady Godiva’s eleventh century naked taxation protestations.

Coventry is one of the major cities of the Midlands. The city is easily navigated from other parts of the country via an advanced motorway system and is within easy reach of its industrial neighbour Birmingham and the capital, London, a mere 153 and 30 kilometres respectively.

The beginnings of Coventry, according to the history books, were timed to coincide with the establishment of a Benedictine Abbey in the area in or around the year 1043. It is thought that Coventry began as a marketplace at the abbey gates.

Producing and trading in cloth became the main activity during the fourteenth century and because of this, Coventry rose in stature during the Middle Ages and became one of the country’s principal cities. The automotive industry came along during the twentieth century following a period as a bicycle manufacturing centre. The company Rover rode the transition from two wheeled transport to four and continued into prosperity during the mid twentieth century.

Thanks to considerable fire bomb damage during World War Two, there are very few buildings of historical significance and beauty around today. The German air raid known as the ‘Coventry Blitz’ who’s objective it was to target munitions plants resulted in the annihilation of what was the old city centre including the fourteenth century Coventry Cathedral.

Commonly thought of as Britain’s automotive centre, things have changed over the years in Coventry chiefly because car manufacturing is not happening on the same scale as it once was. It was during the fifties and sixties that the car industry grew to massive proportions until the 1970’s.

Home of the three spires, those belonging to the Holy Trinity Church, the Christ Church and that belonging to the destroyed St Michaels Cathedral, Coventry’s skyline has consisted of this arrangement for seven hundred years. A popular landmark and attraction in the city is that of the new Coventry Cathedral. Built after the bombing of World War Two, St Michael's Cathedral was built adjacent to the ruins of its predecessor. The fourteenth century version having been destroyed by the German bombers apart from the spire and two of the outer walls, though relatively new in its construction, this is a building the city is proud of. While here look out for the Jacob Epstein sculpture called ‘St Michael’s Victory over the Devil’ and in addition a tapestry designed by Graham Sutherland aptly named ‘Christ in Glory’.

Other popular attractions in the city include the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, the Midland Air Museum and the Coventry Transport Museum famous for its extensive possession of British cars. The Thrust2 and Thrust SSC speed record breaking cars are also displayed here.

Coventry is a great location from which to enjoy a wealth of attractions in adjacent towns and cities. Within a nineteen kilometre radius lie the towns of Royal Leamington Spa, Rugby, Warwick, Kenilworth and Hinckley (to name but a few). Eighteen kilometres away sits the historic country town of Warwick. Here you will encounter a tenth century castle, the racecourse as well as a plentiful supply of delightful medieval buildings set within a stone’s throw from the beautiful River Avon. Royal Leamington Spa offers a charming array of parks and gardens, Victorian architecture, Georgian architecture as well as the Royal Pump Rooms which are now serve as a prestigious gallery and museum.

At Hinckley, the intriguing Saxon town, are timber framed buildings from the seventeenth century which served the busy knitting industry of yesteryear while 21 kilometres east of Coventry is the home of the game of Rugby as well as one of the oldest schools in England.

Coventry Airport

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Coventry Airport is situated 8 kilometres from the city centre.

You will find the passenger terminal on Siskin Parkway West, Middlemarch Industrial Estate at Coventry Airport South. Off the A45 Toll Bar End roundabout look out for the passenger terminal signs.

From the airport to Coventry Railway Station runs the Coventry Airport Express. This service also connects to the following stops, Coventry City Centre, Quinton Parade, Toll Bar/London Road and Pool Meadow Coach Station.

An hourly 737 bus service leaves the airport from Stand D for Pool Meadow and Coventry Railway Station.

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