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For your information the airport at Brno is approximately 7.5 km from the centre of Brno.

Beguiling Brno, a city found in south eastern Czech Republic where first impressions are deceiving. Beneath the surface, Brno is more than its concrete first impression, it is a lively and colourful city with an extraordinary array of intriguing sights and attractions.

The second largest city in the Czech Republic and only a couple of hours away from Prague, Brno is famous for its motor racing, its Dragon, its castle, those Old Town cobbled streets, endless rows of meandering passageways and its beautiful Gothic cathedral.

The city of Brno is situated where the rivers Svitava and Svratka meet in the south east of the Czech Republic. The city benefits from a moderate climate achieved from its location between the lowlands of South Moravia and the Bohemian Highlands.

The cityís origins date back to the thirteenth century although the area had settlements dating back to the fifth century. Things chugged along until the industrial revolution took hold in the region of Moravia and Brno. This lead to the trains coming to Brno, the first arrived in 1839 and the trams took hold in 1869.

As with many European cities, the Czech cities were hit hard by the Second World War. Brno suffered considerable devastation at the hands of the Nazis during occupation. Following World War Two, Communism took control but eventually lost its grip on Brno in the event of the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Although upon first impressions, Brno appears vast, it gladdens the heart to discover that many of the really good sights and attractions are within easy walking distance of one another. In the centre of all the action is that of Freedom Square, a perfect place from which to set out on your tour of the cityís top features. Although impressive, Freedom Square is not a patch on the biggest market square in the city, that title goes to the farmersí market, the Cabbage Market! A place of trading since the thirteenth century, fish once swam about in the Parnas Fountain in the square - until they were sold! This is also where to find the house that was once home to the composer Mozart.

Beware when navigating the city centre for the trams can spring up on you at a momentís notice.

One of Brnoís popular attractions is that of its oldest building (excluding the Cathedral and other religious points of interest) is the Town Hall. Visitors are often delighted by the Wagon Wheel and the Brno Dragon which have considerable symbolic significance for the city. While the Dragon was an important gift during the first decade of the seventeenth century, the wheel represents Brnoís industrial capabilities. Dating back to the thirteenth century, the ĎOldí Town Hall reflects the cityís many struggles and trends which accounts for the different styles of architecture. From Renaissance to Baroque, this building is a patchwork quilt of styles used to restore the building throughout the years.

For something a little more gruesome, how about paying a visit to the Capuchin Monastery. A system of catacombs, this is the place of rest for a huge number of Brnoís most respected citizens. What gives this attraction a macabre edge is that the bodies are on show in open coffins and thanks to a clever ventilation system, prevented from decaying at the usual rate. However, decay they do, just much more slowly!

Brnoís top tourist attraction comes in the form of 13th century Spilbeck Castle. Get your good walking shoes on because it is a steep climb to gain access even with the help of a tram! With a mixture of inhabitants over the years including the Hussites, Prussians and the during World War Two, the Nazis, the castle has a chequered past, and none so dark than when its function was that of a torture chamber. Its history gets much worse though as records show that as well as the torture that took place here by the Nazis, that eighty thousand people were executed here at the castle. While here the City Museum is on hand to account for the whole history of Spilberk and itís city, Brno.

Built in the eleventh century, the baroque and Gothic Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul is a sight that isnít easily overlooked. Perched upon a hill, this is an unusual piece of architecture built and remodelled in a variety of styles. Listen out for its bell which has chimed at 11am every day since 1645 following the Swedish siege.

The Moravian Regional Museum is housed in the glamorous Dietrichstein Palace. While enjoying the stylish setting, there is also an interesting array of collections from stuffed game to arts and coins to take in.

While finding out what is on offer in Brno, how exciting to find a UNESCO World Heritage site in your midst! The Villa Tugendhat is cited as a brilliant example of elegant 1920ís architecture and very much worthy of a slot in the itinerary.

Every year, during September Brno throw their famous wine festival, the Slavnosti Vina. It is a huge affair and a tradition that goes back many years to celebrate the fruits of a successful harvest.

Brno Airport

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The airport is situated 7.5 kilometres from the centre of Brno.

If travelling by car, take the D1 Brno-Olomouc highway taking the Slatina exit. From here the airport is clearly marked. The airport is approximately 2 kilometres from the motorway exit.

The 76 bus will successfully transport you from the airport to Brno Main train station in the city centre. The journey requires a 20 minute allowance.

Taxis are available from the airport for your convenience. The duration of the journey to the city centre is 20 minutes at a cost of 10 euros.

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