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We are pleased to have a the opportunity to offer our customers cheap car rental rates from each of the international airports in Cyprus. Cyprus has two international airports at Larnaca and Paphos that are used by the leading low cost airlines.

The beautiful island of Cyprus absolutely begs you to get a hire car and explore the towns and villages. Begin your visit to Cyprus with car hire provided by some of Europe's leading car rental companies. We offer online bookings quoting cheap car rental in Cyprus.

Our car hire suppliers have dedicated staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that may come up before or after hiring a car.

One of the island’s larger towns, Larnaca, has much to offer from its lively modern city ambience to its mesmorizing historic quarter.

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Being the destination airport for many holidaymakers, Paphos is rapidly becoming the most popular holiday resort in Cyprus.

Click here for car rental in Paphos together with tourist information on the city

When thinking Cyprus, think of its forested Troodos mountains, its creamy sandy beaches and of the precious eggs of the Green Turtles which are lovingly laid every Summer. This is an island so developed that thriving cities have evolved while beauty spots exist alongside it. There are magical corners to this island that is so still and idyllic, the often tentative calls of Mother Nature are answered with open arms for this is the legendary birthplace of beautiful Aphrodite! (As painted by the artist Botticelli, in the ‘Birth of Venus’, Aphrodite, the goddess of love emerged from the sea at Petra tou Romiou or ‘Aphrodite’s Rock’ near Paphos.)

Where is this Nirvana? Cyprus is situated in the north east of the Mediterranean Sea. The third largest island of the Greek Islands is only 64 kilometres off the coast of Turkey.

Cyprus enjoys an irresistible Mediterranean climate with Summers that can be hot and arid, followed by wet but mild winters with snow occurring most years. There is something for everybody in Cyprus ensuring the island’s continued popularity. While sun worshippers and history enthusiasts find plenty to entertain them in Cyprus, so too do the winter sports holiday market.

Cyprus is divided into two states. Since 1974, the green boundary line has delineated the Greek Cypriot south from the partially Turkish north. Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is divided in two in accordance with the whole island.

When presented with a holiday in Cyprus, you will find yourself pleasantly inundated with interesting places to visit. Of those in and around the region of Larnaca, is that of the Great Salt Lake - the beloved winter habitat of the pink flamingos. While the flamingos offer photo opportunities aplenty the beaches nearby are stunning.

Other much loved spots on the island include the 13th century BC ivory, gold and bronze tombs and temples of the Acropolis of Ancient Kition. The Acropolis is packed with important finds and rich treasures with good reason, it was once a place of significant importance on the island, that of the capital of Cyprus.

Cyprus is an exciting collection of historical gems steeped in extravagance and antiquity. One such notable find is that of the Byzantine Church of St Lazarus. This 9th century building is reputed to contain the burial place of St Lazarus and is decked with intriguing carvings, Byzantine art and beautiful icons.

Still on the theme of stunning religious buildings, the Ayia Phaneromeni Church is a popular choice. Famed for its beautiful religious icons, the church was built in the 8th century upon an ancient cave.

Stepping forward in time to the seventeenth century, Larnaca Castle was built. Its severe appearance was chosen for good reason as it was engineered to be a prison rather than a holiday resort. In addition to its excellent views across the traditionally Turkish Scala Quarter you will enjoy the castle’s labyrinthine Museum of Archeology.

The Ottoman golden days of the island are still evident within the brand new modern Cyprus. Famagusta Gate continues to boldly protect its beloved inner ancient town centre with its Gothic architectural heart such as the Bedestan, the Ahmat and the Selimiye Mosques well as the Great Han Inn.



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