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For your information the airport at Lanzarote is approximately 5 km from the centre of town.

Luscious Lanzarote, this dramatic Canary Island having observed considerable volcanic activity two to three hundred years ago is today able to offer the stunning landscape we see before us now. Lanzarote has two hundred kilometres of coast to its name and offers a wide range of scenery from the very rocky to the very arid. There are mountains here (the Famara range situated up in the north and the Ajaches range down in the south), and incredible landscapes on top as well as beneath the surface. Lanzarote presents its visitors with the very arid El Jable desert on top and south of the Famara range, the Tunnel of Atlantis as protected by UNESCO.

This is the most easterly of all the Canary Islands and situated 125 kilometres off the coast of Africa. Lanzarote is off Spanish descent and has enjoyed the fruits of a thriving tourist market since the 1950’s.

Visitors to Lanzarote tend to enjoy its sub-tropical climate. During the Summer, Lanzarote temperatures can exceed daytime heats of 30 degrees (20 degrees at night) and winter heats of up to 25 degrees. Surrounded by trade winds, Lanzarote is hit by raging sandstorms originating from the Sahara desert and is during this time that the temperatures rise as high as forty degrees.

The island’s capital since 1852, port town Arrecife is situated on the eastern side of the island is easy to reach from the north and west of the island thanks to the motorways, LZ1, LZ2 and LZ3. Lanzarote’s main town, a busy port town as well as the airport location is perfectly situated for touring the other Canary Islands, Europe and Africa.

Lanzarote’s history books reveal it was one of the first to be inhabited by people. It has been established that the early Phoenician merchants arrived in or around 1100 BC. The island took its name from the native Guanche language which translates to ‘the red mountains’.

In the eighteenth century, for a period of six years, the island was hit by a series of volcanic explosions creating over thirty additional volcanoes. Following a considerable bout of drought, the island lost many of its inhabitants to new locations in Cuba and its surroundings.

You won’t get too far on the island without hearing about Cesar Manrique. The twentieth century artist and architect set up home on Lanzarote and was responsible for the birth of his private foundation. Manrique’s foundation is a profit free organization set up to encourage the arts and to allow sightseers to enjoy his studio and art collection in his home. As well as a veritable feast of contemporary art, you can expect to enjoy works by Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso. Additionally, you are very likely to spot the artist’s work at various locations about the island.

A top Cesar Manrique sightseeing spot on the island is that of the Mirador del Rio. Once a lookout point for islanders to spot unwelcome activity arriving on the shores, the views here across the strait of Rio are exhilarating. Aside from the views, you can expect refreshment and souvenir shops in the closest vicinity.

Holidaymakers who prefer more activity to their holiday than to stretch out beside the pool, should enjoy the offerings on Lanzarote. Optimizing the natural assets here can pay dividends such as the hiker’s paradise of the stunning Timanfaya National Park in the south west of the island.

At night, a lively resort and by day a delightful old town, Puerto del Carmen offers plenty of colour and endless bars and restaurants. The resort is also a busy but charming port where you can wile away an hour or two beneath the palm trees watching the millionaire yachts go by.

Belonging to the Chinijo archipelago, Graciosa Island or La Graciosa’s Parque Natural del Archipelago Chinijo is protected by a UNESCO Marine Reserve of the Biosphere. A perfect spot to perfect the art of aimless wandering is to head over to the town’s pretty harbour on the island’s south east coast. In addition to fishing. Tourism is taking off as the island’s main source of income. During the summer the island entertains a considerable tourist gathering with visitors arriving via a twenty minute ferry ride from bustling Lanzarote. This is an island that encourages public transport usage what with its unpaved sandy roads and prohibition of motor vehicles.

Lanzarote Airport

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Arrecife Airport is situated 5 kilometres from the centre of Arrecife.

If travelling by road, take the Arrecife to Yaiza road (LZ2) and take the airport exit sign posted Kilometre point 4.

There is a bus service from the airport into the Arrecife terminus. Line 4 is caught from outside of the Arrivals hall and takes about 25 minutes. The fare is approximately 0.90 euros.

Taxis are available outside of the terminal and charge 2 .21 euros into Arrecife.

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