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El Hierro

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Heavenly El Hierro, one of the most relaxing holidays on offer in the Canary Islands.

Out of all the Canary Islands, El Hierro has the greatest collection of volcanoes. With in excess of eight hundred of these cone shaped structures, it comes as no surprise that El Hierro is recognized for being one of the least developed of all its tropical neighbours. A riotous holiday it will not provide but tranquillity it will, in plentiful supply.

El Hierro is found to the west of the Canary Islands which are situated just off the northern coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Also known as the Meridian Island, El Hierro is the closest to Africa of all the Canaries.

Fifty kilometres long, the island belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which ultimately belongs to Spain. The capital of El Hierro is the charming rosy roofed town of Valverde.

Holidaymakers who enjoy escaping from the �rat race� will love El Hierro. If Blackpool were the UK�s answer to Tenerife, then pick any sleepy rural village to be our answer to El Hierro! Virtually untouched by the hand of tourism, there is little to remind you that this is a popular holiday destination and few signs of souvenir shops and tourist hotspots. People attracted to this island enjoy the striking beauty of a natural landscape as well as the unique character of a provincial way of life.

For the green and fertile spots the island has to offer, you should head over to El Golfo for vineyards and to sample the local produce (if you are not driving, that is!). The volcanic scenery is found to the south and west of the island. El Hierro has been awarded UNESCO Biosphere reserve status for its outstanding natural qualities. Within a rocky coastal periphery you will experience vast regions of woodland as well as beautiful pools perfect for scuba diving and swimming fashioned by the hand of Mother Nature herself

What�s on offer here is a rewarding island experience that is perfect for recharging those tired metaphoric batteries. A holiday destination to provide you with an escape from the rest of the world as well as all those routines that are the usual features of a lifetime spent rushing about. Imagine sleepy deserted towns where sheep are eagerly patrolled on their way to new pastures. Imagine reassuring lagoons that nobody knows about. Imagine quietness and you get the general idea of time well spent in El Hierro.

No matter what your interests, they can most probably be realized here. A location suitable for all kinds of water-sports, you will enjoy ample space to practise those as well as enjoying a variety of adventurous activities like paragliding and caving.

All in all, a holiday on El Hierro is like taking a trip back in time. The perfect antidote of a busy and stressful life.

El Hierro Airport

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El Hierro holidaymakers generally fly in via Tenerife North Airport. The flight lasts about forty minutes or alternatively there are ferries that leave from a variety of locations throughout the Canary Islands.

If driving to and from El Hierro Airport, access is gained via the Valverde � Puerto de la Estaca road.

The airport is situated just outside of the island�s capital town of Valverde. From here there are daily flights to and from Gran Canaria and Tenerife as well as La Palma during the Summer season. Ferries are available from Tenerife and La Gomera to Puerto de la Estaca on the island.

Taxis are available from outside of the Arrivals hall.

Be aware there are two airports in Tenerife. The one you need to use for El Hierro is that of Tenerife North. The details follow;-

Tenerife North or Los Rodeos Airport
Getting there/around

Los Rodeos Airport is situated in the north approximately 11 kilometres from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is the smaller of the two airports and generally used by domestic passengers. The resorts on the south are about 90 kilometres from the airport and it is recommended that holidaymakers heading for Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas land at Reina Sofia Airport otherwise known as Tenerife South Airport.

When driving upon arrival, the airport is easily reached by the TF-5 motorway. There is a new four lane slip road allowing exclusive entering and departing the airport.

People requiring bus transport should check out the timetable for Lines 102, 107 and 108 to get to Santa Cruz before transferring onto one of the routes taking you to the south of the island.

Taxis are available from outside of the airport terminal.

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