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For your information the airport at Brussels (Charleroi) is approximately 55 km from the centre of Brussels and 8km from the city of Charleroi.

Bubbly Brussels proving every time that there is much more to the city than at first it would seem. While on the surface it appears a rather austere destination, after all this is where the political seat of NATO is hidden, but scratch away at that surface and the jollity bursts free. Brussels, the capital city of Belgium is also the home of Herge’s Tin Tin as well as a destination packed with culture, history, beautiful sights and to boot, a cartoonist’s paradise. If you have a good sense of humour, you will feel at home here for this is a city with a claim to fame that it boasts more cartoonists per square kilometre than anywhere in the whole world

Brussels is a city with a cheeky side to it. Cartoons not only deck the walls of what might have been a drab wall, the city of Tin Tin celebrates the art form. This, you will agree, makes a refreshing change.

In addition to the various cartoon strip galleries that pepper the city, you can enjoy an organised Cartoon Strip Tour of the cartoon murals courtesy of the city’s tourism board. Each mural projects the essence of the area of town within which it resides and has its own unique story to tell. How could you ever get lost in this city?

As you would expect, in the city that loves cartoons and its cartoonists, there is the Centre for Cartoon Strips to look out for in Brussels. This treasure trove of talent holds (at the last count) about 650 Belgian artists’ works and is a valued resource. If cartooning is your thing then the Tour and the Centre are ‘must do’s’ while visiting Belgium, you may even want to tie it in with the annual Brussels Cartoon and Animated Film Festival, ‘Anima’ generally takes place during the third week of February, but keep your eyes peeled for changes.
The new and the contemporary feel are not all that the Brussels tourist board flaunt with pride, for in the city centre there is a wealth of tourist attractions that focus on the ‘very old’. For starters, there are approximately a hundred museums around and about town. In addition to cartoonists, you can’t help but constantly stumble upon these vast supplies of historic institutions.

The history on offer here does not stop there, for the old centre of Brussels has been designated of UNESCO World Heritage status. At the heart of Brussels is the stunning ‘Main Square’ or ‘Grand-Place’ with magnificent architecture and brilliant ornate embellishments. To walk around Belgium’s most famous square is to seemingly step back in time and a well timed visit will coincide with any number of major open air events such as classical concerts and historic processions. During the middle of August, the incredible Carpet of Flowers exhibition is held where fresh flowers are arranged atop the cobbles of the square. This is an occasion not to miss.

Other great tourist attractions here include the gothic thirteenth century Cathedral of St Michael and Gudula, the magnificent Palace of Justice, the Albert I Royal Library and you can take your pick from many excellent museums. A small sample of truly excellent museums on offer here include the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Book Museum, the Royal Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Antoine Wiertz Museum.

Should by chance, any time be spare during your visit to Brussels, why not venture out to the lovely Brabant country which is a stone’s throw from the city centre. Many enjoy a trip to Waterloo ( a mere 6 kilometres to the south of the city centre) where you can attempt to visualise Wellington and Napoleon face to face during the ill fated Battle of Waterloo during the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Other spots to visit on the outskirts of Brussels include the stunning thirteenth century Beersel Castle amid its delightful surroundings of old woodland.


Serving as the location of Brussels Airport, it makes sense to find out what lies in store for you on the airport’s doorstep. Charleroi is the third largest city in Belgium and is situated in the French speaking zone of the country known as Wallonia. There are more belfries here than anywhere else, at the last count totalling 32 in all.

Historically a heavily industrial region of Belgium, Charleroi led the way with its metallurgy industry up until the decline during post World War Two years.

Brussels Airport

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The airport used by the low cost airlines (Brussels South / Charleroi) is situated 55 kilometres from the centre of Brussels and 8 kilometres from the centre of the town of Charleroi.

Visitors to Brussels from the UK prefer to travel direct with Eurostar. From other parts of Europe, the high speed rail travel links are excellent.

For Charleroi Railway Station and connections to other parts of the country, there is a shuttle service from the airport.

If travelling by road from Brussels, take the A54 and take the Junction 24 exit.

Taxis are available from outside of the terminal.

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