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For your information the airport at Ostend-Bruges is approximately 20 km from the centre of the city.

Romantic Bruges, the medieval lace producing capital of the province of western Flanders sits in wait with a warm welcome. To visit Bruges is to step back in time for little over the years has happened to affect the city’s enchanting historic core. The city of many meandering waterways that are caressed by graceful swans will dazzle you for this is one of the most stunning historic city centres on offer anywhere in Europe.

Bruges was first recognised as a city around the first quarter of the twelfth century. The economic success and importance of Belgium’s new city during these early days relied heavily upon its ability to gain access to the sea this was a fate that should have been sealed by the silting up of the city’s only water channel. Although, after half a century of relative inactivity, the economy of Bruges received a much needed boost when a storm opened up an alternative outlet to the sea, the Zwin. Bruges really began to thrive upon the approach of the thirteenth century. During this time, weaving was a principle industry, local market places became busy with the Hanseatic traders and eventually Bruges became the strongest link between ‘wheeler–dealer’ Mediterranean entrepreneurs. This so called economic heyday lasted well into the fifteenth century when silting prevented access along the Zwin and Antwerp took up where Bruges left off. History was to reveal that Bruges was sadly, never to experience such prosperity again.

This is where to go for a generous helping of ‘yesteryear’. Expect to be amazed by the well preserved medieval architecture as well as by the sheer volume of it. The centre of Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its extra special old world ambience and charm. Architecture here is a delightful collection of pieces from the Rococo, the Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Deco, neo-gothic and neo- classical and much more. Belgium being renowned for its abundant supply of belfries, you can expect to stumble across one or two here, the most visited is probably that of the thirteenth century Belfort. A well timed visit will coincide with a bell ringing concert utilising all of the 47 bells. The city employs a full time principle bell ringer for this purpose.

A top attraction in the city is that of the Church of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk) which towers above the streets at dizzying heights. The spire stretches for 122 metres and is possibly the tallest one of its kind in all of Europe.

Don’t leave Bruges without exploring every inch of the magnificent Beguinage and visitors equally tend to enjoy the Basilica of the Holy Blood enormously too. The centrally located Markt provides the perfect base from which to tour the major sights. You can’t miss it for mounted in its centre are a collection of sculptures depicting Flemish artists. This is the stunning heart of Bruges and the focal point of sightseeing. Many of the popular attractions are little more than ten minutes walk away from here.

The Lace Centre is a popular tourist attraction where you can watch the ancient art of lace making while the best architecture in town is generally located in the Burg (within close proximity of the Markt).

Bruges is where the well known port of Zeebrugge can be found. If you like boats and can’t manage to resist the strangulated calls of the seagulls, there is nothing for it than to swap the delicious antiquated haunts of historic Bruges for the city’s great working port. One of the principle ports of Europe and the second largest that Belgium has to offer, this busy modern port is guaranteed to provide an ‘interesting’ interlude to your Bruges experience.

Bruges Airport

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Ostend-Bruges International Airport is situated 20 kilometres from the centre of Bruges.

Despite the location of Bruges Airport, it is recommended that when visiting the city that you fly to Brussels Airport and from there take the train on to Bruges.

If travelling by car to Bruges Airport, you will need to take the E40 highway leaving at exit 5 marked ‘Luchthaven Oostende’. Turn right at the end of the exit (towards Ostend) at the first set of traffic lights, turn right again and then turn left at the next set of traffic lights.

By train, when arriving at Ostend Railway Station, take bus number 6 (Raversijde via Luchthaven) on Platform 15 for the airport.

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