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We are delighted to have a the opportunity to offer our clients cheap car rental rates from Bruges airport plus the main international airport at Brussels.

Begin your visit to Belgium with car rental provided by the UK's leading car hire companies. We offer online bookings quoting cheap car rental in Belgium.

Our car hire suppliers have dedicated staff at the end of the telephone for any extra queries that you may have before or after hiring a car.

Romantic Bruges, the medieval lace producing capital of the province of western Flanders sits in wait with a warm welcome.

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Bubbly Brussels proving every time that there is much more to the city than at first it would seem.

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In the depths of Europe resides the intriguingly compact country of Belgium. Along its periphery are the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany making Belgium the perfect touring base for a European vacation!

For ease of navigation, Belgium can be easily divided into three distinctive geographical zones. The chunk of Belgium that occupies the countryís middle is a terrain made up of fertile valleys whereas the coast is made up of polders and sand dunes. The coast is found in the North West of Belgium and is typified by dikes and farming zones which are canal irrigated.

Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy this largely rugged region of Belgium, known as the Ardennes. Agricultural land here is at a minimum and the freedom is there to wander to your heartís content. Heavily forested and perfectly natural, the Ardennes provides the perfect antidote to the more commonly preferred metropolitan city break experience.

Why do people visit Belgium? Although not a leading tourist destination, Belgium receives a steady traffic of six million visitors every year. It is often said that Belgium sits at the geographical and historical crossroads of Europe.
About two thirds of the countryís annual visitors originate from its European neighbours, The Netherlands, France , Germany and the UK and pick Belgium for its ease of accessibility as much as for its cultural treasures.

There are many reasons why Belgium is enjoyed as a tourist destination. It is not just about the chocolate (although there isnít anywhere to beat it on that score!) Museums are in abundant supply in a variety of themes and collections from cartoons to Mosan Art. Art is available and is in as plentiful supply as it is in variety. Baroque, Renaissance, Expressionist, Franco-Flemish and Surrealism are all here in generous portions for your culture seeking pleasure. In addition to the vast range of fine art here, itís architectural assets pull a pretty strong punch! Belgium is renowned for its literature, cinema, science and (a personal favourite), Hergeís Tin Tin! Then there is the music scene. The birthplace of the saxophone, it comes as no surprise that Belgium has a huge jazz scene too.

If festivals float your boat, Belgium is famous for its folk festivals, in particular, the Carnival of Binche and Aalst.



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