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For your information the airport at Ibiza is situated about 7 km from the centre of Ibiza Town.

Birthplace of Christopher Columbus and home of the Cafe del Mar sunrise. Riotous Ibiza pronounced Eivissa by the Catalan islanders, is found pulsating to a thumping bass line in the Mediterranean. A close companion of the islands of the Balearics, Ibiza too is a Spanish province.

The rave and party capital of southern Europe, Ibiza’s rise to meteoric tourist popularity is due to its ‘legendary’ clubs like Amnesia, Eden and Space. It is not all about foam parties and celebrity DJ sessions however although Ibiza has served as a party idyll since the sixties.

Ibiza is compact when compared to its popular Balearic neighbour Mallorca and attracts one fifth of its tourist market. It receives a more specialised category of holiday maker, in general, that of young party people. The type of crowd who sleep throughout the day and reach for the cocktails in the early hours fits the transitional profile of an Ibiza holidaymaker. From this you couldn’t be blamed for assuming Ibiza is full of cocktail sipping vampires set to disintegrate to dust at the first show of daylight! People who head to Ibiza generally have a zest for life and enjoy the charged up energy that reverberates from within its clubs. Since the hippies piled on to the shores of Ibiza in the sixties, things have never been the same since.

The Ibiza club scene is a show case for all that is cutting edge on the DJ circuit. Experimental sounds and sessions are tried and tested here before being launched upon a welcoming UK, European and international club arena. Being at the ‘birth’ of new sounds is one of the main reasons the summer Ibiza clubbing destination is so popular as a venue. All this and more happens mainly on the eastern shore in and around Ibiza Town.

Bring plenty of energy with you and Ibiza will do the rest. An Ibizan holidaymaker’s schedule is generally thus;- go to bed till midday; grab a tan; snatch another nap early evening then hit the clubs around midnight into the early hours. Repeat.

With so much to enjoy on the island, where do you begin? If a recommendation is needed, how about Ibiza Town. Here an introduction into the heady world of the German and British club culture is a hefty possibility. From here you’ll find you won’t look back! Your holiday starts now! Ibiza Town is a port town and near to the popular beaches of Figueretes and Ses Salines. If you fancy a spot of nudist sunbathing, there’s the nearby Es Cavallet beach – also a popular haunt for cruising gays.

On the surface, Ibiza is all about clubbing. Dig deeper and you will find an abundance of sightseeing treasures as well as a stunning countryside. The UNESCO World Heritage site of D’Alt Vila is a fortified town packed with narrow snake-like streets and austere watch towers. The city walls here are said to be the most preserved that you will find anywhere in the world. For drama, approach Ibiza Town along the drawbridge into the Place de la Vila. One might expect to be greeted by a magnificent square upon passing through the Portal de Ses Taules but in actual fact you are brought to a lively boulevard packed with shops and cafes. You will find here also the Museum of Contemporary Art.

You can’t miss the 13th century Romanesque Cathedral of Santa Maria although for a closer look you will need to clamber up a steep street. Don’t let this put you off for the rewards are great, the views across the town are incredible and the walk down is always a heck of a lot easier!!

An endearing feature of the Old Town is how they lack modern and commercial traits. It is atmospheric, heavily laden with a sense of ‘what you see is how it was’ and so incredibly picturesque that it is a popular haunt for film and photo shoots. The Old Market in the harbour is a treat as is the castle offering great views of everywhere worth seeing.

Fancy a change of scene? A half hour drive from Ibiza Town, sits the sleepy town of San Jose. Here expect to find the traditional ‘ibicenco’ (Ibizan styled) white church and a distinct lack of residents in the town’s centre. For a total contrast to San Jose, the most popular of all towns in Ibiza is San Antonio. A twenty minute journey from San Jose will bring you to the roundabout with the large boat perched upon it – take this as a sign that San Antonio is a stone’s throw away! A tourist hot spot, the town offers lots of activity as well as quite a lot to do with Christopher Columbus because this is where the explorer was reputed to have been born.

For tranquillity and hidden beaches, head over to San Juan. Like San Jose, San Juan is sleepy having not sold its soul to the demands of the tourist and is the smallest of all the towns on the island.

An additional town worth mentioning is that of Santa Eulalia. Surrounded by little compact towns that are unspoilt and steeped in tradition, this is where to observe and respect the simple and nostalgic ways of life.

Over in the San Vicente region of the island is the stunning Cova d’es Culleram. Only uncovered within the last century, the cave was once a temple for worshipping the goddess Tanoit. The contents of the cave are held in safety over at the Museu Arqueologic at D’Alt Vila.

If you adored the cave, you will be amazed at the Vedra Rock back at San Jose. Jutting out from the sea bed four hundred metres into the sky, you can enjoy a closer inspection via boat trip. For best effect, catch this attraction at sunset.

Ibiza Airport

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The airport is 7 kilometres from Ibiza Town.

If travelling by car, take the PM-801 highway to the airport access road. Alternatively the PM-803 can be taken departing at the 4 km exit.

Every thirty minutes a shuttle leaves the airport for a variety of Ibiza destinations. The stop is found next door to the terminal building.

There is additionally a taxi rank ready to take you to your destination whether it be Ibiza Town, San Juan or San Jose.

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